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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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10,000 Maniacs' Dennis DrewApr 9337
27 Years Later...: ClusterDec 9617
3 Mustaphas 3: The Far Side of World MusicFeb 8929
808 Fingers - 3,872 KeysSep 9613
A Day in the Park with MoogOct 9414
A Quick Trip Through CESOct 9414
A Rhodes Is A Rhodes Is A...: Namegames & Classic AxesNov 9415
A VR Rush Through Aladdin: At Disney WorldNov 9412
Aaron Copeland 1900-1990Mar 9131
Acoustic In Australia: Shades Of A Promising PastSep 8832
AES Convention, New York: Hidden Jewels Among The Techno-JunkFeb 9230
Alan Parsons: Leaves the Project Behind on Try Anything OnceApr 9410
Alan Wilder: A Wilder Side Of Depeche ModeAug 8922
Allen Ravenstine: Tenement Life With Pere UbuJul 8922
Amina Claudine Myers: Music, Magic & Arkansas ArtistryApr 8924
Amp Fiddler: Freaks the Keys with P-FunkJun 9617
Analog Antics of Six Finger SatelitteMar 9713
Anatomy of a Homemade Record: Tom Coster's Excellent Studio AdventureJan 9416
Ann Rabson & the Uppity Blues WomenJun 9317
Another Fine MesseJul 9024
Aphex Twin: Still Hacking After All These YearsApr 9712
Apple Computer & Apple Corps SettleJan 9229
Ariel: Led Zep Meets Liberace in Disklavier HellApr 9336
Art Ferrante: One Man's Duo Piano WizardryMar 9030
Art Neville: Sequencing with the World's Greatest Rhythm SectionDec 9240
Art Or Infringement?: Contraband CDs Pulverized In Out-Of-Court SettlementNov 9026
Astor Piazzola: Puts the Squeeze On Tango PuristsOct 8724
Astor PiazzollaOct 9239
At (Your) Home with Patrick MorazApr 9515
At SIGGRAPH Gala Dancers are Processed and Fishes FlockNov 8719
Atlantic Starr: Movin' UpNov 8926
Avant-Gardist At Heart: David Benoit Sculpts Polished Pop-JazzDec 8725
Awadagin Pratt: A New Light Rises On The Classical HorizonSep 9232
Back to the Classics with Brazilian Jazzer Eliane EliasMay 9410
Ballroom Dancing with Roger O'Donnell of The CureSep 9615
Barry Douglas: 1986 Tchaikovsky CompetitionMay 9022
Beam Me UpDec 9516
Beloved: On Hot House Grooves & HappinessSep 9026
Ben Folds: of Ben Folds FiveFeb 9618
Ben Watkins of Juno ReactorDec 9613
Bernie Worrell: A New Twist To Vintage FunkFeb 9131
Bill Graham 1931-1991Jan 9227
Bill Jolly: Local Hero Scores With Grover WashingtonSep 9126
Bill Laswell: World Music Mixes From A Material GuyJun 9410
Bill Mays: New Horizons For A Jazz SurvivorOct 8830
Billboard Dance Music Summit: Olympics... What Olympics?Nov 9613
Biomuse: In Search of the Brain-To-MIDI LinkJun 8926
Blake Sakamoto: Networking With Dan ReedSep 8826
Blast from the PastOct 9617
BMF: Gear Across The OceanNov 8822
Body Synth: Maximizing Muscle MusicMay 9315
Bonnie Hayes: More Than An Idol FancyJan 9124
Booker T. Jones: Revelation & AcceptanceNov 9414
Bourges Electonic Music Festival: A Gathering Of GiantsOct 8922
Breakthrough Research Explores Hidden Benefits of Music EducationAug 9319
Brian Auger: Another Ride Toward OblivionApr 9514
Brooklyn Funk Essentials: Acid JazzmatazzJan 9612
Bruce Hornsby: The Persistance Of Rock PianoJul 8826
Byron Janis Jumps from Beethoven to Broadway with The Hunchback of Notre DameSep 9320
Byron Janis: Artistic Risks & Personal TriumphsMay 8923
Bösendorfer's Brave New World Of Piano RecordingSep 8830
C.J. Chenier: Old Blood, New Grooves & Fresh Takes On ZydecoJun 9122
Cabaret Voltaire: Chapter IIIApr 9412
Cabaret Voltaire: Dancing On The Edge Of ChaosFeb 8830
Cage Connection: Downtown Rockers Celebrate Avant-GuruOct 9316
Cameron & Patler: Keeping Faith in George MichaelJan 8925
Carla Bley: Actually Plays Piano on Go TogetherJun 9315
Catwoman: Karen MantlerFeb 9715
Cevin Key: The Buzz-Saw Aesthetic of HiltApr 9126
Champion Jack Dupree: 1909-92Apr 9214
Changes in the Air: The Light HarpDec 9319
Charlie Brissette: The Zing, Pop, and Pow Behind Ren & StimpyJul 9513
Charlie Clouser: Embalms White ZombieJan 9616
Children of the Bong: Go for the Big HitsMar 9617
Chris Buzby: The Progressive Buzz on EcholynOct 9514
Christoph Franke: T-Dream Alumnus Scans American HorizonsJul 9127
Christopher Cerf: The Cat's Meow On Sesame StreetAug 8831
Chuck LeavellJul 9321
Chuck Wild: Drops It Into Low Gear As Liquid MindNov 9517
Cibo Matto: Bites into the Big TimeSep 9612
Cirque Du Soleil: Dancing To The Sound Of DreamsJan 9126
Cliff Martinez & Jeff Rona: Seeking Cimbalomism In KafkaNov 9128
Clifton Chenier: 1925-1987Mar 8831
CollideJan 9714
Color My KeysFeb 9621
Comdex Fall '92: Mass Computer ConvergenceMar 9336
Common Sense Advice on How to Spot the ScamsApr 9415
Composer Ron Jones Survives a Trek FestJul 9323
Compton's NewMedia Stirs Tempest with Data Retrieval PatentMar 9410
CompuServe: Charged With Copyright Violation in MIDI File SuitJan 9514
Computers And The Future Of Music PublishingMay 9230
Congratulations to A WinnerApr 9414
Cool CompilationsAug 9614
Copyright Okayed For Synth PatchesDec 8924
Copyrights/SongwritersNov 9029
Counting Crows': Charlie GillinghamMar 9712
Craig Safan: The Improvisational ScoreSep 8828
CyberArts International 1990Apr 90111
Cyrnai: Reconstructing RealityApr 9713
D'AngeloDec 9515
Damon Ramirez: Humungous Funkin' With Fungo MungoApr 9210
Danilo Pérez: How Do You Play This Music Anyway?Jun 9414
Danny Elfman: The Boingo ChroniclesAug 9412
Dave Garfield: Meet the CreatureSep 9316
Dave Stewart: Vintage-Synth CrusaderFeb 9133
Dave WattsFeb 9514
David Benoit: Master Of Mellow Jazz Tackles One-Man DuetsSep 9024
David Bryan of Bon Jovi: A Rock Warrior Tests the Solo WatersDec 9418
David Cole: R.I.P.May 9513
David Dallwitz: Jazz Wonder From Down UnderAug 8830
David Frank: Challenging The System On Rhythm And RomanceOct 8920
David Steinberg: Viva, Las ExperienceOct 9614
David Sylvian: Bringing Down the LightJan 9512
DCC & MDOct 9319
Denzil Foster & Thomas McElroy: A Visit to the Heart of the Oaktown SoundSep 9410
Derek Sherinian on road with Alice CooperApr 9025
Diamanda Galás and John Paul JonesDec 9412
Diamanda Galás: Hymns Of Empathy Anthems To The ApocalypseAug 9228
Dick Wellstood: 1927-1987Oct 8720
Die Krupps: Gives Metallica A Hi-Tech MakeoverJan 9417
Die KruppsMay 9613
Die Warzau: In Your Big Electric Metal Bass FaceMar 9224
Digital Deformer: Madonna Wayne Gacy of Marilyn MansonJan 9617
Disabilities Diminish With MIDIJul 8832
Dissidenten: Multi-Ethnic Dance FusionDec 8720
Dissidenten: The Maharaja's Oxcart & Other ReflectionsFeb 9412
Do You Need A Producer?Jul 9615
Dogg PoundFeb 9621
Don Pullen, 1941-1995Aug 9516
Dorothy Donegan: Red-Hot Mama & Closet ClassicistMar 8920
Double Edge: New Horizons For Duo PianoAug 8926
Doug Katsaros: Scoring The TickAug 9612
Download: Explores with FurnaceFeb 9616
E-A-Ski: Sample-Free RapJan 9616
Earth Watch: Publish, Don't Perish!Dec 9130
Earth Watch: Sound Thoughts On Spruce AbuseMar 9229
Earth WatchApr 9127
Earth WatchJan 9129
Earth WatchMar 9129
Earth WatchMay 9121
Earth WatchOct 9127
Earth WatchSep 9129
Earth, Wind, & Fire: Using Synths To Touch The WorldApr 8826
Eels Take FlightDec 9612
Elliott Sharp & Leah SingerFeb 9035
Ellis Marsalis: Setting The Standards On Heart Of GoldMay 9224
Emerson Prognosis: A-OKMay 9411
Emerson SightingFeb 9617
Emerson Stuff for Sale!May 9516
England's Django Bates: Multi-Striped Keyboardist Who Escapes Behind a HornDec 8722
Entertainment Lawyers: A Finder's GuideSep 9415
Eric Reed: Young Jazz Lion Ponders Life After WyntonJan 9515
Et Tu, U2?: Negativland Battles The Biggies Over Freedom Of ExpressionJul 9222
Euro-Tech '88: AES In Paris & Frankfurt Musik MesseJun 8828
Facts & StatsMar 9415
Fairlight Instruments: The Phoenix ArisesMar 9027
Fiorella Terenzi: Locking Into The Galactic GrooveOct 9126
Fishbone: And the Revenge of the ThereminOct 9612
Five Questions With . . .: Hiroko KokuboJul 9616
Five Questions with Philippe SaisseApr 9617
Five Questions with. . .: Walter Martin of Jonathan Fire*EaterSep 9616
Five Questions With: Grover's GrooversJan 9715
Five Questions With: Rob Brown of AutechreJun 9614
Five Questions With: Sister Machine Gun's Chris RandallFeb 9618
Floyd Dixon: Mr. "Hey Bartender"Feb 9715
Flying Karamazovs: The Marx Brothers of MIDIMar 9126
Frank Zappa 1940-1993Mar 9411
Frankfurt Music Tradeshow: Manufacturers Don't Messe 'RoundJul 9226
Frente: Calls it Trip-PopDec 9614
From The Heart Of The Philippines, Jazz Wild Man Bobby EnriquezJun 8826
Front Line Assembly: Delete Me NotApr 9617
Full Moon Mania with Richard BandAug 9321
Future Tech: Bombs Bursting In Air With MIDI Show ControlAug 9127
Future Tech: I Want My ACTVJun 9125
Future Tech: Printing On Premises: The Revolution In Sheet Music SalesJul 9131
Future Tech: The Rocketeer 3D Sound: Trick Or Treat?Nov 9131
Galactic Sunset: Sun Ra: 5,000 B.C. - 1993 A.D.Sep 9319
Gameshow Keyboards: Remote Control's One-Man Band Steve TreccaseDec 8824
Gary Chang: Art Meets Legs On Perfect Weapon & A Shock To The SystemDec 9016
Gary Eskow: A Low-Budget Entry To A High-Tech CareerApr 8923
Gary Numan: On New Gear The 'New Artistry,' & New AngerDec 8924
Gary Wright: Goes Native On First Signs of LifeJul 9512
Gary Wright: It Was 20 Years Ago TodayApr 9615
Geddy Lee: Rush to Perfection on A Show of HandsMar 8916
Geoff DownesFeb 9616
George Duke Ripped Off!Oct 9416
George Rossi: Flashing Back With The BogeymenDec 9131
Get More Work: A Musician's Guide to Takin' Care of BiznessJul 9417
Gettin' Down Home: Arhoolie Records Celebrates 35 YearsJan 9615
Getting the Know Mulgrew MillerAug 9613
Getting Your Copyrights RightNov 9611
Getting Your Fair Share: Are You Getting Paid For Your Music?May 9613
GhostWriter: Readin' to the Beat Writin' to the RhythmSep 9413
Go Home and PracticeMar 9713
GPI Founder Bud Eastman 1937-1990May 9017
Gravity Kills: and the Keyboard Stand of DoomJun 9613
Great Stalacpipe OrganApr 9025
Grey Ghost: Blues Piano Legend Still Wails at 89May 9313
Guy Fletcher: Grooves & Good Times With The Notting HillbilliesAug 9026
Hall of Famer: Chris JasperApr 9615
Hardfloor: Kings of the 303Apr 9612
Harold Bode: 1909-1987Apr 8727
Hector Zazou: Turns Up the Heat On Songs From the Cold SeasJul 9516
Henry Butler: Goes It Alone On Blues And MoreJul 9224
Herbie Hancock: Hot Sounds On Harlem NightsFeb 9034
Here Comes DevoMar 9715
High Fashio Meets High Concept: At Digital HollyswoodJun 9516
High-Tech From A 120-Year-Old BassJun 9318
Hildegard KleebMay 9414
History In Strings: The Piano's Evolution Displayed In New YorkJan 9228
Hooray for Dollywood: The Musical Soul of HeartsongMay 9514
How to Avoid the Musicians from HellOct 9613
How To Get To Carnegie Hall?: Ask Eric Hamelin, Teenage Liberace ProtegeSep 8723
Howard Jones: Burying The Synth Myth OnIn The RunningJun 9228
Howard Jones: Strips It to the BoneAug 9614
Hunger: Makes Metal with a TwistOct 9617
In China,: Hsinghai Makes What Every Household WantsMar 8830
Information Society: It's A Great Big Disco World, Mr. SpockDec 8826
Inside E-mu: A Study In American InitiativeFeb 8828
Inside Korg: Pursuing Excellence, Not RainbowsNov 8722
Interactive Press Kits: New Vistas in Publicizing Your MusicDec 9323
International Computer Music Conference: Platypus, Granules, Kyma, Daton, & the DSP56001 In Your FutureDec 8724
Internet Surfer: Even More FTP SitesMay 9513
Internet Surfer: Music Net-ucationAug 9513
Internet Surfer: News to the WiseMar 9513
Internet Surfer: No Elvis Stamps Here!Apr 9513
Internet Surfer: That's EntertainmentSep 9513
Internet Surfer: This Gopher Ain't From The Love BoatFeb 9513
Internet Surfer: What A Tangled Web We WeaveJun 9513
Internet Surfer: Would You Like To Swing On A Web?Jan 9516
Is It Real? Or Is It... RoadpigNov 9416
Italian Prog Rock: Musical Kicks from the BootMay 9314
James Ingram: Celebrates the DX7May 9617
James Taylor: No, Not That OneFeb 9714
Jamie Muhoberac Of Was (Not Was) Simplicity RulesNov 8924
Jan Hammer: Finding Inspiration Beyond the Mind's EyeApr 9334
Jan Kincaid: The Brand New HeaviesJul 9416
Jarre Rocks The AlpsApr 9335
Jason BeckerJul 9617
Jean-Michel Jarre: Soaked Synthesist Lights Up LondonFeb 8928
Jeffrey Baker: Puts Liszt On-LineDec 8726
Jermaine Gardner: The Smallest Pianist To Impersonate BachMay 8826
Jerry Dale McFadden: of the MavericksDec 9616
Jerry Gerber: Gumby Goes MIDIJan 8926
Jesse Harms: Savvy Songwriter & Seasoned Sideman with Eddie MoneyApr 8920
Jim Brickman: New Age's NewestNov 9615
Jimi Hendrix: One More Encore with Beautiful PeopleMar 9412
Jimmy Jam: Making HIStory with Michael JacksonSep 9513
Jimmy McGriff: A Blues Organ Legend Stays CurrentFeb 9514
Jimmy Webb: Comes Full CircleMar 9715
Jimmy's Top 10Apr 9714
Jimmy's Top 10Jul 9616
JJ: From the Art Of Noise to the Art of SilenceSep 9616
Jo-El Sonier: Cajun Accordionist Joins The MIDI RevolutionAug 9028
Joey De Francesco: Ex-Hammond Backer Stands by the "B"Jul 9412
Joey De Francesco: Swinging Down The B-3 Revival TrailJul 8926
John Cage 1912-1992Nov 9242
John Cale: Brings A Touch Of Velvet To Songs For 'DrellaNov 8928
John Cale: Escaping From MIDI & Reclaiming PubertyFeb 9332
John Oswald: Plunders the Grateful DeadJan 9614
John Oswald: The Plexure of PlunderphonicsJul 9318
John Steinway (1917-1989)Nov 8925
John Tesh vs Entertainment Tonight: Breaking Up Might Not Be So Hard To Do... Next TimeSep 9514
Johnnie Be Done!Jul 9517
Johnny Otis: Still Doin' That Hand JiveJun 9615
Jon Astley: In The Pilot's SeatOct 8722
Jonathan Alias: Catching Shadows On Requiem For The AmericasApr 9024
Jonathan Cain: The Journeyman's ReturnDec 9513
Jonathan Wutawunashe: A Diplomatic Approach To World MusicApr 9028
Jonathon Elias: "If I need Someone To Do Scales I'll Call Rick Wakeman"Oct 9124
Jools Holland: Former Squeezeman Takes Music to the TubeJul 9320
Josef ZawinulAug 8827
Josh Silver: Type O NegativeDec 9614
Joy Askew: Jumping From Joe Jackson Into The Solo SpotlightAug 9024
Joystick Jamming at the Computer Game Developers ConferenceAug 9417
k.d. Lang Keyboardists Teddy Borowieki & Greg Wells: Country, Not CountryFeb 9334
Karaoke Keyboards - Melisma Masters Meet Sinatra Wanna-Be'sSep 8924
Katie Webster: At Home With The Swamp Boogie QueenMar 9028
Keith's Cure?Dec 9515
Kellett & McIntyre: Keyboard Drivers On Simply Red's Soul TrainOct 8721
Kenny Kirkland: Taking The Sting Out of JazzDec 9128
Kevin Moore: Kicking the Prog Corpse with Dream TheaterApr 9332
Keyboard MuseumApr 9414
Keyboard of the MonthApr 9713
Keyboard of the MonthAug 9613
Keyboard of the MonthDec 9613
Keyboard of the MonthFeb 9713
Keyboard of the MonthJan 9713
Keyboard of the MonthJul 9615
Keyboard of the MonthMar 9713
Keyboard of the MonthNov 9611
Keyboard of the MonthOct 9613
Keyboard of the MonthSep 9614
Keyboards Stimulate AchievementJun 9415
KIT: Musicians Institute Opens Doors To KeyboardistsFeb 9130
Kitaro & Jon Anderson: Dreams Into RealityJan 9330
KMFDM: Slammin' With Sascha KonietzkoAug 9512
Komeda: Mood SwingsJan 9714
Korla Pandit Lives!: Loop Deep Into My Eyes You're Getting Sleepy . . . Very SleepyJan 9713
Kula Shaker: Shakes Their BuddhaFeb 9712
L.A. Firefighters: Jungle Comes to PrimetimeOct 9615
La Monte Young: Washed In Sonic Showers Of RaynaAug 9027
Larry Fast: Hands-Off Artistry With Kurt Weill ClassicsMar 9026
Leonard Bernstein, 1918-1990.Jan 9125
Leonid Hambro: 4 x 88 = 1Sep 9029
Level 42's Mike Lindup: Satisfaction GuaranteedAug 9230
Liberace: 1919-1987Apr 8726
Limbomaniac Pete Scaturro: How Long Can You Go With A Synclavier?May 9120
Linda Hudes: A Circus Of Sounds With Big AppleNov 9027
Lisa Coleman: Life After PrinceJun 8822
Liz Story: Harmonic Adventures & New BeginningsJan 9334
Look Ma! I'm On the Radio: Airplay Advice for Indie ArtistsJun 9515
Lou Segreti of BloodlineOct 9415
Lounge CountdownApr 9333
Lounge CountdownJan 9517
Lounge Piano CountdownApr 9411
Lounge Piano CountdownAug 9513
Lucky Dube: Roots, Reggae, & RAMMar 9613
Lucky Peterson: B-3 Bluesmaster Tries A Taste Of JazzJul 9022
Lyle Mays: The Pianist Reborn on FictionaryJul 9322
Maggie-nificentOct 9613
Manfred Mann: Native American Echoes In The African VeldtJan 9224
Marc Cohn: A Timeless Trek Through The Rainy SeasonAug 9318
Maria Joao Pires: Mostly Mozart From PortugalApr 8830
Maria Kalaniemi: Finnish Folkster Puts the Squeeze on TraditionJan 9414
Marian McPartland: Celebrating Ten Years Of Prizewinning Radio JazzDec 8828
Marian McPartland: Living, Talking, and Breathing Piano JazzMar 9615
Mark Morgan: From Stargard To StarshipJan 9022
Mark Trayle: Making Space For Virtual MusicOct 9238
Martin Swan: Mouth Music: Gaelic Dance Music Meets The '90sJun 9123
Matt Cross & Ringling Bros. Circus: How to Survive 14 Years with Three Rings & 12 ElephantsJan 9412
Matti Pitsinki: of Laika & The CosmonautsSep 9613
Mauri Sumén of the Leningrad Cowboys: The World's Worst Rock & Roll BandDec 9318
Mayko: Mystical DubFeb 9713
MC 900-Foot Jesus & DJ Zero: Exorcising The New DemonsApr 9122
McCartney Tour: Lucky Linda Trades Lix With WixMay 9016
Meat Beat Manifesto: A Visit to SatyriconJul 9321
Meat Loaf: Back Into Hell with Mark Alexander & Kasim SultanDec 9417
Mega-Giveaway MadnessApr 8921
Memphis Slim: 1915-1988May 8831
Michael Cretu: The Mysteries of EnigmaSep 9128
Michael Hoenig: Solo Album Gets More Than HeadroomMar 8826
Michael Josephs: America's Most Wanted ComposerJun 8922
Michael McDonald Asks For HelpJul 9415
Michael McDonald: Keeping the Live Feel Through SequencingNov 9312
Michael McDonald: Past The Streets And To The HeartNov 9024
Michael Peppe: Capturing Life In Gesture, Sound & NotationNov 9028
Michael W. Smith: Holy Heavy Rock & RollerMar 8921
Michael Whalen: Rides the Melodic Wave on Sea PowerJun 9412
Michael Wolff & Starr Parodi: Gettin' Busy With Arsenio HallFeb 9028
Michel Colombier: Bats Three-For-Three With Hit Man, Dark Man, & Go NatureOct 9128
Michel Petrucciani & Adam Holzman: Breaking Barrriers With MusicDec 8928
Michele Rosewoman: Getting Her DueApr 9717
MIDI Makes The Art Beat FasterNov 9025
Mike Garson: Back Outside with David BowieAug 9515
Mike Lawler: Rolling With Steve WinwoodOct 8826
Mike Lindup: Success Guaranteed With Level 42Nov 9130
Mike Pinder: The Many Moods of a Mellotron MasterMay 9412
Mike Reid: Gridiron Grunt Trades Cleats For KeysJul 9126
Mikel Rouse: And the Art of Schizophrenic ComposingNov 8720
Milan's LIM: Italy's Answer To IRCAMJun 8824
Miles Davis 1926-1991Dec 9132
Mitchel Forman: Twin Meditations on Bill EvansDec 9320
Mixed News on the Retail FrontNov 9417
Mixed Signals: The Future of TelecommunicationsApr 9029
Mixmaster Morris: Chilling The Global Techno RevolutionMar 9512
Moby: Master of Techno(logy)Dec 9512
Money Mark: Lo-Fi RevolutionaryMar 9612
Monkey See, Monkey Do: Rob Mounsey Swings in the Record Industry JungleApr 9614
Montreux Jazz Festival: The Cream Of Jazz, From Soup To NutsNov 8926
Morcheeba: Petrified KeysApr 9714
Moscow's Theremin RevivalAug 9025
Mozart: 2 Sweet 2 Be Forgotten?Aug 9129
Mr. Mister's Steve George: Takes a Walk On the Real SideNov 8718
MTV's Jon Ernst: Generation X's Paul Shaffer?May 9615
Multimedia Goes MainstreamAug 9415
Music In The Air: Thereminist Lydia Kavina Scores Hit in U.K.Jul 9515
Music in the Myst: How a Minimal Synth/Sequencer Setup Turned the Trick on This Year's Hi-Tech CD-ROM HitSep 9413
Musicians' EarthwatchNov 9025
Musicians' Union: Ponders Scale for Sampling SessionsNov 9317
MusicNet: Casts Wide For Floundering MusiciansAug 9413
Mychael Danna: Samples the WorldOct 9615
Myra Melford: In Middle Ground Of Outside MusicDec 9020
Name That Synth!Jan 9513
Nat Adderley, Jr.: On Tour & On Record with Luther VandrossMay 9414
Natasha Shneider of Eleven: Says Nyet to Synths Hardcore Organ RockerMar 9414
Negative Feedback: & How To Handle ItFeb 9515
Negativland: Calls On Noise, Sharp Wit, & An 8-TrackApr 8832
Neil Codling: The London SuedeFeb 9717
Neil Gershenfeld's Finger Battles Future Technology At MIT's Digital Expression ConferenceMar 9513
New Dimensions in Controller DesignMay 9413
New Heights To ScaleJun 9513
New Techniques Uphold Traditional Values At GrotrianMar 9128
New York AES: Synths Invade The World Of Audio EngineeringJan 8824
Newcomer Abigail Mead Strikes Terror Into Kubrick's Full Metal JacketJan 8826
Nicky HopkinsDec 9416
Nina Kennedy: Breaking The Ivory BarriersJul 8831
No More Messe-In AroundJul 9128
Noah Adams: Maximum Recital AnxietyDec 9615
Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition: Fighting A Flannel-Clad Goliath in SeattleJan 9415
Notes From The Underground: Al MargolisNov 8828
Notes From The Underground: Andre FloresOct 8828
Notes From The Underground: Ben Neill Making MIDI Magic Blow By BlowOct 9130
Notes From The Underground: Bernie KrauseAug 8928
Notes From The Underground: Bob OstertagAug 8828
Notes From The Underground: Chris BrownJun 9022
Notes From The Underground: Chris Burke The Darkness Behind A Thousand Points Of LightSep 9235
Notes From The Underground: Christian MarclayAug 9029
Notes From The Underground: Complex Interactions Charles Cohen's Music For Dance And TheaterApr 9125
Notes From The Underground: Conrad SchnitzlerMay 9020
Notes From The Underground: Consolidated Flushing Fame Down The DrainJun 9124
Notes From The Underground: David BryantJul 8923
Notes From The Underground: David MyersMar 9031
Notes From The Underground: David Newfeld The Beat Behind the Subgenius GospelNov 9240
Notes From The Underground: David SoldierApr 9026
Notes From The Underground: David Weinstein Making The Impossible Seem EasyAug 9128
Notes From The Underground: Denman Maroney Errant Busboy Turns Cage Inside OutJul 9130
Notes From The Underground: Dennis PalmerFeb 8927
Notes From The Underground: Elliott SharpOct 8925
Notes From The Underground: Evan LurieMar 9130
Notes From The Underground: Fred FrithJul 8828
Notes From The Underground: Guy Klucevsek Putting The Squeeze On Flying VegetablesMay 9125
Notes From The Underground: Heiner Goebbels TrimpinDec 8926
Notes From The Underground: Henry Kaiser and Sergei KuriokhinNov 8927
Notes From The Underground: History of Unheard Music (HUM)May 8919
Notes From The Underground: Horst RickelsMar 8918
Notes From The Underground: Jim Levine Strange Tales & Better GolfNov 9133
Notes From The Underground: John Duncan Fury In The Cellar Of The SoulAug 9232
Notes From The Underground: Joshua PierceDec 8830
Notes From The Underground: Ken MontgomeryFeb 9033
Notes From The Underground: Leonard CohenSep 8922
Notes From The Underground: Lin Culbertson David SutterJun 8827
Notes From The Underground: Machines Of Loving Grace Ex-Hacker TurnsMar 9226
Notes From The Underground: Mark BoyerSep 9028
Notes From The Underground: Matthew Ostrowski On The Fringe Of The Vast WastelandFeb 9134
Notes From The Underground: Musical Memories For An Amnesiac SocietyJan 9127
Notes From The Underground: Peter VoutsanesisJul 9025
Notes From The Underground: Rick Wakeman Marked For Death: Arthurian Fantasies On IceMay 9228
Notes From The Underground: Robert PreviteApr 8922
Notes From The Underground: Robin Holcomb Wayne HorvitzJan 8930
Notes From The Underground: Rodney Orpheus & The Cassandra Complex On The Wrong Side Of The AngelsApr 9213
Notes From The Underground: Roger MillerApr 8828
Notes From The Underground: Simon Leonard Booting Up The Meat Machine With Fortran 5Feb 9233
Notes From The Underground: Slap and SwansMar 8828
Notes From The Underground: Steve FiskSep 8827
Notes From The Underground: Sucking Chest Wound Canadian Collagists Calibrate Cultural CatastropheJan 9332
Notes From The Underground: Tape Beatles Perfecting The Art Of PlagiarismSep 9130
Notes From The Underground: Thomas Dimuzio Tunneling Into The Timbral LandscapeDec 9133
Notes From The Underground: Tom FurgasJun 8928
Notes From The Underground: World Class QuartetFeb 8826
Notes From The Underground: Zeena ParkinsMay 8832
Now That's A Rock OrganMay 9617
Omar Lye-Fook: Reclaiming Soul For PleasureOct 9512
Omnimax Sound: Sampling & Designing to the MaxJul 9414
On the Run: with Possum DixonJun 9612
One Small Step For DATMay 9022
Onstage with Sade: No Ordinary GigDec 9321
Organists Plug In: Praise the Lord & Pass the MIDI CablesDec 8721
Oskar Sala: The Last Master of the TrautoniumJun 9316
Other Windows: Three-Edged SwordOct 9323
Past Glories & Future Triumphs Celebrated at Progfest '93: "More Mellotron!"Sep 9321
Pat Coil: Getting Real in Studio HellMay 9312
Patrice Rushen: One More Sprint Through the Industry GauntletFeb 9414
Patrick Moraz: Conquering Fear Through SacrificesSep 9318
Patrick O'Hearn: Gets DeepNov 9514
Patrick Warren: The Chamberlain Revisited On Free For AllOct 9236
Paul Schütze: Computers . . . Who Needs 'Em?May 9615
Paul Shaffer: A Musical Cruise On Coast To CoastNov 8929
Paula K. Stentz: With Rumors of the Big Wave Cleaning up after the CommiesNov 9313
Peter Boe: Brings Jazz to Robert Cray's BluesOct 8726
Peter Daou: The Hard Edge of SoftnessDec 9236
Peter Gabriel: ExploraMar 9415
Peter Namlook: Selling Ambience By the TonDec 9419
Peter-John Vettese: Simplicity Sells With Simple MindsAug 9124
Phil Johnstone: Manic Music Maestro With Robert PlantDec 9024
Phil Johnstone: Setting Down Roots With Robert PlantNov 8824
Philip Glass Devours Ethnic Sounds In PowaqqatsiJan 8828
Piano Circus: Grand Designs & Antiphonal AdventuresAug 9320
Pistol Packin' PianistJun 9025
Pizzicato 5Jan 9613
Players: Nashville All-Stars UniteDec 9613
Police BlotterJun 9514
Press Kit Fundamentals: How to Make the Media Pay Attention to Your MusicDec 9417
Progfest '94: "Some Neo-Romantic Evening. . . ."Feb 9517
Psychic Lab: Puts Brainwaves on the MIDI MapApr 9413
Psychotrance SpotlightFeb 9715
Publicity Stunt of the MonthAug 9615
Puck Rock Pioneer: Torben Holm-PedersonJul 8927
QSound: Three Into Two Does GoApr 9124
Rabbit Bundrick: Making Rock History With The WhoAug 8924
Rachel Z & Adam Holzman: Wayne Shorter Four HandsMar 9614
Radio Kings: All-Star Admen Rock The AirwavesMay 8828
Rapian Keyboards: A Blueprint For The Future?Sep 8923
Ray Lema: Making The Leap From Avant-Garde To African PopOct 8924
Ray Lynch: Exploring The Structure Of MusicDec 8929
Reba McEntire's: Paul Hollowell & Doug SisemoreApr 9716
Record Labels, R.I.P.?: How Two College Students are Shaking up the IndustryMay 9415
Redefining Modular Synthesis: Tom Oberheim Unveils a New ParadigmFeb 9416
Reese Wynans: Stevie Ray Vaughan and BeyondJul 9619
Renee Rosnes: Jazz Piano, Past and PresentAug 9617
Republica: Hyperactive and No Ritalin in SightNov 9610
Return of KansasMar 9617
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz: The Ten Commandments of Saloon Gig SurvivalJun 9411
Richard Barbieri: Master Synth Colorist Finds Life After JapanDec 9322
Richard Einhorn: The Frontiers Of ObjectivityJul 8830
Richard Horowitz: A Musical Journey From Morocco to the Fourth WorldMar 9338
Richard Horowitz: Stalking the Wild Guedra for The Sheltering SkyMay 9123
Richard Sun: Ambient Temple Of ImaginationFeb 9617
Rime of the Ancient Sampler: The Mellotron ReturnsJun 9314
Road Report: Barton Stevens On Tour with Billy Ray CyrusAug 9516
Road Report: Bjork's Guy SigsworthJun 9616
Road Report: Clay Ostwald with Gloria EstefanMar 9716
Road Report: Dale Ockerman with the Doobie BrothersAug 9616
Road Report: Dennis De Young of StyxSep 9614
Road Report: Derek Sherinian With Dream TheaterMar 9515
Road Report: Don Gordon of NumbJul 9618
Road Report: Edward Shearmur On Tour with Jimmy Page & Robert PlantFeb 9620
Road Report: Gabe McNair Blowin' and Plunkin' with No DoubtOct 9616
Road Report: George Whitty On Tour with The Brecker BrothersSep 9516
Road Report: Jack Perry On Tour With Barry WhiteJan 9614
Road Report: James Woolley With Nine Inch NailsFeb 9516
Road Report: Joey Schmidt & Pete Wasner of The Vince Gill BandMay 9616
Road Report: Jon Glazer on Tour with WynonnaFeb 9716
Road Report: Mats Olausson on Tour with Yngwie MalmsteenAug 9416
Road Report: Mike McKnight & Morris Pleasure On Tour With Earth, Wind & FireNov 9516
Road Report: Monte Moir and The TimeNov 9614
Road Report: Nick Milo With Tower of PowerDec 9516
Road Report: Paul Taylor with the Steve Perry BandApr 9517
Road Report: Peter Schwartz Prophesizing with David BowieMar 9616
Road Report: REO Speedwagon's Neal DoughtyJan 9716
Road Report: Santana's Chester ThompsonApr 9616
Road Report: Thom Gimbel On Tour With AerosmithJan 9516
Road Report: Timothy Drury On Tour with the EaglesMay 9516
Road Stories: Chapter 10: Everyone Must Get StonesSep 9517
Road Stories: Chapter 11: Platonic EscapadesOct 9517
Road Stories: Chapter 5: Highway TreasuresFeb 9515
Road Stories: Chapter 6: Reelin' & Rollin'Apr 9515
Road Stories: Chapter 7: Kooper's KapustaMay 9515
Road Stories: Chapter 8: Missed MannersJun 9516
Road Stories: Chapter 9: Farewell To A FriendJul 9517
Rob Mullins: Standing Up For L.A.-Style JazzJan 9024
Robby Merkin: Inside the Electronic ElvisFeb 8926
Robert L. Doerschuk: To Keyboard Readers: FarewellOct 9513
Robert Leech: Restoration Of A PianoJan 9026
Robert Miles: Heads WestMar 9717
Rockin' the Rangers at the GardenJul 9323
Rockin' the Vote in RussiaAug 9320
Rod Argent: There's A Red House Over YonderMay 9122
Roddy Bottum: Twisting Metal With Faith No MoreFeb 9128
Roger Eno: Beauty In ExcelsisAug 9517
Ron Mael of Sparks: Igniting Europe with Sax & ViolinsApr 9512
Ronnie Huckaby: On Tour With Geore StraitOct 9516
Rosie Goes SoloNov 9513
Roxette: Rockin' the Loop & Ditchin' Drum MachinesFeb 9418
Rubba-Dub-Dub, It's Baby FoxMar 9714
Rudy Richardson Of The Bonedaddys: Survival Of The FunkiestSep 9234
Run Mac MIDI Software On Your Atari MegaJul 9026
Rupert Greenall: Mystery Modules In The Fixx MixJun 9126
Saga's Jim Gilmour: The Next GenerationJan 9614
Sam Rosenthal: Black Tape For A Blue GirlJul 9617
Sammy Price: Witness To The Birth Of Boogie-WoogieJan 9027
Santi Falcone: The Persistence Of Small-Scale Piano CraftsmanshipJan 8928
Scoring With Aeon FluxAug 9514
Scott Cossu: Musician, Heal ThyselfJun 9319
Scott Kinsey: Jazz Under Siege With Tribal TechFeb 9336
Sculpture For Keyboardists: Robert Moog's Multiple-Touch-Sensitive KeyboardMay 9226
Session Datebook: Barry BeckettAug 9414
Session Datebook: Lucky PetersonDec 9414
Sessions Datebook: Bill PayneJul 9514
Sessions Datebook: Chuck LeavellJan 9514
Sessions Datebook: KashifSep 9515
Sessions Datebook: Michael Lang, Part 1Apr 9515
Sessions Datebook: Michael Lang, Part 2May 9515
Sessions Datebook: Rod ArgentSep 9412
Sessions Datebook: Spooner OldhamOct 9515
Severed Heads: Electronic Thunder from Down UnderNov 9612
Shooting Craps With Mozart: An Interactive Approach To Understanding GeniusJun 9226
Simon Jeffes: And His Penguin Cafe OrchestraNov 9512
Slammin' with the GlobetrottersMar 9413
Small Hair In New York: The 87th AES ConventionFeb 9030
So You Want To Make A Record?: Do It Yourself!Oct 9514
Sonia Dada's Chris "Hambone" CameronMar 9613
Sound Of SilentsDec 9017
Sound of the MonthDec 8925
Sound of the MonthFeb 9032
Sound of the MonthJan 9023
Sound of the MonthJun 8927
Sound of the MonthMay 9019
Sound of the MonthSep 8919
South By Southwest: Keyboard Visits The Real WorldJun 9413
Southern Fried Skynyrd: Still Tasty After All These YearsMay 9317
Spec Deals: What Are They? What To Expect From ThemJan 9613
Spiritualized: Timeless Whines & Pure PhaseMay 9512
Stabbing Westward: Hi-Tech and Tough as NailsJan 9712
Stanley Brown: Riffin' On A Rhyme With Run-D.M.C.Jun 9020
Starr Parodi & Jeff Fair: Life After ArsenioJun 9514
Starr Parodi: On Diversity, Expression, & ChangeFeb 9228
Steinway to Heaven: No Sequencers AllowedJan 9713
Stereolab: Stereolicious, and Nothing Like QueenJun 9613
StereolabFeb 9415
Steve Bach: Erstwhile Accordionist Goes Public At LastJan 9226
Steve Lindsey: Session Sensation Rides The Retro WaveJul 9027
Steve Porcaro: Ex-Toto Ace Hits the Road with Squire & WhiteDec 9238
Steve Reich: Pounding Pavement for City LifeSep 9512
Steve Winwood's Dog DaysMar 9612
Strange Death And Possible Resurrection of New England DigitalOct 9240
Studio Chops: Are You Ready to Record?Nov 9513
Sukia: Old Synths Make it SexySep 9613
Summer NAMM '93: Sweltering in the Nashville HeatNov 9314
Sweet DreamsDec 9514
Synths & Sentiment: Suzanne Ciani Finds Romance Among the Patch CordsAug 9316
T Lavitz: Scaling New Heights With The DregsNov 9238
Tales From the AES, Part 1Feb 8922
Talk About Hot-Rod GearOct 9416
Tapping Into MIDIJul 8827
Techno-Lust In L.A.: The 89th AES ConventionJan 9128
Tehcno-Nerds Converge With Artsy-Fartsies At CyberArts International ConferenceDec 9018
Tetsu Inoue: Goes Four-TrackFeb 9713
Thank You, Crystal. I Think You Sound Phat Too.Sep 9514
Thelonious Monk Piano Competition: Makes History & Raises QuestionsFeb 8824
They Might Be Giants: Surviving Sandinistas & High SocietyMay 9018
Thomas A. Dorsey: 1899-1993May 9316
Tim Gorman: From the Who and the Stones to the Hellecasters and ... Popeye?Apr 9613
Tim Simenon: Spills the Beans on Bomb The BassFeb 9512
Tim Truman: Closing the Curtain on Miami ViceJul 8924
Times Two: Pop Artistry Meets Street EnergyNov 8826
Todd Rundgren: Live, Wired, & Nearly HumanSep 8918
Tom Grant: Easy Does It On Mango TangoMay 8920
Tom(s) Coster: On Fish, Fame & Family TiesOct 8921
Tommy Barbarella: Ex-Prince Keyboardist Gets GreazyApr 9715
Tommy Lee Gets WiredAug 9615
Tony Rich: Words UpMay 9612
Tony Toni Toné: Past & Present Collide on Sons of SoulNov 9316
Towering PianoSep 8925
Tracking Tribal Transcendence with D'Cückoo's Techno ToysOct 9317
TriadSep 9127
Tribute ManiaNov 9515
Tron-Osaurus Rex: New Life for an Old DesignNov 9417
U2 On Tour: The Hidden Keyboard RigFeb 8825
Under The Gun With Days of ThunderJun 9024
Uninhibited Piano of Mario GrigorovDec 9514
Uprights UndergroundJun 9023
Victor Feldman: 1934-1987Aug 8725
Vince Clarke: Synth-Pop StalwartApr 8831
Vini Reilly: Durutti Column & The Factory LegendApr 9516
Vintage Gear Brings Big Bucks In JapanFeb 9132
Virgil Thomson: New Chapters for a Legendary ComposerNov 8724
Vivian Rudow: Sings the Mommy ElectricMay 8915
Vivian Trimble on Easy Street with Luscious JacksonOct 9412
Vladimir Horowitz: 1904-89Jan 9025
W.A. Mathieu: The Hidden Dimensions In SimplicityJan 8830
Wanted: Jelly Roll Piano RollsJul 9514
Wayne Sharpe: Scoring for the Biggest ScreenMay 9614
Wesley Willis: on A Keyboard HellrideMar 9714
What You See Is What We GotJul 9023
When One Piano Just Won't DoNov 9515
Where the Rhodes Meets the RoadOct 9417
Who Is Jordan Rudes And Why Is He In This Magazine?Jun 9021
Who Needs A Magic Bus?Nov 9514
Wolfgang Press: From Doom to Dance with Funky Little DemonsJun 9512
Wonders of Wonders: Stevie in ArizonaApr 9336
Yanni's Greek PassionMay 9413
Yanni: Old-World Echoes For A Brave New AgeMay 8830
Yell Hello To: YelloMar 8832
Yes!: It's in the BankJul 9614
Yo-Yo Ma Plays Hi-Tech Cello At TanglewoodAug 9126
You Know This Guy!: Ron WassermanMar 9514
Young Chang Contents WinnersJul 9616
Young Chang: Here We Grow AgainApr 9617
Young Gods: Don't Need No Steenking GeetarsDec 9517
Youth: Wild, Flaming & Hit-Making MixmasterMay 9316
Zimbabwe's Bhundu Boys: Synths From The BushAug 8826

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