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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Alternate ControllersIssuePage
Chapman Stick Meets MIDI: Some Practical ApplicationsFeb 89126
D'Cückoo Proves Home-Mades Don't Have To Be WimpyFeb 91108
Exploring Dynamic Harmony With The SynthophoneJan 90116
Exploring MIDI Guitar and Roland's GR-50Nov 89103
Exploring MIDI Percussion, Part IIJul 89102
Fiddlin' Around With MIDIMay 8994
Give Your Pitch-To-MIDI Gear A New Lease On LifeJun 90102
Kat MIDI Percussion: Let's Play FastMar 89109
Keyboards Are For WimpsOct 88117
Michael Shrieve & David Beal Drums Across The MIDI Steam: Pad Percussion TipsJun 89116
MIDI Drum Pads As Composing Tools: Anarchy In The StudioOct 90108
MIDI Violin Tips & TechniquesSep 9098
Music At The Wave Of A Hand: Playing With MAug 8996
Programming Synths For Wind ControllersDec 8996
Sequencing With a Fret-Wired MIDI GuitarMar 90103
sYbil For MIDI GuitarFeb 90107
Tonal Quantization: MIDI Guitar Meets PVGOct 89102
Vital Difference Between Mono & MonophonicNov 88131

Ask Mr. MoogIssuePage
An Industrial Design Student's MIDI ControllerJan 89106
Granular Synthesis ExplainedDec 88117
Ground Loops: What Goes Around, Hums AroundJun 89110
Hum, Hum, And More HumMay 89110
More On Resynthesis MacrosAug 88117
More Things Change, The More They ChangeOct 88122
Musical Applications Of ResynthesisJun 88134
Playing A Sampler ExpressivelyMar 88119
Resynthesis Through Linear Predictive CodingNov 88132
Resynthesis, Part 1: Taking Sounds ApartMay 88117
So You Want To Design Electronic Musical InstrumentsFeb 88128
You've Come A Long Way, MIDIFeb 89117

How Are Envelopes Controlled in Musical Performance?Sep 93125
How Can Music Be Edited In A Sequencer?Oct 92116
How Can Patches And Sequences Be Stored?Feb 93110
How Does A Synthesizer Make Sound?Jul 93131
How Does MIDI Make Music?Jul 9294
Sequencers, Part 2: Tracks & PPQSep 92115
What Are ROM And RAM?Nov 92115
What Is A Sequencer?Aug 92125
What Is A Sys-Ex Bulk Dump?Mar 9399
What is an Editor/Librarian?Apr 93120
What is an Envelope Generator?Aug 93124
What is Synthesizer Programming?Jun 93102

Creation OptionsIssuePage
A Left-Handed MacbethSep 97136
An Accounting for TasteSep 95160
And Where Will You Be When the Walls Fall Down?Mar 96151
Astonishing ThingsJan 8816
Attack Of The Dreaded Blue Light BulbSep 9217
Beating It To Death With A TrickAug 8818
Before The FloodJul 8915
The Blue Between Night and DayOct 96144
Bop Girl Goes CalypsoJan 9317
Brave ConfessionsMar 8722
The Brooklyn KoansMay 9321
The Case Of The Stolen StradivertigoApr 8710
Changing MindJun 97144
C.H.R.O.M.E. Never SleepsOct 8816
ConcreateApr 96151
Connections 1: Oh Captain, My CaptainJun 95152
Connections 2: Walking Home To GodJul 95136
Connections 3: SolitaireAug 95152
Crushing Prudence to the SwardDec 96192
The Cup In Your Head Is BrokenDec 95199
D-D-D-DowntimeFeb 96175
Dangerous QuestionsMay 98144
DarknessFeb 9319
De Vigny Was RightAug 9215
Deafened by the LightSep 8632
Degrees Of TruthNov 9220
Earth, Air, Fire, & WaterJan 8914
The Enemy of My Enemy is Another Case EntirelyOct 97160
For God's Sake Do Something!Jul 8720
For StartersJun 9012
God Bless You Please, Mr. RooseveltAug 9421
Going Too FarSep 8728
Green GhostJan 9114
Homeward FoundJun 98136
How to Lose Friends, Alienate People, and Bore the Pants off YourselfMay 96151
How To Shave An ElephantJun 8716
HushJun 9419
I Am Become MacDonald's Devourer Of WorldsJan 9012
I Am Joe's BandwidthNov 95152
I Didn't Write This AloneFeb 95192
It Takes Two To Turn A Starfish (Plus Soundpage)Oct 8718
It's A Plan, StanMar 95144
Left Hand, Wide EyeMar 9313
Let Us Now Praise Famous SamplesJul 8626
Levers 1: Meaningful StonesJun 96152
Levers 2: Needs & WantsJul 96144
Levers 3: Negotiating New TerritoryAug 96144
Life Above The LightningFeb 9114
Love and Doubt, Fear and AngerMar 97144
The Map Of Least ResistanceJul 9212
MIDI and Hair Loss: What Are Your Choices?Apr 9018
The Middle BitsAug 9014
Motives 1: The Wrong ThingMar 9419
Motives 2: The ReasonApr 9419
Motives 3: The RuleMay 9419
Music for a Big UniverseDec 9225
Mysteries And The RiverFeb 9016
Never EndingOct 9012
The Oldest ProfessionJul 97160
On Any Self or leDec 9422
Open WideMay 9014
The Opposite of Starfish is SunflowerApr 9317
Paris 1: I Am Damn Unsatisfied To Be Killed in this WayFeb 97168
Paris 2: King of France, King of France!Apr 97136
Paris 3: Le Grand-ChâteletMay 97152
Paris 4: Contrary WiseJan 98144
Passing In ReviewMay 95144
Plateaus & ChasmsMay 8910
Pulsating Mandolins in the Hands of Passionate ItaliansDec 8629
Random Is As Random WasSep 96144
Real and ImaginedApr 98144
The Road from Imagination to CreativityOct 8638
Screwing Up (An Interim Report)May 8818
Scrooge McDuck's MoneybinAug 8712
Shattered And Scattered And TrueNov 9014
Some of My Best Friends Are PhotonsOct 95144
Songwrighting 1: Take A HikeSep 9419
Songwrighting 2: Goodies From The Grab-BagOct 9420
Songwrighting 3: Buy And By The BookNov 9421
The Space From A To BMay 8712
Staring In The Face Of ChaosDec 8814
Studio A Is In My HeadSep 8817
Tag (You're It)Nov 8717
Tell Me Again About the Rabbits, GeorgeNov 8632
They Can't All Be RhinestonesJan 8712
Things That Aren't True But May as Well BeNov 96152
This Little PiggyApr 95152
Time Off For Good BehaviorFeb 9219
Too Many CooksOct 8915
Top of the WorldJan 95160
TriageAug 97168
The TriangleJan 96151
Unfinished InfamiesFeb 98168
Unity GainJan 97152
What He Left MeDec 97152
The Wheeled BunchJul 9421
When Heaven Was a KiteNov 97144
When Things ChangeDec 8915
And The Brick Your Note Rode In OnOct 9219

Dance MixIssuePage
Alive and Extremely WellApr 97114
Breaking ThroughMay 98120
Building A Better GrooveJun 98114
Building a Project Studio from Ground ZeroNov 97118
Let's Make it SlamMar 97114
The M.I. DanceMar 98114
Mixing, Part 1Jul 97138
Mixing, Part IIAug 97144
PremasteringJun 97114
Profile: Terry HunterFeb 98142
Recording Vocals in the Digital WorldJul 98112
Remixing 101Dec 97120
Vocals in the Virtual WorldOct 97130

Electronic PerspectivesIssuePage
Buchla Electronic Musical InstrumentsApr 8154
Hugh Le Caine's Electronic SackbutDec 8064
The Moog SynthesizerMar 8158
Music & the ComputerJun 8173
Raymond Scott's Clavivox & ElectroniumFeb 8172
The RCA Synthesizer & Its SynthesistsOct 8064
The SynketNov 8086
Timbre Control Then & NowAug 8056

Inside the MusicIssuePage
13 Who Count - Eric McWhirterApr 96130
150 Chords are All You NeedMar 94142
A Legend In His Own LunchtimeMay 94146
A World Of DifferenceFeb 92123
A World Of Difference, Part IIApr 92130
Abbott And Costello Meet the Son of Chord VoicingsJun 94144
AgrippaMay 98134
Anatomy of an Arrangement- "The Cloths of Heaven," Part 2Jun 96140
Anatomy of an Arrangement-"The Cloths of Heaven"May 96136
Arriving TwiceMay 93130
As Far As Dreams Can GoJun 92127
B.I.Y. Spells BUYOct 97126
Balinese Rhythms for Beginners ("Permungkah")Feb 97132
Bride of the Son of Chord VoicingsNov 93125
Canine CapersDec 91172
Chord Voicings & Composition 1Sep 94138
Chord Voicings & Composition, Part 2Oct 94141
Chord Voicings & Composition III ParacelsusDec 94164
Chord Voicings & Composition IV Is There Anyone Up There?Jan 95148
Chord Voicings & Composition V The Amazing Two-Brained ComposerFeb 95172
Chord Voicings, Part 1Sep 93129
Chord Voicings, Part 6: The Ancient Hindu Technique (or Waiting for the 23rd Century)Feb 94172
Clavinet & Marimba MusicDec 97138
The Curve of the Earth (No Laughing Matter)Aug 96124
Dada SoulJun 93116
The Dits/The Lethargy Shuffle, Part 3Sep 97102
The Eric McWhirter InterviewApr 94151
Fish BehaviourNov 94134
Ganda YinaJun 98122
Golden RainMay 92116
The Great Chord ArgumentMay 91110
Grey Skies-Man & Machine in Perfect HarmonyJul 93124
Hormonal Home TruthsAug 91121
The Horrible Chord Competition Phase IIFeb 93116
The Horrible Dream CompetitionMar 95111
The Horrible Dream Competition, Part 2Apr 95136
How Not To Write a Pop Song ("The Emperor's New Guitar")Dec 96174
Into the Jungle with the Renaissance ManSep 96118
Judgement DayAug 92133
Kookabura LaughedNov 95132
Kookaburra Laughed (Again)Apr 97108
The Lethargy Shuffle & The Repeated Note SyndromeJul 97142
The Lethargy Shuffle and the Mind-Your-Backs TangoDec 92180
The Lethargy Shuffle, Part 2Jan 93116
LumpsApr 93124
McGroggan - The Cerebral OptionJun 95140
McGroggan-The Synth ArrangementJul 95116
Music from a Round Tower #3 ("Evening over Hickling Broad")Mar 97129
Music from a Round Tower (Part 1 - Sheng Nong's Miracle Herbs)Oct 96115
Music from a Round Tower (Part 2: "Dede Korbut at the Boma")Nov 96138
Music from a Round Tower, Part 4 - MakomaNov 97130
My Heart Declares A HolidayAug 95124
New York, New York, New YorkMar 96132
Ode To EscherJul 94136
Of Stars & Brain DamageJan 92116
OligarchyApr 98134
On Lost InspirationSep 91124
The Perils of Computing (or, A Brief History of Wasted Time)Sep 95132
The Perils of Computing, Part 2Oct 95116
The Power of 12Feb 98152
Programming Jazz DrumsMay 97142
Repeated Notes/Lethargy Shuffle, Part 2Aug 97148
The Return Of The Rollicking Sampled KalimbaApr 91108
Return to Tenemos RoadsAug 93130
Rhythm Programming with the Renaissance ManJul 96124
Roads Girdle The GlobeJul 9194
The Rollicking Sampled Kalimba, Part 2Jun 9197
Second Cousin of the Son of Chord Voicings - The HumDec 93168
Soloing, Part 1: Sounds & ProgrammingSep 92123
Soloing, Part 2: Harmonic TheoryOct 92106
Soloing, Part 3: How To Do ItNov 92116
Son of a Son of Chord Voicings: Sessions and SeventhsJan 94142
Son of Chord VoicingsOct 93137
Stage Moves (The Emperor's New Guitar, Part 2)Jan 97123
Towards McGrogganMay 95132
Trash Planet- The Instrumental BreakNov 91138
Trash Planet- A Campfire Classic?Oct 91106
TV OffalJun 97120
Typewriter RockAug 94140
Virtual Symphonies in the Miniature MallMar 98124
What?Jul 98114
Your Lucky StarJul 92116
Your Majesty Is Like A Cream DonutDec 95182
Your Majesty is Like A Cream Donut, Part 2Jan 96132
Your Majesty is Like a Cream Donut, Part 3Feb 96156

Making TracksIssuePage
21 Ways To Localize Track DepthSep 91118
A Stereo Mixing Flow ChartMay 93123
Advanced Guerrilla Live TechniquesJun 93109
An New Recipe For Your MixerApr 89109
As Plain As On The Noise On Your FaceSep 8994
Ask And Ye Shall ReceiveJan 90120
Banishing The Space PigsApr 92107
Designing Your Mix Sound StageOct 91109
Do The Demo DanceJan 91112
Don't Malign This Phase I'm Going ThroughDec 89112
Fix It Before The MixMar 90125
It's A Noisy Job, But Someone Has To Do ItAug 89111
The Last Word on Live RecordingJul 93117
Let's Go Get DupedFeb 91112
Live, No JiveDec 92166
Maximizing Mixer InputsFeb 89112
Near-Field of DreamsNov 89110
Patchbaysics - Part 4 (The Final Contact)Oct 92120
Patchbaysics 2: Getting WiredJul 9299
PatchbaysicsMay 92129
Patchbaysics-The MiniseriesAug 92132
So You Want To Be In Pictures.Nov 92127
Stereo Localization & Imaging Or Pan Pot PointersAug 91135
Stereo Mike Techniques For Live RecordingFeb 93126
Submixer SubcultureMar 89103
Sunk By SyncJul 89113
Thickening TracksMay 9093
Tips For Better MIDI MixesOct 89112
Tips For Careful And Conscientious MonitoringNov 91111
Tips To Give Your Monitors A Fighting ChanceFeb 92116
To Buy Or Not To Buy? DAT Is The QuestionJun 89112
Using MIDI Instead Of EffectsAug 9087
The Well Dressed Live Recording EngineerMar 93115

Music Theory SeminarIssuePage
The CK "Simple Gifts" VariationsNov 8088
The Dominant Seventh ChordAug 8059

Other WindowsIssuePage
A Little Bit CountryMar 9214
Amputations And Other Negligible CrimesJul 9219
Bach Blusters? Buck Blasters? Pick a Card.Dec 9219
Beginner's MindNov 9319
Being NakedJan 9323
The Blue HorizonJul 9325
Born Under A Bad SignJan 9423
The Case of the Cookie Cutter CharactersSep 96113
Connect The DotsNov 9225
Drawing Down the MoonMay 9327
Freedom of SongApr 9320
Ghost in the MachineSep 9325
Half Past HumanJun 9213
Hammer & TongsSep 9221
How To Make An Artist CrazyAug 9219
How To Screw Up Your CareerMay 9215
I Dreamed I Saw Murphy Brown Last NightFeb 9321
I Scare MyselfFeb 95151
Music For A Small PlanetOct 9223
MysteriesJan 9215
One, Two, Three . . . ManyAug 95112
Slings & ArrowsAug 9325
Too Many NotesJul 96120
Use A synthesizer, Go To Jail- It's The Law, And It's A Good OneFeb 9215
Who Wants To Be Normal?Jun 95137
Who You Are Is Where You AreMar 9319

Reel World NotebookIssuePage
16 Bitten Twice ShyDec 94172
The Chip That Roared Client: Disney Computer SoftwareNov 94142
Client: David Frank Project: Poison Ivy (Part 1)Jul 92123
Client: David Frank Project: Poison Ivy (Part 2)Aug 92126
Client: David Michael Frank Project: Poison Ivy (Part 3)Sep 92131
Client: Hans Zimmer Project: Green Card SoundtrackFeb 92118
Client: Hans Zimmer Project: Toys (Part 1)Feb 93115
Client: Ray Colcord Project: Sony Entertainment Part 1Oct 92104
Client: Ray Colcord Project: Sony Entertainment, Part 2Nov 92131
The Day the Earth Didn't Stand StillMay 94142
Dominus Matrix Theater in the Surround, Part 1Nov 93124
Dominus Matrix - Mixing for Dolby Surround SoundApr 94149
Dominus Matrix: Recording for Surround Sound StereoDec 93166
The Joys of Phone Sax Project: Homicide - 2nd SeasonJun 94143
The Level Playing Field, Part 1 Project: The Lipstick CameraFeb 94171
The Level Playing Field, Part 2 Project: The Lipstick CameraMar 94147
Misfit Sounds and Other Found ObjectsJan 93115
Music With Muscles Client: Arthur Kempel Project: Double ImpactMay 92107
One From Column AJan 92105
Project: Homicide (Part 1) Client: Barry LevinsonJul 93130
Project: Homicide (Part 2) Client: Barry LevinsonAug 93129
Project: Homicide (Part 3) Client: Barry LevinsonSep 93123
Project: Tom & Jerry - The MovieDec 92163
Project: Toys (Part 3) Client: Hans ZimmerApr 93117
Project: Toys - Part 2 Client: Hanz ZimmerMar 93109
Projects: Made in America & Fire in the Sky Client: Mark IshamOct 93135
School Of Hard Knocks Client: Bill Meyers Project: "Evolution"Mar 92100
Tempi, Tempi Client: Pat LeonardJun 92113
The Wave of the Present, Part 1 Project: The CriticSep 94136
The Wave of the Present, Part 2 Project: The CriticOct 94140
We Get MailJul 94133

Road WarriorIssuePage
Make Circuit With MeFeb 8995

Basics of Horizontal Sight-ReadingFeb 8272
Beginning Exercises for Vertical ReadingSep 8157
Dealing With Key SignaturesJan 8265
Getting StartedJul 8171
Problems for the PianistAug 8158
Vertical Sight-Reading Exercises: The Bach ChoralesNov 8179

Sound DesignIssuePage
Creating Hip-Hop Loops, Part I: Tempo AnalysisMay 91102
Creating Hip-Hop Loops, Part II: Manipulating Tempo & PitchJun 91110
Drums/Not DrumsJul 90112
Effects Processing-Beyond ReverbApr 90107
Headache Remedies For Patch ProgrammersMar 91112
Incredible Interval InventionsMar 92102
Instant Attack Transients: Just Add WaterJul 91110
Interval Tunings In Layered Sounds, Part 1: Guitar TricksOct 91115
Inverted EnvelopesJan 90115
LFO EffectsFeb 90113
Listen, Then Listen AgainMar 90109
Mixing At The Source, Part 1 Basic ConceptsSep 90114
Mixing At The Source, Part II: Stereo ImagingOct 90110
Mixing At The Source, Part III Dynamic Fader EmulationNov 90116
Mixing At The Source, Part IV Building A Full Spectrum MixFeb 9199
Pitch EnvelopesJun 9090
Sampler Memory ManagementJan 91105
The Aesthetics Of SoundAug 9090

Street SmartsIssuePage
Choosing A Keyboard For Live PerformanceJun 9098
Chord Symbol ConfusionApr 90124
Copying From RecordsAug 90102
Copying From Records, Part II Melodies & SolosSep 90105
Flats Or Sharps?Sep 90105
Getting Your Band Ready To PlayMar 91108
Hammer-Ons & Other Grace NotesApr 91117
The Key To Successful AuditionsJul 90107
Reading A Chord ChartFeb 90124
The Right Tools For The Job Part 1: AmplificationMay 9080
Setting GoalsJan 90121
Your Band's Identity And ImageNov 90114

Synth & MIDI BasicsIssuePage
Analog Vs. DigitalDec 87123
Beginner's Guide To FM SynthesisApr 88117
Defining Tech Terms: Voices & PolyphonyFeb 89128
The Difference Between A Piano And Cousin EgbertFeb 88141
Digital FMMay 88122
Internal Memory Basics: What It Is & What It Ain'tMay 87108
Introducing The Casio CZJul 88141
Librarians And Stranger Breeds Of MemoryJul 87137
Memories Are Made Of ThisApr 87116
More Than Just A Pretty PhaseOct 88128
Really, A Synthesizer Is Just Like A Piano (Well, Almost)Jan 87110
Using Algorithms In Digital FMJun 88122
What's the Difference Between a Sampler & a SynthNov 87125
Why Your Synth Doesn't Have KnobsMar 88130

Systems & ApplicationsIssuePage
An On-Stage MIDI System For Cyndi Lauper's True Colors TourMar 87120
Betrayed by MIDI Key VelocityDec 86118
Creative Applications: After-Touch and Pitch-BendingFeb 86105
Cutting Through With DistortionAug 88114
Dovetail Voicings For SynthesizersJan 89104
Enhancing Your Control Over the Keyboard Through MIDISep 86130
Enhancing Your Stereo ImageAug 8798
Exploiting The Masking EffectMay 87111
Free Your Left Hand From the Tyranny of the WheelOct 87113
Gee Whiz! Why Didn't I Think of That?Oct 86106
Getting The BendsJan 88108
Getting the Most from MIDI DelaysDec 87132
Getting Your Sounds Out of the Dead ZoneMar 8688
Look, Ma, Both Hands!Nov 88135
Making the Walls Move with MIDIJul 86120
Mapping Perfect HarmoniesSep 87134
MIDI-Controlled Digital Effects, Part OneJun 86138
The MIDI Delay Processor: Not Just Another Echo DeviceNov 87134
More Distortion Techniques For SynthsSep 88127
More Special Pitch-Bending TechniquesApr 88120
Programming Perilous PolyrhythmsFeb 87117
Pushing the EnvelopeApr 8698
Pushing the Envelope, Part IIMay 8694
Reading MIDI Implementation ChartsNov 86133
Selective Pitch-Bending TechniquesMar 88118
Setting Up Unison Tuned KeyboardsOct 88126
Slippin' and Slidin': Track Offsets Can Solve Timing ProblemsAug 86114
Special Pitch-Bending TechniquesFeb 88144

Technology For PoetsIssuePage
Samplers, Part II: What Do The Technical Terms MeanMay 92125
What Is A Sampler?Apr 92115
What Is A Synthesizer? (The Sequel)Feb 92112
What Is A Synthesizer?Jan 92101
What Is A Waveform?Mar 92110
What Is MIDIJun 92123

12 Who Count: Bob MoogFeb 9592
12 Who Count: Brian EnoMar 9548
12 Who Count: Chick Corea A Trip Through TimeNov 9560
12 Who Count: Herbie Hancock From Miles Davis to Interactive MediaJun 9548
12 Who Count: Jan HammerJan 9546
12 Who Count: Jimmy SmithApr 9558
12 Who Count: Juan Atkins Techno Starts HereJul 9568
12 Who Count: Keith Emerson The Trials & Triumphs of Rock's Greatest KeyboardistOct 9542
12 Who Count: Little RichardMay 9544
12 Who Count: Steven Halpern Reflections (& A Testy Complaint or Two) from the father of New AgeSep 9586
12 Who Count: Trent Reznor Extremist... GeniusDec 9521
12 Who Count: Wendy Carlos The Magic In The Machine: Reflections From The First Great Modern SynthesistAug 9550
15th Anniversary IssueOct 9022
19 Exotic New Chords And Melodies For All Tunable Synthesizers: Discover 19-Tone Equal TemperamentMar 8874
1960s Combo Organs: Turn On, Tune In, Rock Out!Jun 9349
1980 NAMM Report: The Inside Story On Next Year's Hot KeyboardsOct 8044
1981 NAMM Expo: An Inside Look at the Latest Keyboard GearOct 8144
20 Sounds That Must Die!: Don't Play It Again, Sam. . . .Oct 9565
20 Things You Must Know To Play Electronic MusicJul 9540
21 Ripping Licks and Other Muscle SpasmsFeb 95103
25 Hammond Licks You Must KnowMay 9465
25 Years Blending Blues, Bop, & Funk Joe Sample Still Puts It Where He Wants It: Off The Record: "Luna En New York"Aug 8960
4 More for Windows: Turnkey Multitrack SystemsMar 9751
A Beginner's Guide to Home Recording: The Tools You Need to Get Your Music DownJul 8240
A Keyboard Discovery: 2nd Annual Reader Tape Contest Winner Guy BabylonMar 8766
A Lot of Nerve: Introducing Neural Network ComputingJun 9539
A Musician's Guide to Income TaxFeb 8334
A Private Lesson with Chick CoreaFeb 9472
A Private Lesson With Tom CosterMay 8750
A Quick and Easy Guide to the Fine Points of Basic PatchesJun 8524
A Setup for Any Budget: Keyboard Recommends Four Dream SystemsNov 9375
A St. Patrick's Day MIDI Special: Automatic Irish Jigs On A Commodore-64Mar 8791
Acid Washed: The Mutant Strains of "Blue" Gene TyrannyMay 9071
Adventures In Programming Music & Sound Effects For Video GamesNov 9246
AES '93: A Bunch of Cool Audio & Recording Gear That You Can Almost AffordJan 9433
Alan Howarth: The Scariest Synthesizer Player in HollywoodFeb 8426
Alan PasquaJan 9035
Alan Fitzgerald: Hard Rocking with Night RangerOct 8572
Alfred Brendel: The Impassioned Elegance of Liszt and BeethovenMay 8322
Allen Ravenstine: Synthesizer Alchemist for Red Crayola & Pere UbuMar 8430
Always A Sideman, Never The Star: Tony Banks Goes For The Bottom Line On BankstatementFeb 9088
American Synthesizer Builders: Triumphs And Crises For An Industry In TransitionMay 8842
An Interview With Patrick Codenys: Front 242 The Aggressive Edge of Rhythm & The Power Of Recycled CultureSep 8950
Analog and Digital SequencersApr 8326
Anatomy of a Solo: David Paich Burns on Toto's "Jake to the Bone"Apr 9349
Andras Schiff: Hungarian VirtuosoDec 8433
Andre-Michel Schub: 1981 Cliburn Competition Winner Sees Even Brighter Times AheadJul 8438
André WattsMay 8134
Annual Reader Tape Contest Winner: Chuck ButlerMar 8966
Anthony Newman: A Controversial Harpsichordist Charges Forward Into The PastJun 8950
Anthony Newman: Renaissance Man of the Classical KeyboardDec 8022
Application Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Sequencer New Dimensions For 11 Major DevicesJun 8774
Arcane Experiments Of Richard Teitelbaum: Humanity Arising From MachineryJul 8974
Art of Noise: An Interview With Anne Dudley Having Fun With Subversive PopFeb 8982
Arthur Moreira Lima: From Choros To Concert Hall with a Brazilian Master PianistOct 8152
Arts Medicine: When Practice Turns To PainFeb 8890
Auditions How To Play Your Best in Spite of Everything: Part 1: Music School Admission ExamsNov 8969
Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier: Igor Kipnis Describes the Available EditionsMar 8571
Banco de Gaia: Heaven On Earth?Jul 9782
Band: High on the Hog with Richard Bell and The BandSep 9686
Bang A Gong: The Do-It-Yourself Musical Universe Of Harry PartchJun 9049
Bang the Drum: Creating Hooks on Rhythm MachinesMar 9426
Barton & Priscilla McLean: Composing for Piano, Synthesizer, and Electronic TapeSep 8332
Bartók Performance: A Conversation with Specialist Phillip EvansAug 8326
Basics of Chord Voicing: Triads & Seventh ChordsJan 8326
Basics of Digital Sound, Part 2: Digital SynthesisJun 8118
Basics of Digital Sound, Part One: Digital RecordingMar 8116
Become a Better Accompanist with Skim Sight-ReadingMar 8428
Before You Buy: Straight Talk from Eight Top Synthesizer SalesmenAug 8434
Behind the Scenes at ARS Electronica: An International Festival of Electronic Music & ArtJan 8354
Behind the Scenes With M.J.'s Dream TeamNov 9574
Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Cybers: Brain-Bruising Soundtracks For Life In RobotiaJan 9268
Benmont Tench: Dusty Gear, Minimal Licks & New Perspectives on Tom PettyMay 9572
Benmont Tench: Rockin' with Tom PettyFeb 8324
Berlin: Dave Diamond & Matt Reid An American Approach to Euro-Rock SynthesisNov 8419
Bernie Krause: A Synthesizer Pioneer Looks Back - And ForwardDec 818
Beyond Sequencers: Machines That ImproviseJun 87112
Bill Evans 1929-1980Dec 8014
Billy Currie of UltravoxJan 8222
Billy Currie: Rocking Down The Road Toward A New Style On TransportationApr 8950
Billy Idol Jacks InSep 9340
Bit Wars: 24-bit/96kHz Hardware to Make it HappenJun 9850
Bit Wars: Can You Hear the Difference?Jun 9848
Bit Wars: High-Definition AudioJun 9834
Bit Wars: Seven Things You Should Know About High-Definition AudioJun 9844
Blind John Davis: Touring Europe with the Chicago BluesApr 8126
Blues Jam No. 1: A Starter KitOct 9471
Blues Scales: How It WorksJan 8228
BooksSep 8069
Brad Fiedel: How Do You Create Music For A Liquid-Metal Policeman?Apr 9218
Breaking Serious Rules: Adam Holzman on Deep Grooves and Dark HarmonyJul 9842
Brent Mydland: Taking Over Keyboards for the Grateful DeadSep 828
Brian Eno: Calm In The Eye Of The StormJan 8772
Broadway Orchestras Go Electronic: New Opportunities and Growing PainsJan 8858
Bruce Hornsby: Rock From The HeartSep 9047
Bud PowellJun 8426
Build Your Own Digital-to-Analog Converter: Control Your Synthesizers with a Home ComputerJun 8464
Building Blocks For Computer-Generated Music: Do-It-Yourself C-64 & Apple II SoftwareJun 87106
Cajun/Zydeco: Jim Boggio Explains the Modern Art of Chanky-chankJul 9650
Candi Carley: Bringing New Life to Theatre OrganMay 8334
Candyman Can: Ace of Base's Synth Sugardaddy Ulf EkbergMay 9646
Careers And Illusions In Las Vegas: Keyboardists Ride The Whirlwinds Of ChanceJul 9248
Carlo Curley: Classical Organ's Exuberant MissionaryJan 8232
Chick Corea on Thelonious MonkJul 8219
Chillin' with ColdcutOct 9660
Chris Spangler: Top Synthesist For Movies & TVJan 818
Chuckii Booker: Studio Full Of SoulNov 8945
Claudio Arrau: 75 Years on the Concert CircuitJul 8327
Club Pianist's Resource Notebook: A Complete Arrangement of Willie Nelson's "Crazy"May 8525
Columbia/Princeton Electronic Music Center: Thirty Years of Explorations in SoundMay 8122
Come One? Come All?: Acres & Acres of Gear All Under One Roof (NAMM Pt. 2)May 9252
Composition: Computer Partnerships Advanced Software Unlocks New Levels Of CreativityOct 9055
Composition: Home Studio Secrets How To Find Inspiration In IsolationOct 9065
Composition: The Songwriter's Craft Four Top Tunesmiths Tell How To Hook ListenersOct 9035
Composition: The World Pulse Fresh Sounds Flow From Distant CulturesOct 9081
Computer ConceptsJun 8882
Computer Music's Big Noise: Tod Machover Hyperinstruments and Science Fiction OperaJul 9134
Conductor, Pianist, Composer: Michael Tilson ThomasJul 9662
Continuing Saga of the Return of the Son of NAMM: Part II: The SequelJun 9437
Copyright Abuse: MIDI Song Files + Computer Bulletin BoardsJun 9371
Copyright, Fair Use, & the Law: A Report on the Supreme Court's Decision in the 2 Live Crew "Pretty Woman" CaseJun 9488
Craig Hundley: Microtonal Explorations of an L.A. Studio MainstaySep 8110
Crisis in Music Education: Classical Virtuoso Lorin Hollander Offers a Diagnosis & a Ray of HopeApr 8419
Cristopher Franke: Space As You've Never Heard ItFeb 9670
Csound: True Virtual SynthesisJan 9740
CyberArts '91: Buzzwords And BeautyMar 9240
Danny Elfman: Plotting More High-Tech Mischief With Oingo BoingoSep 8730
Danny Elfman: The Agony & The Ecstasy of Scoring BatmanOct 8982
Dave Formula: From Punk to Techno-Rock with Magazine & VisageApr 8436
Dave Grusin: A Top Film Composer & Record Producer Goes Back Out on the RoadJul 8536
David Frank: New York's Triple-Threat HitmakerMay 8646
David Rosenthal: Unrepentant RockerJul 9448
Demonic Diminished Licks: Unleash the Minions of the Diminished Scale upon Unsuspecting Chromatic HarmoniesJun 9456
Demystifying the Jargon: Synthesizer Glossary A Comprehensive List of Technical Terms and Easy-to-Understand DefinitionsJul 8430
Depeche Mode: Resurrected!Jul 9766
Devo's Customized Digital Control System- An Inside Repport from Technician Jim MothersbaughJun 8468
Diary of A Song: "Lines in the Sand" with Derek Sherinian of Dream TheaterFeb 9878
Digital Dinosaurs: Progressive Rock on the InternetJun 9651
Digital Dysfunctions: Thinking of Digital Audio in Terms of Higher Fidelity is a MistakeJun 9661
Digital Firestorm at NAMM!: Keyboards, Samplers, MIDI SoftwareApr 8664
Digital Signal Processing: How It Works, Where It Came From, How It's Being UsedAug 8932
Discovering the Classical OrganNov 8228
Discovering Theatre OrganMar 8220
DJ Spooky, Wally, Byzar, We, and Sub Dub on the New Urban Ambient UndergroundOct 9738
Do Blondes Really Have More Synthesizers? Synthesist/Composer Jill Fraser Breaks Down The Barriers Between Commercial And Art MusicMay 8866
Do Your Own Publicity: Practical Techniques for Attracting Fans and Getting JobsMar 8320
Do-It-Yourself Software: Any MIDI Keyboard Can Play in Just Intonation with Computerized Pitch-BendingFeb 8649
Does The Future Belong To The Medialink LAN?: A New Communication Protocol Makes A Bid To Launch MIDI Into The 21st CenturyDec 8954
Domenico Scarlatti 1685-1757: Forward-Looking Fireworks from a Keyboard Wizard of the BaroqueOct 8566
Don Airey: Heavy Metal Veteran with Blackmore's Rainbow & Ozzy OsbourneJul 8252
Don Grusin Off The Record: "Flight of the Raven" A Session Veteran Shares The Forgotten Lore Of Fluid Soloing On RavenMay 9048
Don Pullen: Mingus Sideman, Club Organist, Solo PianistSep 8242
Donald Fagen: The Second Coming of Steely Dan & the Millenial Groove of KamakiriadAug 9364
Doug Johnson: Headlining with LoverboyNov 8234
Dr. Know-It-All's Famous Demo Tape WorkshopJun 9573
Dream Never Ends: Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese Reflects on 25 Years of Visionary Electronic MusicJan 9648
Dudley Moore: Serious Music from A Colossus of ComedyNov 8311
Duran Duran: Nick Rhodes Comes Full CircleJan 9858
Dynamic Debut By Entertainment Tonight's John TeshDec 8864
Earl WildDec 8652
Ears Have It: Surprising Results of Blind Listening TestsMar 8924
Easley Blackwood: Discovering the Microtonal Resources of the SynthesizerMay 8226
Eat Static: Former Ozric TentaclesJan 9682
Eclectic Odyssey Of Otto Luening: Something Old, Something NewJan 9136
Electro on the FringeDec 9774
Electronic Music Glossary: Part 1Feb 8777
Electronic Music Glossary: Part 2Mar 8793
Electronic Perspectives: The RCA Synthesizer, Glide, & TemperamentSep 8066
Electronic Projects: SSM2030 Expansion VCOSep 8061
Elvis Costello's Keyboardist: Steve Nieve Reluctant Rocker in the Keyboard JungleJul 8422
Emergency Broadcast Network: Batten Down The Hatches . . . They're Coming!Nov 9570
Equipment Insurance: How Much Damage Can You Afford?Apr 8254
Equipment Preview: Part 1: Synthesizers, Organs, Portables Summer '83 NAMM ShowSep 8354
Essential SCSI Survival Guide: Nine Rules & A Prayer to Help You Avoid Disaster (Maybe)Jun 9335
Euro-Synth Industry: -Classic Sounds -Exotic HybridsJul 8834
Everything But the Girl: Leaps to the Beat KingdomMar 9764
Explora: A CD-ROM Window into the World of Peter GabrielAug 9359
Factory Programmers: Meet the Men Who Make the Sounds that Sell the SynthesizersJun 8528
Fathers of Chicago House: Dance Music History ... Past and PresentAug 9764
Fifth Anniversary: New Keyboard DevelopmentsSep 8041
Fifth Anniversary: The Artists Speak Out Memorable Quotes from CK's First Five YearsSep 8044
Fifth Anniversary: The History of Contemporary KeyboardSep 8040
Filing Your Income Tax: A Guide For The MusicianFeb 8114
Film Scoring: Breaking In: Career Stratagies For The Not-Yet Rich & FamousMar 9082
Film Scoring: Hit Lists: Time Keeps On Syncing Into The Future What Are The Best Software Tools For Organizing Your Next Soundtrack?Mar 9066
Film Scoring: Sound FX: From Footsteps To Space Ships How Four Audio Illusionists Use Digital Technology To Match Sound To Image In Today's FilmsMar 9036
Film Scoring: Time Code: MIDI Time Code: Secrets Of Syncing To Film & Video In The Smaller StudioMar 9090
Film Scoring: Top Guns: Trends, Frustrations Artistic Skills, & The Impact of ElectronicsMar 9042
Fine Art Of Compression: Compression CaveatsOct 9147
Fine Art Of Compression: Compression Pointers & Starting PointOct 9144
Fine Art Of Compression: Spikes Yikes Make Loud Sounds Softer And Soft Sounds LouderOct 9143
Fine Young Cannibals Off The Record: "I'm Not Satisfied" Transcribed Hook, Line, And SingerDec 8968
First Steps in Film Scoring: Insights and Advice from Academy Award Winner Ernest GoldNov 9332
First Steps in Improvisation: Escaping the Tyranny of the Printed Page Advice & Exercises from the ExpertsOct 8437
First Steps In ProgrammingJun 8518
First Steps In Sequencing: How To Get Real Music Out Of A Little Plastic BoxJun 8894
First Time: Believe It Or Not, You Too Can Relax, Get Comfortable, & Actually Enjoy Being Eyeball-To-Eyeball With The Technology Of MusicJun 8832
For Further ReadingJun 8573
Four Record Producers Discuss Their Studio TechniquesDec 8325
Frank Serafine: Designing Harmonious, Hallucinatory, & Horrifying Sounds for Hollywood HitsSep 8416
Franny Griffiths of SpaceMay 9780
Freeing Notation from Itself: Improvisation & Indeterminacy in 20th Century Classical MusicNov 8469
From Mixing Board to Keyboards: Kashif A Noted R&B Producer Goes SoloMay 8529
Front Line Assembly: Rhys Fulber & Bill Leeb The Trials and Triumphs of Hard WiredJul 9642
Fundamentals of Blues ImprovisationOct 8456
Future Imperfect: Is MIDI Making the Right Connections? A Panel of Experts Confronts the Communications GapMay 9056
Future Is Optical: NAMM Part IIMay 9148
Future Sound Of LondonOct 9480
Gallery Of Vintage Gear: Buchla's First Modular System Still Going Strong After 30 YearsOct 9244
Garrick Ohlsson on Beethoven's Sonata No. 1 A Peformer's AnalysisOct 8220
Garrick Ohlsson: A Chopin Competition Winner Looks Back on Ten Years of Concert SuccessSep 8028
Garth Hudson: Legendary Organist with '60s Supergroup The BandDec 8311
Gary Numan: Britain's New Wave Techno-RockerAug 8038
General MIDIMar 9352
Geoff Downes: New Talent With YesMar 818
George Cables Takes a Phantom SoloFeb 8642
Get More Power From Your Ensoniq EPS: Insider Tips on Layering, Sequencing, Envelopes, & MoreMar 9148
Get More Sizzle From Your Multi-FX: Workin' On The Signal Chain GangNov 8958
Getting Creative With Sequencers: 44 Twisted Ways To Tie Knots In Your MusicJun 8766
Getting Signed: Lawyers, Bands & Money Contracts & Contacts Among The Heavy Hitters In The Label JungleJun 9183
Getting Signed: Somebody Has To Be Next Year's Hot New Act. It Could Be You.Jun 9170
Gigging, Part 4: Take Charge Of Your Career By Booking & Promoting Your Own BandMar 8769
Gigging: Local Contract Work In A Touring Show BandJul 8648
Gigging: Paradise or A Last Resort?: How To Succeed (& Enjoy) Playing Vacation SpotsSep 8653
Gigging: Protect Your Gear from the Terrors of the RoadAug 8686
Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations: A Legendary Artist's Landmark RecordingsFeb 8336
Go, Phish: Retro Dynamo Page McConnell Exposes The Mysteries of "Hey!" and Other Phish PhactsOct 94105
Goldie: Rewrites the Jungle BookApr 9668
Gospel: Caution: Tunes in your Hymnal May Be Hipper Than They Appear A Private Lesson with James WilliamsFeb 9656
Grant Johannesen: Concert Artist and EducatorJun 8130
Granular Synthesis: The Musical Possibilities of A Visionary TechnologyJun 9742
Greg Phillinganes: A Studio Ace Steps OutSep 8566
Greg Phillinganes: Legendary Studio AceJul 9144
Gregg Giuffria: House Of Lords The Last, Best Hope For Rock Keyboardists?Nov 9296
Half a Dozen Hot Country Pickers?: No, It's Electronic Illusionist Jim CoxOct 8682
HandMar 8136
Hands On Fire: How to Recognize, Treat, and Avoid the Occupational Hazards of Keyboard PerformanceApr 9492
Hans Zimmer "Rain Man" Composer: His Film Scores Tell What Words & Pictures Can'tJun 8974
Happy Birthday, Frank!: 3 Perspectives From 3 Major Players On Zappa's Universe, The Special 50th Birthday Concert Given In New YorkFeb 9296
Harpsichordist & Conductor: Christopher HogwoodMay 8534
Have Keyboard Will Travel: A Musician's Guide to Working, Playing, and Prospering OverseasSep 9442
Have You Hugged Your Keyboards Today?: Paul Fishman of Re-FlexJan 8519
Headgames: Coping With The Rigors Of The RoadJan 8836
Hearing Voices: Richard Einhorn Follows His OwnMar 9660
Heavy Staging: The Quest For The Perfect Concert RigJan 8848
Hi-Tech Toys For Ages 8 To 88: Keyboard Peeks & Pokes At Some Powerful PortablesJan 9090
History Of An Obsession: Selected Landmarks In A Century Of ExperimentalismJan 8758
History of Classical Improvisation Part 1: A Thousand Years of Fluid Performance TraditionsNov 8464
History of Classical Improvisation: Part 2: Baroque Music & BeyondDec 8459
Hold On To Your Face Score In The Depths Of Netherworld: Larry Fast David BryanMay 9240
Home Keyboards Galore!: MIDI Meets Mass MerchandisingJan 9073
Home Studios & Income Tax: A Guide Through The LabyrinthSep 8782
Horizon of Instrument Design: A Conversation with Don BuchlaDec 828
Horowitz: Excerpts from a Candid New BiographyMar 8310
Hot-Wire New Life into Dead End Solos with T LavitzDec 8634
How Bad Is It?: Manufacturers and Dealers Talk Straight About How Today's Economic Climate Is Affecting The Music IndustryApr 9266
How to Buy a SynthesizerAug 8430
How To Buy Your First (Or Second) Synthesizer: Save Money & Sort Out The Confusion With These Practical TipsAug 8974
How To Find The Right Video Deck For Home Studio Soundtrack WorkJun 8932
How to Handle Your Band as a Business: Partnerships, Taxes, Contracts, Insurance, & SuccessDec 8117
Human League Takes A Crash Course In Making Hits From Jam & LewisMay 8781
Human League: Taking the All-Synthesizer Sound to the Top TenDec 8228
Ian McLagan: Not Just Another Small FaceMay 818
If You Can't Buy the One You'd Love, Love the One You've Bought: Making the Most of Your Current SynthsAug 9659
Igor Kipnis: A Master Harpsichordist Turns to the FortepianoAug 8422
Igor Kipnis: Hand-Crafted Harpsichords & Historical TuningsSep 8658
In Control With Jam & Lewis: Engineer Steve HodgeMay 8776
In Memoriam: Johnny KemmMar 8221
Inside the Unchanged Mind: Why Experimenters Do the Things They DoJan 8730
Introducing Keyboard's Reader Tape Contest Winners: Alain Thibault & Jeffrey ChappellFeb 8646
Is Originality Enough?: Melding Vision & Chops with George DukeFeb 9870
Isao Tomita: Filling the Skies with Celestial SynthesisAug 8528
It Came From the Music Industry: Part 1: Dredging the Tar Pits of TechnologyDec 8642
It Came From The Music Industry: Part 2: Mutants And Missing LinksFeb 8782
It's About Time: Build A MIDI Delay DetectorAug 9236
It's Dr. Moog's Travelling Show of Electronic ControllersMar 9344
Ivan Moravec: Reflections of a Czech VirtuosoJan 8318
James Horner: Bringing Sound Colors To The Big Screen In Aliens, Commando, & WillowJul 8858
Jane Child: Here Not There And Back AgainNov 9391
Jason Miles: How Blunt Talk, Sharp Sounds, And The New York Vibe made Jason Miles Too Funky For Jane FondaSep 9268
Jean-Luc Ponty: No Strings Attached: A Violinist Turns To SynthesizersApr 8638
Jellyfish: Roger Manning Rides the Retro WaveJun 9324
Jerry Goldsmith, Part 2Apr 8544
Jerry Goldsmith: A Top Film Composer Explores the World of SynthesizersFeb 8519
Jerry Harrison: A Talking Head Speaks OutApr 8310
Jim Gilmour: Around the World with SagaJul 8310
Jimmy Smith: "These Hands Are Weapons!"May 8874
Jingles All the Way: Making Music for CommercialsMar 9768
Joe Albany: New Directions for a Bebop PioneerMar 8248
Joe Turner: An American Stride Pianist In ParisAug 8020
Johann Mattheson: Keyboard Encounters a Baroque MasterSep 8126
John AdamsNov 93104
John Locke: Spirit's Keyboardist Back on Top with NazarethAug 829
John Wustman: Master Accompanist for Pavarotti & Other Opera GreatsJun 8250
Johnnie Fingers: New Wave Keyboards with the Boomtown RatsJun 8110
Joseph MacerolloOct 8026
Joshua Rifkin: From Harpsichord to Ragtime Piano Classical Music's Jack of All TradesNov 828
Joăo Carlos Martins: The Dramatic Comeback of Brazil's Bach SpecialistAug 8123
Jurassic Rock: Felix Cavaliere of the Young RascalsJan 94104
Jurassic Rock: Jon LordJan 9490
Jurassic Rock: Session Superstar Al KooperJan 9472
Just The Facts, NAMM: Trade Show Track SheetSep 9065
Keeping Their Cool In Dire Straits: Guy Fletcher & Alan ClarkDec 8546
Keith Emerson's 1993 Rig: He Who Has the Most Toys WinsJul 9335
Keith Emerson: The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes of Progressive RockJul 8638
Keith Jarrett, Rosalyn Tureck, Philip Glass, & Joshua Rifkin Discuss the Importance of Bach on the Modern WorldMar 8544
Ken Hensley Talks About the Hidden Dangers Inside the Music BusinessNov 8321
Kenny Kirkland: Straddles the Stylistic Chasm with Wynton Marsalis & StingDec 8556
Kevin Toney: From the Blackbyrds to a Solo CareerMar 8210
Keyboard Construction Project: Build A MIDI Input For Your Casio SK-1Aug 8734
Keyboard Explosion: Ten Amazing Years in Music TechnologyOct 8536
Keyboard Future: Question Authority: The Next 20 YearsSep 9549
Keyboard Past: 20 Technological Innovations that Changed the Way We Make MusicSep 9571
Keyboard Past: 20 Well, Actually, Five Years' Worth of Outrageous Quotes from the Pages of KeyboardSep 9577
Keyboard Past: Blast from the Past 20 Synth-Heavy Hits that Made an ImpactSep 9527
Keyboard Past: Milestones: The Top 20 Keyboard Albums of the Past 20 YearsSep 9561
Keyboard Present: Better Drum Loops! 20 Power Tips to Put Your Layers in the Pocket, on the Money, over the TopSep 9537
Keyboard Present: Cheap Thrills 20 Studio Bargains for Less than $100Sep 9543
Keyboard Present: Fireworks & Flourishes Keyboard 20th Anniversary ConcertSep 9582
Keyboard Presents the Ultimate Keyboard CompetitionOct 94120
Keyboard Presents: 3rd Annual Reader Tape Contest Winners Edmund Eagan & Ernst HornMar 8866
Keyboard Rental CompaniesMay 8434
Keyboards & Hot Racks: NAMM Trade Show '86 Summer of the SamplerSep 8636
Keyboards In Russia: An Exclusive Eyewitness Report:Jul 8786
Keys To Better Reverb: How To Mix It How To Program ItJun 9156
King BritAug 9784
Kit Watkins: Out on His Own After Happy The Man & CamelJul 8336
Kitaro: Mysticism and Melody From Japan's Leading SynthesistMay 8726
Klaus Schulze: Reflects on 20 Years of Live Synth Solo ConcertsAug 9466
KMFDM: Sascha Konietzko on the Making of Their New AlbumMay 9876
Kraftwerk: The Cool Gods Of Machine Love Reinvent ThemselvesOct 9156
Krzysztof Penderecki: Shattering The Foundations Of Classical CompositionOct 8966
Kung-Fu MIDI: Inside The Mind Of Dave StewartMar 9263
La Monte Young: Avant-Garde Visionary Composer & PianistAug 8012
Last Romantic: Van Cliburn ReturnsJul 9457
Learn How to Transcribe MusicJul 8418
Lee Curreri: Life After FameAug 8310
Leftfield: Parks One in the BleachersFeb 9676
Leon Theremin: Pulling Music Out Of Thin AirFeb 9246
Leonard Raver: Organist For The NY PhilharmonicFeb 8122
Leonid Hambro: An Unconventional Classical CareerDec 8240
Light Fantastic Meets The Body Electric: The George Coates ExperienceSep 9032
Light Touch: Remote Gesture Sensing Powers The MIDI Controllers of the FutureJun 9040
Lili Kraus: Spirited Doyenne of Mozart and BartókOct 8352
Literature of Improvisation: How Effective are Current Teaching Materials?Oct 8448
Lol Tolhurst: A Dose Of Keyboard Fever For The CureAug 8726
Love Affair with New York (Downtown Mix): Off The Record: Elton John's 'Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two)'Jan 8942
Mac Attack: With Over 50 Models to Choose From, Picking an Apple isn't as Easy as it Used to BeMar 9437
Mac MIDI Operating System WarsOct 9381
Making of a Remake: A Trance Tribute to the Human League Case StudyFeb 9774
Making of a Remix: with Georgie Porgie & the Chicago Music Plant TeamNov 9640
Mal Waldron: Life on the BorderlineJul 8442
Management Agreement: Protect Your Rights & Safeguards Your CareerDec 8963
Management Maze: What Can A Manager Do For You? How Can You Find A Good One?Oct 9555
Many Mountains, Many Peaks: Encounters with the Driving Forces in Japan's Synthesizer IndustryAug 8548
Many Routes Through the Maze of AmplificationAug 8638
Mark Isham: A Bulletin from the Frontiers of Film ScoringNov 8546
Mark Isham: Bringing Synthesizers to Windham HillDec 8419
Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale of Devo: Are They Not Keyboardists?Aug 818
Mark Stein: The Rebirth of Vanilla FudgeMay 8311
Martha Argerich: Argentina's Enigmatic Classical VirtuosaJul 8134
Meet the Hottest Session Keyboardist West of Los Angeles: DX7 Whiz Yasuhiko FukudaAug 8546
Meet the Rentals: Nerds with Moogs . . . And Proud of It!Mar 9666
Memories & Reflections: Otto Luening Founding Father of Electronic MusicNov 8350
Michael BoddickerJun 9280
Michael Kamen: Battling Deadline Hell, Hanging with Arnie, Networking with Queensr˙che, and Scoring The Last Action HeroSep 9356
Michael MacNeil of Simple Minds: Electro-Pop Keyboards Take a Highland FlingSep 8310
Michael W. SmithFeb 9356
Michel Camilo Off The Record: "Caribe": A Whirlwind of Latin, Bop, & Stride Blows Through "Caribe"Sep 8959
Michel PetruccianiNov 8634
Mieczyslaw Horszowski: Last of the Leschetizky LineApr 8332
Mike Score: Flying High with A Flock of SeagullsOct 8328
Miles Davis: His Keyboardists Past Evans, Corea, Silver, Zawinul, Monk, Jarrett, Garland, KellyOct 8790
Miles Davis: His Keyboardists Present Bobby Irving and Adam HolzmanOct 8782
Mirror Tones: Mario Grigorov's Emotions In Contrary MotionMar 9650
Mitchell Froom: on Fizzy Noises, Leisure Suits, Stumbling Toward Brilliance, and the Crisis in Modern Keyboard PerformanceApr 9340
Mitsuko Uchida: Finding Hidden Treasures In MozartApr 8932
Mixer Shootout: Lab Tests, Feature Comparisons, & Hands-On Appraisals Of Nine Popular BoardsJul 9030
Mixer Shootout: The Ins And Outs 18 Models Under $600Aug 9244
Modular Synthesizers: Why the Dinosaur Will Never Become ObsoleteJun 8556
Monk's Solo on "Bags' Groove"Jul 8224
Monstrous Modal Licks: White Key Doesn't Mean White BreadApr 9472
Moog Cookbook & Imperial Drag: A Collective Space Odyssey with Roger ManningJul 9692
More Faith No More: Bottum's UpJun 9234
Motown: The History of a Hit-Making Sound and the Keyboardists Who Made it HappenMay 9384
Mozart's Missing Keyboards: A Scholarly Sleuth Uncovers Fascinating Tales While Tracking Wolfgang's Elusive InstrumentsFeb 9236
Music Armada Invades New York: Commander Tomita and His Synthesizers of DestinyDec 8690
Music Education For A Challenging Job Market: How Colleges Are Training Tomorrow's Musicians, Managers, and EngineersJan 8248
Music Expo '85: Everything's Coming Up SoftwareSep 8530
Music in the Air: The Life and Legacy of Leon Theremin Filmmaker Steve Martin Charts The Electronic Odyssey of Leon ThereminFeb 9448
Music in the Air: The Life and Legacy of Leon Theremin Theremin Virtuoso Clara Rockmore Recollections of GeniusFeb 9458
Music Skills: A Quick Swing Through The Land Of Theory For Those Who Are Embarrassed To Admit That They're Not Real Sure What A 7th Chord IsJun 8874
Music Theory Seminar: What Is Tonality?Sep 8067
Musicians' Alert: New Tax Law Regarding Home Office and Travel Expense DeductionsJan 9583
Musik Messe '94: Hot Software, Hip Modules, & Hard Disk RecordersJul 9444
Mutant Harmony: Recombine Chord Voicings To Create A New Breed of Harmonic OffspringMay 9558
Nails The Groove In "The Finer Things": Off The Record: Steve Winwood's "The Finer Things"May 8960
NAMM '82: Keyboards at the Music Industry's Giant Trade ShowSep 8232
NAMM '84: Hot New Keyboards at the Music Industry's Giant Winter Trade ShowApr 8432
NAMM '84: Music Industry Tradeshow Musical Instruments Mate with Personal Computers as the MIDI Invasion ContinuesSep 8428
NAMM Expo '87: They're Showing What You'll Be Playing, Part 1: Synthesizers, Samplers, Pianos, Home Keyboards, SoftwareOct 8738
NAMM Music Expo '87: Part 2: Controllers, Sequencers, Sound Reinforcement, Processors, Drum MachinesNov 8736
NAMM Winter Trade Show '83: Part 1: New Synthesizers and Portable KeyboardsMay 8356
NAMM Winter Trade Show '83: Part 2: New Keyboards, Amplifiers, and AccessoriesJun 8362
NAMM: Back From The Dead: Summer NAMM Reborn in Music CityNov 9472
Neal Doughty: Full Speed Ahead with R.E.O. SpeedwagonOct 818
New Age Electronic LabelsAug 8750
New Copyright: A Guide for Keyboard ComposersAug 8320
New Instruments and Gear Showcased at the Summer '83 NAMM Show: Equipment PreviewOct 8322
New Series: Arranging: From Unchained Melody To 76 Trombones Basic Orchestration For Multi-keyboardistsApr 8790
New York Studio Roundtable: Three Top Keyboardists on the Challenges of a High-Pressure GigJan 8210
Nine Inch Nails: Trent Reznor Hits College Radio On The Head With A Tough, Sharp Solo AlbumApr 9036
Nitti Gritti On Scritti Politti: David Gamson TalksMar 8842
Nitzer Ebb: Analog Synths & Ambient Samplers Put A Polish On The Industrial GrindFeb 9156
No Pain No Gain: How To Minimize The Noise In Your Recording System Without Spending A DimeMay 9141
Off the Record: A Synthesizer Solo by Jan Hammer "The Ride"Mar 828
Off the Record: An Organ Solo by Eddie Jobson "Night After Night"Sep 8136
Off the Record: An Organ Solo by Jimmy Smith "Reunion"Nov 8116
Off the Record: An Organ Solo by Keith Emerson "Karn Evil 9, Third Impression"Sep 8216
Off The Record: David Paich of Toto R & D for the Hollywood Hit MachineMay 8834
Off The Record: Emerson Concerto CadenzaAug 8884
Off The Record: Jeff Lorber's Radio Remix of "Mercedes Boy" Pebbles Plays With The Big BoysNov 8860
Off The Record: Jens Johansson Gives Yngwie Malmsteen A Run For His MoneyOct 8854
Off The Record: Johnny Hates Complexity? No, It's Johnny Hates JazzSep 8858
OliveOct 9742
On The Road With The World's Most Demanding Pianists: Steinway Technician Franz MohrJan 8892
On Track & Under Budget: Capture Inspiration, Target Your Audience, Premix & Blend Sounds, Prepare For Live PlayersSep 9142
One And Only Little RichardFeb 8856
One Step Closer to the All-Digital Studio: New Gear & New Technologies at the A.E.S. ShowJan 9364
One Too Many Wallbangers: Soundproofing Your Home StudioSep 9473
Online Collaboration: The Making of Giant TracksJan 9847
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Andy McCluskey Paul HumphreysApr 8230
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkMar 8672
Oscar Peterson's Home StudioDec 8364
Out Of A Misty Silicon Jungle, Over Distant Animal Cries Of "We're Shipping!" Comes A Thunderous Stampede Of New Gear At Winter NAMM (((Hardware Pt. 1)))Apr 8834
Out Of A Misty Silicon Jungle, Over Distant Animal Cries Of "We're Shipping!" Comes A Thunderous Stampede Of New Gear At Winter NAMM (cont.)Apr 8834
Out Of A Misty Silicon Jungle, Over Distant Animal Cries Of "We're Shipping!" Comes A Thunderous Stampede Of New Gear At Winter NAMM (Hardware Pt. 2)Apr 8834
Party! The Music Industry Rings In The '90s With Godzilla, A Bubble Machine, Tattooed Women, & A Real Live Elephant (Not To Mention Some Hot New Keyboards) 1990 Winter NAMMApr 9086
Patrick Leonard: A Private Lesson With Madonna's Keyboardist/ProducerJul 8866
Patrick O'Hearn's Mom Thinks He's A Lousy Keyboard Player (But After 3 Solo Albums, He Must Be Doing Something Right)Sep 8866
Pay It Again, Sam: A Musician's Guide To The New Tax LawFeb 8842
PC Power Shopping: What's the Best IBM System for your MIDI Studio?Mar 9449
Percy Grainger: Remembering A Pioneer Composer & Pianist on His Hundredth BirthdayAug 8223
Performers on PortablesJun 8327
Performing 18th Century Keyboard Music: A Master Class with Anthony NewmanAug 8316
Perils of Equipment Insurance: Ten Pointed Questions To Ask Your AgentAug 8949
Peter Max: Zen & The Creative ProcessJul 8990
Peter Schickele: On the Keyboard Catastrophies of P.D.Q. BachMar 8630
Photek: Furthering the Drum n Bass RaceNov 9762
Physical Modeling: The History of Digital Simulations of Acoustic InstrumentsSep 9489
Players, Racks, And Roadies: Michael Jackson's Bad Stage ExtravaganzaJan 8874
Playing Organ for Silent Films: Dennis James Keeps an Era AliveOct 8676
Playing the Blues: An Introductory Workshop for Organists and OthersFeb 8330
Plot it Yourself: Display FM Waveforms on Your Apple or IBM with These Basic ProgramsNov 8542
Plug In Here: The ABC's Of Techno-Music LiteracyJun 8834
Plug-In Zone: Plug-In Task ForceAug 9760
Plug-In Zone: Up & Down, In & OutAug 9752
Pop Organ Workshop: Competition & ContestSep 8062
Portable Metropolis: Ryuichi Sakamoto Brings His European Heritage From Japan To New YorkJul 9049
Portishead: An Interwiew with Adrian UtleyAug 9656
Power P.C. Vs. PentiumSep 9462
Power To The Groove: Add Punch & Crackle To Your Rhythm Tracks With These Versatile TricksJan 9042
Practicing Doesn't Have To Be A Bore: Try These Mind-Stretching TricksFeb 8974
Pressed For Success: Everything You Need To Know To Release Your Own CD, Maintain Artistic Intregrity, & Maybe Even Make Some MoneyJun 9147
Preview the Upcoming Album by: Larry (Synergy) FastAug 8658
Profile of an Orchestral Pianist: Behind the Scenes at Carnegie HallApr 8116
Programming in Action: Michael Boddicker's Ultra-Tech Soundtrack for "The Magic Egg"Jun 8534
Pros Tell How Sequencers Changed Their Lives (Or Didn't)Jun 8750
Pulp: Candida Doyle Hides Under the Bright LightsSep 9682
Quaveringly Quantized on A Quasar: with Jamiroquai's Toby SmithFeb 9756
Queen Ida: A Zydeco Sensation Proves It's Never Too Late To PartyAug 9049
Rabbit Bundrick: Keyboards with The WhoNov 8064
Ralph Grierson: Hollywood's Top Sight-Reader Explores the Fringe of Electronic ImprovisationMay 8662
Rami Jaffee: and the WallflowersJul 9850
Ray Charles!: The Instrumental Side of a Legendary SingerMar 8419
RecordsSep 8070
Remember the Young Rascals?: So Does Felix CavaliereOct 8311
Remembering Alan Gowen: Influential British Multi-Keyboardist of Gilgamesh and National HealthJan 838
Residents: Enigmatic Visionaries of the Rock UndergroundOct 8210
Resources: A Guide To Some Of What's Out ThereJan 8785
Restoring A Vintage Steinway: Hand Craftsmanship Transforms An Instrument Ravaged By TimeSep 8928
Retro Mania Blasts From The Past, High-Tech Toys, And A Healthy Dose Of Vaporware Mark The 90th And Largest Ever Gathering of the National Association of Music MerchantsApr 9130
Retro Ranger: Eddie Harsch of The Black CrowesOct 9664
Rhythm Basics Workshop: A Practical Method for Playing with Better TimeOct 9358
Rhythm Method: Conquer Rhythm Changes Now!Apr 9652
Rich History of the Electronic OrganNov 8332
Rick Wakeman: Yes, It's True Rock's Mystery Keyboardist Is Back In The Spotlight With Anderson, Bruford & HoweSep 8966
Rise & Fall of ARP InstrumentsApr 8316
Robert Rich: An Endless Odyssey in Tone & TuningNov 9678
Rock Technique: Finding the Right Keyboard Part, Pt. IISep 8060
Rockin' On E Street with Bruce Springsteen: Roy Bittan & Danny FedericiJul 8120
Roger O'Donnell Of The Cure: A Cheerful Note On DisintegrationOct 8975
Ron Mael: The Fire Behind SparksJun 8311
Ruth Slenczynska: Then: Child Prodigy, Pupil of Schnabel & Rachmaninoff Now: Author, Teacher, World-Travelling Concert ArtistJan 8124
Samuel Sanders: Accompanist ExtraordinaireAug 8662
Scary Licks: Frighten Your Friends with These Sleight-of-Hand TechniquesNov 9326
School Daze: Educational Opportunities To Expand Keyboard Technology SkillsApr 9571
Sean Hopper: On the Beat with Huey Lewis & the NewsJun 8419
Secrets of Funkyknuckle: Ivan Neville's New Orleans FunkMay 9656
Self-Destructing Modules Behind the Revolutionary 1956 Soundtrack of Forbidden PlanetFeb 8654
Sessions Nashville: Pop, Gospel, Jingles- A Whole Lot More Than Just Country MusicOct 8640
Sessions: New York City Hammering Out Hits in Manhattan's Media FurnaceSep 8660
Shriekback Blasts the Top Off the College ChartsJan 8932
Silent Films Never Had It So Good: A Live Six-Keyboard Pit Orchestra (The MIDI Wurlitzer?) Goes On Tour With Philip Glass's Scores For Koyaanisqatsi & PowaqqatsiSep 9134
Simple Gifts: Twelve Variations Aaron CoplandNov 8014
Slop Factor: Timing Response in Multitimbral Modules & What You Can Do to Tighten Up Your GroovesJul 9677
Solving the Melodic Puzzle: Musical Analysis for SongwritersMay 828
Songwriting: Songwriter's Resource Guide Contacts, Contacts, Info, & Contacts!Nov 9744
Soundcards: Audio Performance Spec TestsOct 9449
Soundcards: Chips Ahoy! Features ChartOct 9445
Soundcards: Listening TestsOct 9457
Sounds And Editor/Librarian Software: A Keyboard SurveyJan 8978
Spec SheetSep 8073
Spin Doctors: 1890 Turntable Jocks Scratch Street Beats For Metal-Heads, Cerebral Artistes Too Cool To Dance, And The Avant-Garde's Hard CorpsOct 92Christian
Stage Fright: How to Dissolve Tension and Learn to RelaxApr 8338
Standing Waves and Sucking Basses: Tuning Your Home StudioOct 94113
Stanford's Computer Music Lab: Where Today's Research Become's Tomorrow's Pushbutton MagicDec 8758
Start Me Up!: Tips From A Touring Pro on How to Get Loose & Limber Before A GigOct 9489
STEIM: In the Land of Alternate ControllersAug 9454
Steve Roach: Living Inside The Electronic DreamFeb 8834
Steven Halpern: Musical Guru and New Age EntrepreneurNov 818
Steven Lubin: Fortepianist with a Romantic FlairJun 8474
Stompbox Serenade: An Ode to the Anarchic Pleasures of the Analog PedalDec 9768
Stradivarius with an Oscilloscope: Sound Transform Revives the Mighty Serge ModularAug 9672
Summer NAMM: 3449 The Tech Well Runs Dry?Oct 88Future
Superstar British Producer Rupert Hine: It's Not How Synthesized You Make It, It's How You Make It SynthesizedOct 9134
Surf's Up At Anaheim NAMM: New Music Hardware, Software, & Beach TogsApr 8982
Suzanne Ciani & Her Ace Apprentices Set the Pace of Commerical SynthesisApr 8516
Suzanne Ciani: Rides the "Eighth Wave" Toward a New Solo LPApr 8518
Switch-Hitter Harold Chichester of the Afghan Whigs and Howlin' MaggieAug 9668
Synclavier PhenomenonApr 8648
T Lavitz: Progressive Rock with the Dixie DregsDec 8016
Take Two: Greg Hawkes on the Go with an Electronic Solo Album and the New Cars LPDec 8332
Tax Law For Musicians: If You're A Bandleader, Not Reading This Article Could Be the Most Expensive Mistake You'll Ever MakeOct 8733
Teaching & Learning Music: The Experts Debate Bold New ApproachesJun 8858
Technical Difficulties & The Road Kill Blues: Keyboard Techs Share War Stories About Murphy's Law & Things That Go Bump In the NightSep 9166
Techno-How: Secret Recipes for Subsonic Techno StewSep 9346
Techno-Rock Legacy of Yellow Magic Orchestra: Ryuichi Sakamoto & Haruomi HosonoAug 8532
Techno: Catch the Buzz. Eat the Beat. Tune in, Turn on, Boot up.Apr 9356
Technological Vision: Tangerine DreamNov 8898
Terry Adams: Rockin' with NRBQMay 8419
Terry Riley: On Just Intonation Melodic Inflection and the Spiritual Source of MusicJul 8652
Terry Riley: The Composer of "In C" Explores Indian Sources amd Synthesizer SoloingApr 8211
Test Yourself: How Well Do You Know Your Equipment's Exotic Possibilities?Jun 8572
That High Lonesome SMF: Styles and Alternate Controllers for Sequencing Bluegrass InstrumentsJan 9777
Thelonious Monk Tributes from ColleaguesJul 8221
Thelonious Monk: A RemembranceJul 8217
They're Guerrilla Prophets. They're Here To Stay. They're The Culture JammersAug 9056
Think Fast: Synergy Maestro Larry Fast Sums Up Ten Years Of Electronic OrchestrationMar 8750
Thoughts on Rock ImprovisationOct 8468
Timing Is Still Everything: Who Knows What MIDI Timing Delays Lurk In The Hearts Of 16 Popular Models?Jan 9235
Tired of Imitation Rhodes Patches?: Generate & Graph Exotic New DX7 Sounds with this Random Program In BasicJul 8672
Todd Rundgren: Awakening the Interactive MuseAug 9350
Tom Coster: From Santana to a Solo CareerFeb 8212
Tom Schuman & Jeremy Wall: Synthesizers and Smokebombs with Spyro GyraAug 8116
Tommy Barbarella: New Power Generation New Prince AlbumJan 9380
Tommy Boy x 3: Digital Underground, Coldcut, & De La Soul Jam The Beat With Audio Junkyard CollisionsMar 9164
Tony BanksFeb 8750
Tony Hymas: Suspensions, Transmissions, & Tune-Ups In Jeff Beck's Guitar ShopApr 9063
Too Much 1990 Winter NAMM, Part 2: Hard Disk Recording, MIDI Automation, & More Mixers Than You'd Believe Stacked In The Aisles At NAMMMay 9040
Top Studio Programmers: Tell How They Make Those Million Dollar SoundsJun 8538
Training Japan's Classical Pianists: The Musical AcademySep 8319
Trevor Pinnock: A Leading Harpsichordist in London's Early Music RevivalAug 8251
Tuning Keyboards in Just IntonationOct 8341
Turmoil in MIDI-Land: The Fast-Growing Synthesizer Industry Struggles to Implement A Standard Digital InterfaceJun 8442
Two Views of 'Round Midnight: A Classic Tune Then & NowApr 8536
Two Views of Eubie Blake's Keyboard Style: Terry Waldo & William BolcomDec 8259
Ultimate Reader Tape Competition: We've Got A Winner!May 9568
Under A Hoodoo Moon: Reflections on an Extraordinary Life in Music from the Upcoming Autobiography by Mac "Dr. John" RebennackMar 9460
Unraveling the Mysteries of Expressive Sound: Canada's Pioneer of Electronic Music Hugh Le CaineFeb 8532
Unstoppable Armand Van HeldenJun 9866
Using Cheap Obsolete Gear: or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the VL-1Apr 8744
Valley of the Korgs: A Pre-MIDI Synthesizer GalleryAug 9567
View for the Keys in the Saturday Night Live BandApr 9445
View From The Bench: New Directions, New DemandsAug 8861
Vince Guaraldi: Remembering the Man Behind "Cast Your Fate to me Wind"Jul 8112
Vladimir Ashkenazy: The Lifelong Process Of MusicMar 8742
Vladimir Feltsman: Auspicious Debut For A Celebrated Russian EmigréMar 8854
Vladimir Ussachevsky (1911-1990): Wendy Carlos & Bob Moog Remember A Pioneer Of Electronic MusicApr 9031
Wally Badarou: Taking the World View on Echoes and Kiss of the Spider WomanMay 8666
Wanda Landowska: Strikes a Blow for Authentic Bach Performance in a 1906 ArticleMar 8560
Wanted Rich Uncle: Vintage Synth Gallery HomelessOct 9732
Warren Zevon: Rock's Excitable Boy Grows UpJan 8419
Weapon of Choice: Funky, Vintage Synth Lovin' Keith "Keefus" CianciaMay 9672
Wendy Carlos & Michael Fremer: Reveal the Secrets Behind the Soundtrack of TronNov 8253
Wendy Carlos on Additive Synthesis: Tearing Apart Acoustic Sounds and Putting Them Back TogetherJun 8546
Wendy Carlos, Part 2: Further Adventures In The Making Of Switched-On Bach 2000Sep 9282
Wendy Carlos: Defying Conventions, Discovering New WorldsNov 8650
What Does It Take To Win The Keyboard Reader Tape Contest?: Lee Stapleton's "Secret Ingredient"Mar 9133
What is Modulation?: Or, How Does He Make His Voice Do That?Jan 9447
What is the Appeal of Depeche Mode?May 9342
What's The Strangest Artistic Collection You Can Think Of?Jan 8958
Where to Go and How Much to Pay: (My Synth's Older than your Synth)Jul 9361
Who's Back: Pete Townshend Trashing Vintage Synths from Behind His ARP 2500Oct 9331
Winter NAMM '85: Music Trade Show MIDI Madness Marches OnMay 8540
Winter NAMM Wrap-Up: Home Music SystemsMay 8968
Winter Trade Show: NAMM Part 1Apr 8752
Winter Trade Show: NAMM Part 2May 8738
Women In RemixingMar 9882
Wrapped In Plastic: Would You Believe MIDI Cables? Kinny Landrum Explains What Really Went On At The Twin Peaks Soundtrack SessionsNov 9068
Year in Music: The Keyboard Staff Picks the Top Five Records of the YearDec 9742
Yes!: Trevor Rabin Speaks Out on the Making of TalkJun 9467
Yes, There Is Life After MIDI: Get More Out Of Your ComputerMar 8834
You Say You Want A Revolution . . .: The Digital Magic Behind the New Beatles SinglesApr 9646
Yuletide OfferingsDec 8158
Zappa Legacy: Veterans of His Keyboard Chair Recall the Life & Work of Frank ZappaApr 9452

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