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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Home Studio SolutionsIssuePage
Bigger, Brighter, Faster!Apr 97130
Customize Your Synth SoundsFeb 97145
Flying BlindMar 97118
How Do Your Mixes Measure Up?May 97130
PC Basics, Part II: Software ToolsJul 97148
Quantization: Threat or Menace?Jan 97133
Setting Up a Windows Music SystemJun 97102

In The StudioIssuePage
Advanced Tape Editing TechniquesJan 88122
Back To StereoMar 87115
Choosing A Keyboard Mixer, Part IIMar 8684
Echo & Delay on the Beat & in the HallJul 8584
Evaluating Keyboard Mixers, Part 1: Inputs & EqualizersFeb 86106
Evaluating Keyboard Mixers, Part III: Busing and AutomationApr 8697
Get Your Kicks with These MIDI TricksJul 86122
How To Maintain A Studio TanOct 88118
Hums, Buzzes, & Things That Go Bump in the NightJan 86116
In Search of the Perfect SampleMar 8588
Keeping Track Of Your TracksAug 88122
Linn 9000: Post-Apocalyptic Tips of DoomOct 86112
Looking At LevelsMay 87104
Making the Most of Reel LifeAug 86117
MIDI Arranging: Bass Lines DeluxeMar 90112
MIDI Arranging: Getting StartedFeb 90120
Miking Acoustic PianosOct 8596
Mixer Automation Then & NowApr 88118
More On Levels, Meters, And S/N RatiosJul 87138
Putting Sync Tones & Click Tracks on TapeJan 8561
Q: Are We Not Signed? A: We Are Demo!May 8562
Rack-Mounting Your GearSep 88125
Soundproofing: There Goes The NeighborhoodAug 87105
Staying One Sample Ahead Of Technological ChangeFeb 87122
Studio Sync TipsJan 90101
Tape Editing Basics, Part 1Oct 87114
Tape Editing, Part 2Dec 87135
Teaching An Old Noise Gate New TricksJan 8799
That Dirty Hiss! You Try Scrubbing It OutDec 86112
Tips of Doom, Part 2Nov 86126
Using Compression and Limiting with KeyboardsDec 85102
Using Pre-Delay to Add Life to Your ReverbNov 8586
Using SMPTE Interface DevicesFeb 8580
Using SMPTE to Add Life to Drum MachinesSep 8574
The Veins and Arteries of Your Keyboard SetupJun 86132
What's Left Is Not RightApr 87117

Project StudioIssuePage
The Art of MixingMar 9843
Creature Comfort in the StudioFeb 9834
The FX Files How to Use Effects in Your StudioMar 9855
The Fine Art of MonitoringApr 9836
Guide and Fact-FinderFeb 98tear
How To Choose the Right Gear Recording Formats, Effects, Monitors, & MoreFeb 9840
Hybrid Recording Tips & TricksFeb 9861
Key Microphones for the Project StudioFeb 9849
The Zen of MasteringApr 9846

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