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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Basic Tools For Better Arranging Turn Ho-Hum Tunes Into Show-StoppersApr 8874
Checklist For Strong ArrangementsApr 91110
Give the Drummer SomeDec 92169
Homing In On Small Horn SectionsFeb 92124
How To Be A Guitar HeroMar 91102
Miami Arranging MachineJul 9196
Monster Bass Lines The David Frank SystemFeb 8882
More Guitar HeroismMay 9196
More On Small Horn SectionsMar 9218
Reharmonization, Part 1Aug 91129
Reharmonization, Part 2Sep 91100
Reharmonization, Part 3Oct 91120
Rock Chord Riffs How To Get Started Jamming & Writing SongsAug 8742
Rock Rhythm Riffs Learing How Prince, Cameo, & The Bangles Put the Hook in the GrooveNov 8768
Somewhere Over the Bar LineMar 93100
String ArticulationAug 92123
String Writing (First Movement)Jul 92108
String Writing- Alternatives To Orchestra HitsOct 92108
Vocal Arranging, Part 1Nov 91116
Vowel Play: Vocal Arranging, Part 2Dec 91170
Wind Synthesis Programming & Technique With Or Without The KeyboardJul 8746
Writing For Real Strings And Winds Secrets Your Piano Teacher Never Taught YouMay 8758

Collaborateur! Park DeuxJul 98118
A Composer's Marriage ManualJun 96132
Blow Yourself AwayAug 97142
But Seriously, Folks!Mar 96126
Chord FetishJul 97134
Collaborateur!Jun 98118
Cooking Up a Tropical Treat, MonApr 95131
David Schwartz: Write from the GutOct 95132
Emotional NoiseMay 96132
Engineering for Composers, Part 1Jan 97140
Engineering for Composers, Part 2Feb 97164
Get Horny!Feb 96150
Gimme VApr 98132
Great ExpectationsMar 97134
Guitar for Keyboard Players: Part 1Aug 96134
Guitar for Keyboard Players: Part 2Sep 96116
Instant MusicMay 97140
Jam On the Brakes!Jun 95124
Jingle Jangle JingleMar 98118
The Joy of RewriteDec 96182
Judy Munsen: Writing for PeanutsJul 95110
Jumpstart Your WritingDec 95174
Little Things Mean A LotFeb 98148
Live SessionsDec 97136
Pilots of the AirwavesMay 95126
The Radio BoogieMar 95123
Reach Out and Torch SomeoneAug 95138
Reach Out and Torch Someone, Part 2Sep 95140
Shake It, Shake It Up Baby, NowJun 97104
Shake Your Money MakerApr 97118
Sneaky Thieving Scoundrels, Part IIOct 97134
Sneaky, Thieving ScoundrelsSep 97110
Tonality and SexJul 96108
Trailer Secrets Revealed!Nov 95134
Turbo Charge Your TunesOct 96108
Using Singers WiselyJan 96134
You Asked for It!Apr 96124
Viva Esquivel!Nov 97122
The Zen of MoneyNov 96122

Add Water And Stir (How To Generate Instant Chord Progressions)Feb 90114
Don't Let The Words Get In The Way Of What You're Trying To SayJul 92115
Electronic Brainstorming With IdeaFisherMar 91118
Foundations Of Pop Songwriting: Ten Essential GuidelinesSep 91126
Guidelines For Co-Writing: The Story Of Bad English's "Time Stood Still"May 92110
Jimmy Jam: "What I Look For In A Demo"May 9091
Make Song Form Work For YouMar 90118
Mooning & Spooning In JuneSep 92129
Power Lyric Writing Tips, Part 1Jul 9096
Power Lyric Writing Tips, Part IIAug 90107
Power Lyric Writing Tips, Part IIISep 90103
So Many Songs, So Few ProgressionsJun 91115
The Songwriting Puzzle: Making All The Pieces FitOct 91102
Tips For Pitching Your Song DemosJan 90112
Using Creativity-Enhancing ToolsFeb 91115
What Makes A Good Melody?Feb 92135
Where's My Money? Charting A Songwriters IncomeNov 90118
The Write Stuff: What Makes These Songs Work?Nov 91133
Your LettersJan 91119

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