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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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10 Ways To Make Good Sounds BetterJan 8970
A Case Study of Viral InfectionMar 89104
A Glossary Of DSP TerminologyAug 8934
Acknowledgments: Test DesignMar 8951
Affordable Digital Recording: Rolling Around On The (Noise) Floor;Jul 9271
Affordable Digital Recording: Sorry, Wrong NumberJul 9275
Affordable Digital Recording: The Basics Whatabouts Of Digital RecordingJul 9268
Affordable Digital Recording: We're Just Sync About ItJul 9272
Ain't Misbehavin': Fats Waller Jazz, Jive, & Giant StridesDec 8836
Akai S1000: Sampler TestMar 8957
Akai S900: Sampler TestMar 8956
Akai S950: Sampler TestMar 8957
Alternate Controllers: The Making of The Big PictureJul 89102
American Synthesizer Builders: Shuffle Off To Buffalo The Rise & Fall Of Moog MusicMay 8844
Amigize Your Videos: Titles, digitizing, animation, interfacingJun 9031
Amplifiers: 1990 Winter NAMM, Part 2May 9041
An Open Letter From Danny ElfmanMar 9047
ARP 2600 PatchesOct 89109
Arranging Series: A Studio Reed Player Goes ElectronicJul 8754
ART Multiverb Alpha: Stomp On This (X-15 Ultrafoot)Nov 91143
Back-Street Boogaloo The Accordion In America Folk StylesDec 8774
Banks & Marinelli's Electronic Orchestra: Real Enough To Touch?Sep 8766
Batteries & AC Adapters: The Power Behind the PortablesJun 8326
Best Of Show: And The WorstApr 9087
Bowing, Scraping, Banging & Burning: Casey Sokol & Michael Snow The Spontaneous Unfolding Of The NowJan 8753
Bowing, Scraping, Banging & Burning: Gordon Monahan Paying Attention To Piano TensionJan 8746
Bowing, Scraping, Banging & Burning: Vyacheslav Ganelin Soviet Free JazzJan 8748
Breaking In: Back To The Past: Steve Bernstein Revives Forgotten Classic SoundtracksMar 9086
Breaking In: Dollars & Sense: Straight Talk About Money & MoviesMar 9084
Broadway Orchestras Go Electronic: Cats Roadshow Pits Across AmericaJan 8858
Buyer's Guide CorrectionsMar 919
Casey Young: Behind-the-Scenes Synthesist and Keyboard System Designer for YesJul 8454
Casio FZ-10M: Sampler TestsMar 8958
CD-ROM Explosion: Sampler Libraries on CD-ROMAug 9338
CD-ROM Explosion: You Wanna Make a CD-ROM?Aug 9337
Choosing One/Using One: Tips and WarningsApr 8962
Chuck Leavell's "Steel Wheels" Tour Keyboard SystemNov 8939
Cold Lampin' With Flavor FlavSep 9085
Come One? Come All? (NAMM Pt. 2): Er, Speak Up!May 9257
Come One? Come All? (NAMM Pt. 2): SoundsMay 9254
Como Mango: A Salsa Piano Solo By Papo LuccaJul 8970
Composition: Computer Partnerships Applications & Languages/ContactsOct 9058
Composition: Home Studio Secrets Composition: Where To Go To Learn MoreOct 9067
Computers On-Line: For The Newcomer: Computer Interface Design At A GlanceJan 91104
Computers On-Line: Problems With ManagementAug 9093
Creating Digital ReverbAug 8940
Culture Jammers: John ZornAug 9061
Culture Jammers: NegativlandAug 9058
Culture Jammers: Nicolas CollinsAug 9059
Culture Jammers: Steve SteinAug 9060
Dave Gregory: XTC's Reluctant Keyboardist Reveals Rundgren's Production StyleNov 8790
Deee-Lite: Mike "Tweekin" Rogers Deee-Lite's Studio AceJun 9132
Deee-Lite: Road Tripping Deee-Lite Style. Behind the Scenes With Technician Steve OJun 9134
Digital Pianos: Digital Pianos: Action & Sound UpdateApr 9187
Digital Pianos: Digitals For The Rest Of UsApr 9184
Digital Pianos: For The Novice: Coming To Terms With The TermsApr 9183
Donald Parks: La'Face's Source For sound IdeasNov 9078
Down & Dirty: The B-3's Unbeatable Mechanical Soul Buying A B-3 What To Look For, What You Can FixNov 9140
DSP & Processor PowerAug 89126
DSP Sound DesignAug 8938
E-mu Emax: Sampler TestMar 8958
E-mu Emulator III: Sampler TestMar 8959
Eclectic Odyssey Of Otto Luening: Blindfold TestJan 9140
Editor/LibrariansApr 9088
Effects Devices & Signal ProcessorsApr 9091
Emulator Three: The EIII On-Board 16-Track SequencerJul 88151
Ensoniq EPS: Sampler TestMar 8960
Ensoniq Mirage Multi-Sampler: Sampler TestMar 8961
Fast Track For Max Facts: Session Whiz Aaron Zigman Talks About His Most Famous PupilJul 8992
Favorite FX Recipes From The Keyboard KitchensNov 8962
Film Scoring: Breaking Into The BusinessMar 9041
Film Scoring: High-Tech Effects, Low-Tech TechniquesMar 9040
Film Scoring: Mag Film TechnologyMar 9039
Fix It In The MixMay 9142
Flying High: The Long-Awaited Atari Falcon 030Jan 94130
Fourier AnalysisAug 89126
Frankfurt Music Messe: Trade Show Of The Walking WoundedMay 8969
Future Imperfect: New DirectionsMay 9059
Fwap! & Trackgenie: Forte Companion ProgramsOct 89141
Getting Signed: Avoid Embarrassing Under-Arm Stains While Getting Your Demo Tape Listened ToJun 9174
Getting Signed: Jim Jacobsen: Nouveau New Ager Keeps His CenterJun 9177
Getting Signed: John Beasley: In Jazz Record Deals, Music Still MattersJun 9172
Getting Signed: Lawyers, Bands & Money Doin' The Boilerplate Boogaloo: What To Watch Out For In A ContractJun 9184
Getting Signed: Manufacture: Life Beyond The MajorsJun 9180
Getting Signed: Outlets (Maybe) For Your Electronic InstrumentalsJun 9178
Grainger Piano Repertoire;: A Discussion with Eugene List & Daniel AdniAug 8225
Great Sounds Round-Up: 24 Top Discs-The Best From the Keyboard Sounds ArchivesFeb 9535
Hammond Organ: The First Big Noise In Electric KeyboardsMay 8944
Hancock/Corea Tour: Off The Record "Eternal Child" By Chick CoreaJul 8884
Hands On Fire: Jimmy Amadie One Pianist's Triumph Over 35 Years of DisabilityApr 9496
Hank Shocklee: "Bomb Squad" Leader Declares War On MusicSep 9082
Hard Hits & Soft Drinks Nails M.C. Hammer's Crossover Rap: Keyboardist Michael Buckholtz Rap Racks On the Road with M.C. HammerOct 9192
Harry Partch in 1990Jun 9051
Headgames: Career Tips Don't Forget To Raise The CurtainJan 8838
Headgames: Nightmare Gigs Who Greased The Tightrope?Jan 8842
Headgames: Stagefright Controlled Relaxation vs. The Terror ReflexJan 8838
Heavy Staging: Amplification Coming Through Loud & ClearJan 8853
Heavy Staging: Solo Performing How To Hog The SpotlightJan 8853
Heavy Staging: Survival Kits Get Ready Before Your SetJan 8853
Herbie Hancock's Custom Computer Interface: An Interview with Technician Bryan BellFeb 8353
History Of An Obsession: John Cage Sitting On A HilltopJan 8758
History Of An Obsession: Morton Subotnik Other Uses For FM & SamplingJan 8769
History Of An Obsession: Pauline Oliveros Accordion/not accordionJan 8762
History Of An Obsession: Sun Ra Jazz From Another PlanetJan 8765
Hit Lists: Resource ListMar 9070
Hit Lists: The HardwareMar 9069
Hit Lists: The ProgramsMar 9068
How Bad Is It?: It's Time For Keyboard To Help Lower Customer ExpectationsApr 9269
How To Buy A Synthesizer: Multitimbral MysteriesDec 9160
How To Buy A Synthesizer: Sounds Vs. DataDec 9159
How To Buy A Synthesizer: The Magic Of MIDIDec 9160
How To Buy A Synthesizer: What's A Module?Dec 9160
How To Buy A Video DeckJun 8934
In Review: At The Tip Of The Inferno: TheTop Underground Albums of '89Feb 9027
Inside Brazilian Jazz Piano: New York Producer Eumir Deodato "Brazil Is There In Everything I Do"Sep 8840
Inside The Unchanged Mind: An Apple For The Teacher Computer Music In UniversitiesJan 8740
Inside The Unchanged Mind: Controlled Bleeding Industrial-strength Electronic NoiseJan 8735
Inside The Unchanged Mind: Glenn Branca Home-Made Keyboards and Sympathetic VibrationsJan 8738
Inside The Unchanged Mind: Nicolas Collins Sampling and Fragmenting Found SoundsJan 8737
Inside The Unchanged Mind: Soundpage: New Sonorities From Four ExperimentersJan 8734
INXS: Equipment Overkill? No, Just INXS Of MIDI Modules And SCSI RoutingsJul 9184
James Goodwin: More Keyboards wth SparksJun 8314
James Horner: Horner's Score Wall-To-Wall In WillowJul 8860
Jan Hammer: Miami Vice Music The Hot New Pulse of Prime Time TVSep 8542
Keith Emerson & ELP Again: Emo's Gear Man Will AlexanderJun 9249
Keith Emerson & ELP Again: The World's Most Dangerous SynthJun 9251
Keyboard Clinic #16: Korg M1 Using The M1 SequencerDec 8855
Keyboard Clinic #21: EnvelopesOct 8959
Keyboard Clinic #22: Creating A Logarithmic EnvelopeFeb 9057
Keyboard Clinic #22: Customizing the CreatureFeb 9058
Keyboard Clinic #22: K1000 Multi-Stage EnvelopesFeb 9056
Keyboard Clinic #22: K1000 Tips & TricksFeb 9055
Keyboard Clinic #23: Laser PrintersApr 9049
Keyboard Clinic #23: Three Computers In OneApr 9050
Keyboard Clinic #26: Vision MIDI Guitar TipsNov 9035
Keyboard Clinic #29: Advanced Wave SequencingJul 9158
Keyboard Clinic #29: Live Performance TipsJul 9159
Keyboard Clinic #29: Super MIDI ModeJul 9161
Keyboard Clinic #29: Tips & TricksJul 9162
Keyboard Clinic #30: Performance Power With Pro 4 Keyboard EquivalentsSep 9155
Keyboard Clinic #33: Son of M1 Clinic Cursor Key Edits-The MathApr 9284
Keyboard Clinic #33: Son Of M1 Clinic Sys-Ex Tricks For MIDI HackersApr 9282
Keyboard Clinic #34: Ensoniq VFX VFX-SD TidbitsJun 9299
Keyboard Report: A Little Help From Your FriendsNov 89127
Keyboard Report: A Philosophy of NotationFeb 91125
Keyboard Report: A Pianist's PerspectiveJun 89127
Keyboard Report: Behind MidiStar Pro TechnologyJan 90126
Keyboard Report: Brushing Up On The D-110's ArchitectureNov 89126
Keyboard Report: Cakewalk Application Language (CAL)Feb 90161
Keyboard Report: Can't Live Without Notation?Mar 90146
Keyboard Report: Casio, Panasonic, & Sony DAT Audio Specification TestsDec 89120
Keyboard Report: Direct-To-Hard Disk Vs. Tape RecordingJan 91136
Keyboard Report: E-mu Emax II Audio Specification TestsDec 89149
Keyboard Report: Ensoniq EPS Test ResultsFeb 91138
Keyboard Report: Ensoniq VFX, Version 2.0 UpgradeMar 90138
Keyboard Report: EWI vs. WX7Mar 89115
Keyboard Report: Free Groovy Tips For Lex-HeadsFeb 91150
Keyboard Report: Hardware OptionsJan 91136
Keyboard Report: Hot-Rod Your DinosaurApr 89117
Keyboard Report: Hybrid Arts ADAP II ADAP II, Sound Tools, And Dyaxis-A ComparisonMar 91133
Keyboard Report: Kawai XD-5 Interval Ed/Lib For The XD-5 And MacintoshMar 91129
Keyboard Report: Max ObjectsApr 91134
Keyboard Report: MIDI Transport InterfaceMar 90145
Keyboard Report: MS-9C Spec TestsApr 89115
Keyboard Report: Roland S-770 Audio Specification TestsOct 90134
Keyboard Report: Sansui Ten-Track SystemMay 89123
Keyboard Report: Sound Quest MIDIQuest The Newcomer: Universal Editor/LibrariansMar 91143
Keyboard Report: Studio 3 SMPTE Without TearsJul 89123
Keyboard Report: The CompetitionJan 91151
Keyboard Report: The Lyricon LivesMar 89115
Keyboard Report: The Perils & Pleasures of PortingFeb 89153
Keyboard Report: Those Marvelous Music MachinesMar 89123
Keyboard Report: Traditional Ear TrainingJul 89117
Keyboard Report: Voice Record & SoundWaveJan 91146
Keyboard Report: What Is SCSI?Feb 91137
Keyboards In Russia: Leonid Chizhik Stride Piano Spoken HereJul 8791
Keyboards In Russia: Sergey Kuryokhin A Controversial Improviser Thrives Despite Soviet BureaucracyJul 8798
Keys To Better Reverb: How Many Reverb Units Do You Need?Jun 9159
Keys To Better Reverb: How Much Is Too Much Reverb?Jun 9166
Keys To Better Reverb: Is Your Reverb Really Stereo?Jun 9162
King Is Dead, Long Live The King: But Does A Hammond Player Think?Nov 9164
Korg DSM-1: Sampler TestMar 8961
Korg M1: Sample-Playing Synthesizer The M1 SequencerAug 88134
Kurzweil 250 w/ Sampling OptionMar 8962
Leslie Speaker ExposedApr 90121
Magic Around The World: Chuckii Booker Takes "Rhythm Nation" On The RoadMay 9029
Magic Of MIDIAug 8978
Maintenance & MIDIFeb 90123
Making Tracks: Have I Got A Tape Monitor For You!Apr 89109
Marcus Roberts: Twelve to Watch Tomorrow's Jazz Piano GiantsSep 9370
Marty Gelhaar Talkin' Tech with Bon JoviFeb 9342
Matt Clifford's "Steel Wheels" Tour Keyboard SystemNov 8938
Michael Boddicker: Boddicker In GearJun 9283
Microphone & Wireless Systems: 1990 Winter NAMM, Part 2May 9043
MIDI is Ten Years Old: Dave Smith on MIDI's Early HistoryFeb 9370
MIDI is Ten Years Old: MIDI's Outer LimitsFeb 9375
MIDI Sax: Tech TalkJan 90116
MIDI Specification SurveyApr 90129
MIDI Starter Kits For The IBM: Boards & JumpersAug 9161
MIDI Starter Kits For The IBM: Key ConceptsAug 9154
MIDI Starter Kits For The IBM: Pros & ConsAug 9157
MIDI Starter Kits For The IBM: Run-Time ErrorsAug 9158
MIDI With Class: Entrance ExamSep 8877
Modes In A Nutshell: (It's All Greek To Me)Oct 89103
More Faith No More: Bottum's Up Producer/Engineer Matt Wallace, The Making of Angel DustJun 9236
Motown: Joe Hunter Doin' the Charleston with Martha Reeves and Other Motown MemoriesMay 9388
Motown: Johnny Griffith Bebop Meets Glenn Gould on a Marvin Gaye GrooveMay 9390
Multi-FX Program Application NotesNov 8960
Multitimbral MysteriesAug 8978
NAMMusicApr 9092
New at NAB: Broadcasters Make Music, TooJul 9446
Next Big Thing: Modeling from the Flip Side E-mu's MorpheusFeb 94104
Notation & Printing TechnologyApr 8963
Notes on the Piano Intro to "Bad Man's Song"Apr 9074
Oberheim-ECC DPX-1: Sampler TestMar 8962
Off The Record: David Paich of Toto Excerpts from "Pamela"May 8837
Oleta Adams: Out of the Shadows, Into the Night- A Primal Force is Added to Tears For FearsApr 9073
Oops!: Mark of the Unicorn's MIDI Time Piece 1990 Winter NAMM, Part 2May 9044
Origin of sYbil For GuitarFeb 90108
Partch's Monophony: An Alternative To Equal TemperamentJun 9052
Patrick Gleeson: Analog Virtuoso Gone DigitalJan 90103
Paul Fishman On Synthesizers and "The Politics of Dancing"Jan 8520
Philip Glass: Michael Riesman Keyboardist/Conductor Under GlassApr 8766
Piano Builders Sound Off: Landmarks In Piano HistoryAug 8850
Piano Builders Sound Off: MIDI Retrofits & Factory ModelsAug 8845
Piano Builders Sound Off: Yamaha Vs. Steinway Skirmishes On The Prestige FrontAug 8841
Piano Buyer's Guide: Sampled Pianos Sampled Acoustic Piano SoundsDec 9372
Plug In Here: The ABC's Of Techno-Music Literacy Homework: Keyboard's Self-Help LibraryJun 8836
Power Shopping (NAMM): Ain't That Just GrandApr 9250
Power Shopping (NAMM): Best, Worst, Most, & Least of ShowApr 9251
Power Shopping (NAMM): Multiplying MediaApr 9255
Power Shopping (NAMM): NAMM MusicApr 9252
Power Shopping (NAMM): The Real ThingApr 9253
Power Shopping (NAMM): To What Effect?Apr 9255
Power Shopping (NAMM): Update: Software UpdateApr 9254
RAM vs. ROM vs. DISK vs. CASSETTEJan 8972
Rap!: Drum Some Kill The Beat Behind The RapNov 8834
Rating Finale's Notation PowerFeb 89144
Real World GearOct 8938
Recommended ListeningJan 9046
Recording Synthesizers: Tech Talk with Producers Don Was & Felton PilateJun 9448
Remembering Dick Wellstood: A Reflection On Music and Life From A Master of Modern StrideMar 8972
Retro Mania: Alesis Does It AgainApr 9136
Retro Mania: C-Lab UpdateApr 9144
Retro Mania: If You Thought You Were Confused BeforeApr 9137
Retro Mania: MIDI DancingApr 9132
Retro Mania: NAMMusicApr 9135
Retro Mania: The Hands-Down Hit of the ShowApr 9133
Roger Powell: What's New with Utopia's Synthesizer Wizard Soundpage: Unreleased Solo Album PreviewNov 8782
Roland S-550: Sampler TestMar 8963
Sampling Nation: Clearing Your Samples Attorney Ned Hearn Tells You HowMay 9433
Sequential Prophet 2002: Sampler TestMar 8964
Simmons SDX: Sampler TestMar 8965
Software For Musicians: About The CodeJul 89114
Songwriting: Jimmy Jam's Demo TipsMay 9091
Sounds vs. DataAug 8977
Speaker Systems: 1990 Winter NAMM, Part 2May 9042
Squeezing Out Bytes MIDI & More for the AccordionDec 8770
Superstar British Producer Rupert Hine: One WorldOct 9136
Tales From The AES Part II: 3229Apr 89let;
Talking Heads: Bernie Worrell Adds the P. Funk DimensionNov 8554
Tascam DA-88 Audio Specification TestsOct 93107
Technical Difficulties & The Road Kill Blues: A Word To The Wary:Sep 9168
Technical Difficulties & The Road Kill Blues: Preparing For The Outdoor GigSep 9169
Technical Difficulties & The Road Kill Blues: Tech TidbitsSep 9170
Technical Difficulties & The Road Kill Blues: The PlanSep 9174
Technician Mike Klvana on the Hall & Oates KeyboardsApr 8559
Teddy Riley: New Jack SwingMay 9269
Teitelbaum's MIDI MonsterJul 8977
Ten Basic Questions To Ask Before Buying Notation SoftwareApr 8963
Thomas Dolby: Buick Eaten By Aliens- Film At Eleven Mike Kapitan Doing The Dolby DoubleMay 8884
Time Code: MTC And Your ComputerMar 9093
Tips & TricksSep 8993
Tips For Minimizing Ground HumJun 89111
Tod Machover: The Interactive WorldJul 9137
Todd Cochran: On The Oberheim Four VoiceDec 89117
Tori! Tori! Tori!: Co-Producer Eric Rosse The Three Lives Of Little EarthquakesSep 9242
Townshend's Synth Sidekick: Rabbit Bundrick Sinks His Teeth Into PsychoDerelictOct 9333
Two Unique Video DecksJun 8937
User-Hostility: A Guide To Operating SystemsMar 8926
Vince Clarke Goes Wild OnstageFeb 9041
VITC: Vertical Interval Time CodeJun 8935
What's A Module?Aug 8979
Yamaha TX16W: Sampler TestMar 8965
Yes: Bruford & White: Beating Off With High-Tech ToysAug 9190
Yes: Rick Wakeman's MIDI RigAug 9187
Yes: Simmons 3-Zone PadsAug 9191
Yes: Tony Kaye's MIDI RigAug 9189
Yes: Yes's Keyboard Techs: Robby Eagle & Stuart SawneyAug 9186
Zydeco Crossover Star: Stanley Buckwheat Dural Serves Up a Spicy Soundpage of "Hot Tamale Baby"Dec 8782

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