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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Power SequencingIssuePage
De-Synchronizing Sequencers and Digital AudioMay 93118
Ask Mr. ScienceMay 92128
Breaking MIDI's 16-Channel BarrierOct 90115
Editing A La CarteApr 93131
Fun With Dance Music SequencingNov 92123
Hardware Helper #1: The Lone FaderMar 91123
Hardware Helper No. 2: The MuteWriterNov 91113
Hot Guitar TracksAug 91125
Jitter Bugs And ComputersAug 92118
Making Bass Parts Come AliveAug 93134
Making Drum Parts Come AliveJul 91107
Making Wind Parts Come AliveJul 93115
More Signal Processing With SequencersOct 92112
The Perils Of QuantizationFeb 91104
Sequence "Proofing"Feb 92133
Sequencers As Patch EditorsMay 91118
Sequencing More Data Onto 16 ChannelsNov 90120
Sequencing Techno/Rave LeadsMar 93119
Signal Processing With SequencersSep 92126
Speed SequencingApr 92118
Straight Talk About Shifty TemposJun 92121
Syncing Multiple SequencersJan 91113
Test Sequences For Patch MatchingApr 91104
Timing: The Graphic DetailsJan 92110
Tips and TricksDec 92165

Sequencer Basics: A Guide For The MystifiedJun 8736
Sequencer History In A Nutshell: Mechanical, Analog, DigitalJun 8746
Sequencers: Further Reading & ListeningJun 87126

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