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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Digital SamplingIssuePage
A Good Reason to Dust off that CalculatorMar 8682
Attack Of The Armchair SamplerJun 87134
Better Samples Through EqualizationSep 86123
Direct-To-Disk RecordingJul 88133
Eking A Lot Out Of A Little: Alternate Data Formats ExplainedMar 88117
Electric GuitarJan 90122
Getting Down To Brass AttacksMay 89109
Hard Disks For SamplersJun 88136
Hip Horn HintsDec 89109
How to Control Aliasing by Filtering and Half-Speed-Mastering Your SamplesApr 86102
It's A Sampler And A Drum MachineJan 87101
Just Don't Get Soap Suds In The MicrophoneFeb 87118
Just Strummin' AlongOct 89110
The Legality of Sampling from Unauthorized SourcesDec 86120
Logging, Miking, SMPTE, & The Marauding IguanaMar 87112
Look, Ma - No TinesMar 90117
Make Your Samples Work TogetherSep 87132
More Distortion SolutionsMay 86106
Oohs, Aahs, & HhaahhsNov 89106
Overcoming The Fear Of SamplingSep 88126
Playing Realistic Snare Drum PartsApr 89106
Real-World Uses For Digital FormatsOct 88125
Realistically Sampling Multi-Register Acoustic InstrumentsOct 86104
The Rhythm Abacus: Programming Drums Roland-StyleFeb 9098
The Roots of Keyboard SamplingJan 86114
Sample SwappingMay 88112
Sampled PadsJun 9097
Sampled Percussion Part IIAug 89112
Sampled Percussion, Part IJul 89107
Sampling Analog BassJun 89101
Sampling Basics Setting Levels & TruncatingJul 87134
Sampling Drums & PercussionNov 88137
Sampling Resolution Bit by BitFeb 8699
Sampling Spec WarsNov 87128
Sampling Spec Wars RevisitedDec 87134
Share the Wealth and the Memory Through MultisamplingJul 86126
Stereo Sampling: Friend Or Foe?Apr 88126
Stop, Look, & Listen Before You SampleJun 86135
Techniques For Sampling DrumsMay 87114
Transposing Samples: Not for the SqueamishAug 86119
The Ups & Downs Of Pitch-Shifting TechniquesJan 88118
Using Envelopes To Customize String SamplesFeb 89110
What To Do When Your Samples Exceed The Dynamic Range Of Your SamplerAug 87103

Absolute Ultimate Sampled String Library: Denny Jaeger & His Trusty SynclavierJan 8968
Digital Sampling Keyboards: What's Available How They WorkDec 8532
EMF: Techno Tribulations and Sampling with AttitudeJul 9338
Future Sound of London: Human Sampling MachinesMay 9758
Hot The Cool And The Warped: Turn Your Sampler Into A High-Powered Effects ProcessorFeb 9164
Insert Sample A in Sampler B: An In-Depth Look at Cross-Platform Sample CompatibilityFeb 9579
Rhapsody in Glue: A Sampler of Keyboards & Keyboardists on StampsNov 8548
Safe Sampling: How To Use Loop Source CDs & Still Sleep SoundlyFeb 9567
Sample the World, Part II: The Hit-Makers, or is That Hit-Takers?Apr 9633
Samplers '94: Back Street Bargains & Bad LoadsAug 9497
Samplers '94: How the Current Samplers Stack Up & What it All MeansAug 94113
Samplers '94: Lab Test Results: Cold Hard FactsAug 94121
Samplers Laid Bare: How We Set Up Our Lab Tests & What We LearnedMar 8950
Sampling Jargon IllustratedJun 8866
Sampling Nation: "They're Making Samplers Wrong" Six Techno Sampleheads Dump the Digital GarbageMay 9444
Sampling Nation: The Good the Bad and the Noisy How Four of Hip-Hop's Finest are Taking Samplers to New LowsMay 9430
Sampling Nation: The Universe is their Orchestra Experimental Composers Jam the LoopMay 9455
Sneaker Pimps: Superhero Sampler DefenderJun 9768
Tangled Thread: Sampler Features & Terminology ExplainedMar 8929

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