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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Art of RecordingIssuePage
Entering the Gap Between Playing & Engineering Keyboard Studios '86Jun 8664
For Further ReadingJun 86126
Getting CreativeJun 8688
Need Unlimited Time? On a Tight Budget? Put Together Your Own Home StudioJun 8640
Outboard Gear Magic Boxes for Painting Sound in a Thousand ColorsJun 8672
The Perfect Take Starts Before You Go Into the StudioJun 86120
Recording Piano & Synthesizers Today's Top Engineers Reveal Their TricksJun 86106
Secrets of Syncing Ten Ways to Get Locked Up (Without Committing a Crime)Jun 8694
Tech Talk A Simplified Guide to Specs, Levels, & Tape FormatsJun 8643

Digital Home RecordingIssuePage
22-32-44-48-956 Hike!Feb 98146
A Question of BalanceJun 96122
All We Are Is Rust in the TapeFeb 96160
Analog Sounds for Digital RecordingDec 96178
Are You Ready for Hard Disk Recording?Jul 96127
Buying/Upgrading A Windows Machine for AudioMay 98130
Cleaning Your Windows for Digital AudioAug 97150
Digital-to-Digital TransfersMar 96128
Digitally Clean VocalsOct 95122
Direct DirectionsMar 98116
Drum ReplacementDec 97122
Fear of Cassettes: The Cruel Transition to AnalogApr 95119
Feeding Your StudioJul 95123
Feelin' GroovyJun 98110
Feelin' Groovy, Part 2Jul 98110
Going Through a PhaseMar 97126
Guerilla Digital ReverbSep 95134
Here Come the MiniDiscsMay 97136
How To Get WiredJan 98130
Hum Scum & Ground LoopsAug 95136
Ins & Outs of Soundcard Audio I/OJun 97126
Is This Love or Is This... Confusion?May 95122
Mac vs. PC: The Final Word (for This Week, at Least)Apr 96127
Mama's Got A SqueezeboxDec 95178
The MD/MIDI ConnectionJul 97146
Micro-Mutation for MultitracksFeb 97141
Mixing with EffectsJan 97137
Mixing: Beyond Level ChangesJan 96130
Project Mastering: Kids, Do Try This At Home!Sep 97118
The Punch FactorMar 95103
RAM Recording for RemixesAug 96122
Reality Check: Now What?Sep 96127
Sampling SafariApr 97120
Snapshot Mixing for the Rest of UsNov 96127
Soundcard Survival with Windows 95Oct 96135
Systems & OptionsJan 95135
Tips from ADAT-ManNov 95138
Transferring Multitrack Digital AudioNov 97106
True Lies & Digital AudioFeb 95158
Two-Track Recording For CheapJun 95128
The Virtual Aux BusApr 98122
When is a Clone Not a Klone?Oct 97116

Home RecordingIssuePage
Choosing The Right EffectsMar 88126
Combining Tape Sync & BouncingJan 88110
Creative Uses Of Tape SyncSep 88128
Do I Need SMPTE Or Don't I?Jul 88128
From One, ManyDec 87127
Recording Ten Parts Onto Four TracksOct 87118
Sequencer Sync For An Affordable Direct-To-Digital SoundFeb 88133
Splitting A LeadMay 88120
Tricks For Your Digital DelayJun 88128
Trouble-Shooting Tape SyncAug 88112
Twenty Parts On Eight TracksNov 87124

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