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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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A Low-Tech Solution For Ailing Hands; Brother MDI-30 File Protection; Homemade Speaker TripodsMay 9013
Alesis MMT-8 Pushbutton Fix; Sustaining D-50 Sounds Through Patch Changes; Random Patch Generator For The Kawai K3 & Apple II; Batten Down The Hard DriveJul 8914
Algorithmic Chord Generator For The Commodore 64/128Mar 9019
Apple MIDI Manager Fixes; Getting On The Road; Bulk Dump Patch Data To Your SamplerNov 9016
Archiving Samples with SMPTE; Sequential Multi-track & Six-trak: Arpeggiator Experimentation; Individual Processing for Mixed Drum Machine Outputs; Apple Macintosh: Friendlier Disk Handling; Ensoniq ESQ-1: Patch Layering with the Sequencer; Casio SK-1: Keeping It From Shutting OffNov 8728
Back, Back, Back, Back, BackupJul 9221
Baking A Tape; Roland D-20 Sequencer Control Of D-20 Voices & External Synths; Make Your Best Sequences Sound Like A Home OrganApr 8916
Budget MIDI Percussion Controller; Squeezing More Songs Into Roland's MC-500mkII; Changing Time Signatures Within A Korg M! SequenceNov 8915
Casio FZ-1 Envelope Rates; A Better Way To Play The Legato Third; Lead-In For Sequencer Plus; Tape Speed Effects Revisited & GM-70/TX81Z ConnectionJul 8816
Choosing Rhythm Patterns & Synth Programs On The Roland D-20; Double-Speed Data Loading From Tape; Digital Delay Calculator For The C-64; "Matched" Program Performance Tricks For The Yamaha DX7; Transferring D-50 Reverb Types From ROM Cards To RAMJan 8918
Commodore MIDI File EditorSep 8820
Controlling Static Electricity; MIDI Interface For The IBM PCjr; Recording Ten Parts On Four Tracks In StereoJun 8714
Creating Hammond Organ Sounds With Yamaha FM SynthesizersMay 8822
Creatively Beefing Up Your MIDI Studio; Ear Training WIth MIDI & The Commodore 64May 9114
Delving Into Yamaha's V50; Ensoniq EPS Display PeriscopeJul 9014
Digital Mastering Tips From The Trenches; Akai S900 & S7000 Sample Dumps; TX802 Bulk DumpsDec 8918
Dynamic Sensitivity Techniques For The Casio CZ-101Dec 8812
Effective Memory Allocation For The Roland U-20; Minimizing Earthquake Damage In The Studio; Arresting Mike Boom Slippage; Combining Performances With The Yamaha TX16W Version 2.0; Ins & Outs Of Old Guitar AmpsFeb 9020
Embedding Program Changes Into Performer Tracks; Breath-Controller Interface For The Korg M1Sep 9116
Enhancing Your IBM Sequencer With MacrosJan 8818
Fun With Alternating Voice Assignments On The Yamaha TX81Z; Short-Cut To Displaying Ensoniq EPS Song & Sequence Lengths; Display Periscope, Prism-Style; Microtonal Tunings On Roland's U-20/220Mar 9114
Home-Made Equipment RacksFeb 9120
The Home-Made Keyboard StandAug 9117
Humanizing Drum Patterns With Accent; Creating Flams On The Alesis HR-16; Using Rhythm Setups On The Roland D-110; Using A Single CV Pedal To Control Two Ensoniq KeyboardsJan 9014
Imitating Harp Arpeggios; Taming The TX802/ESQ-1 Connection; Accessing Roland's Orchestral Strings Card With The U-110; Invisible Mac FilesAug 8914
Mallet Cymbal Roll Simulation For Your Drum Machine; Hammond B-3 Reincarnated In Korg's DSS-1-The SequelOct 9016
MIDI Delay With The C-64; Roland D-50/PG-1000 Programming; Appending Patterns On The Alesis HR-16; The 1,003rd Use For A Rubber BandNov 8819
Multi-Drum Presets on Ensoniq SQ-1; Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer Pointers;Oct 9115
Resetting The Memorymoog's Access Code; Performing With Video Instead Of Sequencers; Unmixing Accidentally Mixed TracksAug 8797
Rhythm-Sound-To-Pulse Trigger Converter; Distinguishing Single- & Dual Oscillator Korg M1 Patches; Scrunching The Yamaha TX16W's 2.1 Operating System; 21 Channels Of MIDI To Go; Switching Matrix-6 Modes From The KX88; Sample-And-Hold Revisited With The Mirage; Cheaper High-Density DisksJun 8918
Sequencing Program Changes for the Yamaha FB-01; Efficient Use of Roland Drum Machine Memory; Microtonal Compositions From Multi-timbral Instruments; More Power From The Casio CZ SeriesSep 8717
Sequential Drumtraks: Omni-Off & Replacement Chips; Yamaha QX Series: Thinning Volume Commands Entered Via A Data-Entry Slider; An Alternative To Manipulating Tape SpeedOct 8712
Stereo Delay On Ensoniq's EPS; Tape Smarts; Sonic Barber-Pole SimulationJun 9116
Stereo Four-In/Four-Out Switch Box; Dual Timbral Mode On The Oberheim Matrix-6/6R; Growling DW-8000; DX7II Patch Names; Keeping BBS Costs Down; Sending Local On/Off Commands From Alesis MMT-8; MidiTrack III Meets Tascam 144; Local On/Off On The Roland RD-1000; Omni Off On The Roland JX-3PJun 8812
Storing Roland PG-1000 System-Exclusive Data; Shuffling Tracks On Master Tracks Pro; Tap To The Music With The MPC-60; Hammond Organ Sounds On The Korg DSS-1Feb 8914
Tame The Macintosh Metronome Click; MIDI DJ Sequencer; Organizing Your Sequencer Tracks; Tape Speed Drum Machine Effects; Korg DW-8000 CPU Chip UpdateApr 8818
Trigger The Alesis D4 From Electric Guitar; Synthesized Guitar Tips; Owner's Manual ManagementMay 9213
Truncating Master Tracks Pro Sequences; Transposing A Recording; Power Drum Machine Sounds; Creative Drum Sound Processing; Rack Of A Different CoolerAug 8820
Using The Commodore 64 As A Tuning StandardJul 8717
Vocoded Backup; Routing MIDI Signals Through An Audio Snake; Displaying Sequence Playback Time On Roland's D-20Sep 8917
Yamaha DX-Series Auto-Harmony; Using Your Drim Machine To Drive Real Drums; MIDI Control Of Sequential Six-Track Parameters; Roland TR-505: Clearing Notes In Step ModeMay 8714
Yamaha RX17 Drum Machine: Curing "Clear All Patterns"; Sample Your Keyboard Stack; Atari ST Road Case; Roland MC-500 Sequencer: Programming Drum Rolls; Korg DW-8000: Simulated Leslie Speaker; Akai X7000: Sample Dumping From An Akai S900Feb 8814
Yamaha TX802 Bulk Dump Rebuttal; Hammond B-3 Sounds On Casio's FZ-1Apr 9017

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