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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Contemporary PianoIssuePage
Akira Miyoshi's ChainesSep 8260
Albright's Five Chromatic DancesMar 8156
American Music CompetitionSep 8156
An Exegesis Of Stockhausen's Klavierstück XFeb 8168
Analysis & EmotionAug 8352
Arnold Schoenberg's Twelve-Tone PrototypesJun 88104
Bartok's Improvisations, Op. 20Dec 8266
Bartok's Marriage of Piano and Folk IdiomsOct 87105
Bartok's Sonata For PianoJan 88104
Bartok's Three StudiesDec 87108
Bartok's Transformation of FolksongsNov 87114
Ben Webber's FantasiaJan 8358
Berio's Sequenza IVOct 89106
Berio's Sequenza IV, Part IINov 89101
Boulez' Second SonataDec 8169
Carl Ruggles' EvocationsFeb 8473
Chamber Music & KontakteAug 8058
Charles Ives' First SonataNov 86116
Composer Index 1980-1983Dec 8371
Composers Between The WarsSep 87120
Dallapiccola's Quaderno MusicaleApr 8361
Debussy and Arnold Schoenberg- A Study in ContrastsJul 8635
The Early Years of Charles IvesOct 86101
Essential Twentieth-Century RepertoireAug 8258
Fertile Years For Piano Composition: 1900 To 1920Aug 8790
Fossils, White Wigs, & Classical PianoDec 89101
George Crumb's Five PiecesJul 8366
George Crumb's Gnomic VariationsNov 8371
George Perle's Six EtudesSep 8366
George Rochberg's Twelve BagatellesMay 8367
Henry CowellJan 89112
How to Learn a Difficult PieceMar 8460
In The Footsteps Of Henry CowellFeb 8996
International American Music CompetitionsJan 8153
Interpreting SchoenbergJun 8162
Isang Yun's Five PiecesJun 8369
Leon Kirchner's SonataJun 8262
Manuel de Falla's Fantasia BaeticaFeb 8269
Maurice Ravel's Gaspard De La NuitMar 87100
More Of Bartók's SonataFeb 88118
Notating EmotionJul 8261
Olivier Messiaen's Vingt Regards Sur L'Enfant JesusJan 8466
The Perception of the PastMay 8256
Persichetti's Eleventh SonataMay 8152
Persichetti's Fourth SonataApr 8148
The Piano Music of Charles GriffesFeb 8364
The Piano Music of Pierre BoulezJul 89104
Piano Music of Roger SessionsOct 8061
The Piano Sonatas Of Alexander ScriabinMay 8795
Pierre Boulez' Third SonataAug 89106
The Postwar Avant-GardeMar 8983
Preparing Audition TapesMar 8256
Prokofiev & StalinNov 88122
Prokofiev & The Russian RevolutionSep 88110
Prokofiev's War SonatasDec 88103
Ravel's MiroirsFeb 87110
Realities of the Music WorldOct 8262
Rejecting Drama: French Music In The 1920sJul 88112
Rzewski's The People UnitedDec 8063
Schoenberg's Op. 11, No. 13Jul 8170
Schoenberg's Op. 23 & Op. 25Aug 8156
Schoenberg's Six Little Piano Pieces, Op. 19Sep 86114
Schoenberg's Stroke Of Genius: The Twelve-Tone SystemApr 88104
Schoenberg: From Romanticism to AtonalityAug 86102
Scriabin Sonatas, Part IIJun 87131
Sergei Rachmaninoff: Romantic & ReactionaryJul 8738
Sets of Short PiecesMar 8360
Skeletal Motifs In The Emerson Movement Of Ive's Concord SonataJan 8792
Some Easy PiecesNov 8266
Stockhausen's KlavierstückeApr 89100
Stockhausen's Klavierstücke RevisitedMay 89104
Stravinsky's Solo Piano WorksMar 88102
Theater Pieces of the '60sJan 8269
Theory & PerformanceNov 8170
The Third International American Music CompetitionMay 8470
Three Recent Piano SonatasApr 8464
Three Recent PiecesOct 8164
Two New PiecesApr 8258
Unifying Elements In Ives' Piano SonatasDec 86102
The Value of a D.M.A.Oct 8370

Freelance PianoIssuePage
An April TaleApr 8896
Are You Tough Enough for the Lounge?Jul 8632
Arpeggios: Lovely Ornaments Or Ripples From Hell?Mar 8896
Do The Tighten UpSep 88118
Holiday JamsJan 8896
Inside the Lead Sheet LabyrinthNov 87117
Jazz for LizardsOct 8698
The Left Hand In DarknessJun 88120
Living With YourselfJul 8736
Lounge of Fame, Part 1: Supper Club Virtuoso George FeyerNov 86122
Lounge of Fame, Part 2Sep 87124
Lounging In PhillyOct 88112
No Fireworks, PleaseJul 88120
On the Prowl, Part 1: In Search of the Perfect Lounge GigAug 8696
Steppin' Down And OutDec 88110
Tip Jar Etiquette and Other Opening-Night DilemmasDec 86101
The Union: To Join Or Not To JoinFeb 87109
What Do Club Owners Want?May 8792
Where's the Melody?Sep 86112
You Be The JudgeJan 89114
You're Great, Now Get LostNov 88128

Improvisational PianoIssuePage
Jerry Lee Lewis: The Rock EpiphanyMay 93126
The Third ManOct 90121
A Second Helping Of ThirdsNov 90111
All Aboard The Mystery TrainApr 91123
Beat Me, Daddy, Eight To The BarFeb 91102
Beyond Floyd: The Harmonic ConvergenceMar 93118
Blues 101Jul 90110
Collective Invention: The Genius Of Jazz PerformanceJun 92131
The Country ConnectionJan 93102
Fats Domino & The Jigsaw Rhythm TheoryMay 92115
Fats Domino, Part 1 The Nascence Of Rock PianoApr 92110
The Floyd LickFeb 93129
From Rags To RichesApr 90102
Honky Tonk, Take TwoJun 91101
The Impact Of Rhythm On Solo ConceptionsJul 92107
Jingle Me, DaddyDec 92167
The Left Hand In TransitionNov 91127
Little Richard & The Ecstasy Of RockSep 92118
Motivic Development in Rock & JazzAug 93126
New Orleans Piano FundamentalsSep 91114
The Pianist As One-Man BandFeb 90119
Pianos & Blues: The Shotgun MarriageAug 90101
Professor Longhair: The Apotheosis Of New Orleans PianoFeb 92126
Ridin' The Yancey SpecialMar 91115
Rocking By NumbersOct 92125
Stepping Beyond StrideMar 90108
Streamlining StrideJun 9095
Three Paths, One GoalJan 90118
Way Down Yonder In New OrleansAug 91139
Whole Lotta Poundin': A Lesson in LewisJun 93110

Solo PianoIssuePage
A Proper IntroductionOct 96132
Allow Me to Introduce YouFeb 96158
An Embarrassment of RichesApr 97112
Approaching Bebop PianoMar 96124
Bach AgainNov 97124
Bach, Suite BachOct 97142
Blue MonkMay 97134
Breaking Down a BossaSep 96124
Cool Sounds for a "Silent Night"Dec 95172
Cycling for Chord MasteryOct 95124
Digging InMar 98122
Do You Hear Voices?Feb 95148
Essential Listening for Jazz PianoFeb 97162
EvidenceMay 98132
Experiment, Experiment, ExperimentMar 97116
Follow the Bouncing ScalesApr 95123
Follow the Left-Hand ThreadJul 96116
Go To the SourceSep 95144
Going Back (And Fourth) In TimeJan 96140
I Mean YouJun 97124
In The Thick of It AllNov 95126
Let the Games BeginApr 96138
Looking Back, Looking ForwardDec 97134
My RomanceAug 97134
My Romance, Part 2Sep 97112
Octaves and ToneJul 97124
Piano Math: 3+6=10Dec 96176
SarabandeJun 98120
Sarabande, Part IIJul 98120
Stretching The Harmonic FabricMar 95118
The Balancing ActJun 96126
The Pianist's TouchNov 96119
Three Cheers for Your EarsAug 96136
Thumbs Up to ArpeggiosJul 95118
Two's AccompanyJun 95131
Velocity Variants and Voicing VehemenceMay 95124
Very EarlyJan 98132
Very Early, Part IIFeb 98150
Vocab for ImprovMay 96118
When 3/4 is More Than 75%Aug 95134

The Piano TechnicianIssuePage
'Tis the Season to Be TuningOct 86109
A Glossary of ToneDec 87120
A Layman's Guide To Tuning PianosFeb 87125
A Tool Box For The Working PianistMar 87118
Acoustical Ingredients of Tonal ColorSep 87135
Action Design, Materials, & ManufacturingSep 8577
All About PedalsDec 85100
Attack and Decay: Fingerprints of Piano ToneNov 87130
Changing Tone, Part 1: Strings & HammersMar 88128
Changing Tone, Part II: VoicingApr 88125
Don't Believe Everything You Read (on a Price Tag)Jul 86119
Feeling at Home with Your New PianoAug 86118
Final Preparation of a Piano in the Factory-A Difference You Can Really NoticeFeb 8697
How Technique Affects ToneJun 88130
How To Glue A Broken Hammer ShankJul 87140
Humidity and Your PianoNov 86130
It's the Real Thing! (Or is It?)Apr 8578
Leverage & Weight: The Keys to Evenness of Response and PlayabilityOct 8592
Looking at Legs & LidsJun 8578
Marketing Makes the Piano World Go 'RoundJan 8559
Out of Tune with RealityFeb 8582
Pedal Adjustments Of The Rich And FamousMay 87112
Piano Hammers: Another Favorite Site for Sales GimmicksNov 8585
Piano Warranties, Part II: Reading the Fine PrintApr 8696
Piano Warranties: Sometimes More is LessMar 8690
Prices, Sales, and MerchandisingJun 86131
Quality & Sophistication in Piano CabinetryMay 8564
Room Acoustics & Other Tonal FactorsMay 88110
Scale Design & StringsFeb 88134
The Secret Life Of The Piano TechnicianJul 88144
The Secret Life Of The Piano Technician, Part IISep 88120
Sounds Too Good To Be TrueMar 8590
Stalking the "Reputable" Piano DealerMay 8696
Those Awful Clicks, Buzzes, Squeaks, & RattlesAug 87109
Tuning, Part 1: Slippin' and Slidin' Around the PinsSep 86128
Unsticking The Stuck KeyApr 87115
Where the Action Is: The Invisible Differences Between Vertical Piano TypesJul 8579
Winter Is Icumen In- Ihude Sing HumidifiersDec 86114

Aaron Copland: Three Piano Pasterpieces Variations, Sonata, FantasyNov 8037
Abandoned Pianos of Harold BuddFeb 8666
Ain't Misbehavin': Luther Henderson On Fats Waller & The Spirit Of Stride PianoDec 8834
Aki Takahashi: Carrying the Torch for New Piano MusicMar 8436
Alexis Weissenberg: Outspoken Piano VirtuosoMar 8122
Answers to Eleven Basic Questions: Piano CareJul 8343
At the Piano with Eubie Blake: An Informal Interview by Marian McPartlandDec 8256
Barbara Nissman: Taking Classical Piano to the Boardroom and the Assembly LineMar 8244
Bella Davidovich: Russian Classical Piano SensationJul 8232
Big Band Piano: We're Not In Kansas City Any MoreNov 8976
Bowing, Scraping, Banging & Burning: Redefining the Resources of the PianoJan 8742
Business of Teaching Piano: A Guide to Finding and Encouraging Students, Professional AffilliationsJan 8526
Conlon Nancarrow: The Unsuspected Universe Of The Player PianoJan 8756
Contemporary Piano Repertoire: A Guide For TeachersAug 8144
Contemporary Piano: The Scope of Piano MusicSep 8057
Easy Piano Arrangement: Off The Record: Weather Report's 'Birdland'Apr 8942
Emanuel Ax: Blazing New Trails through the Forest of Classical Piano RepertoireSep 8422
Europe: An Alternative for American Piano StudentsDec 8224
Firm: Dave Grusin Battles Soundtrack Conformity with a Taut Solo Piano ScoreOct 9372
Gershwin Goes MIDI: Even With Cutting-Edge Technology, Turning Rare Piano Rolls Into Software Transcriptions Wasn't EasyJul 9064
Good Rockin' With Jerry Lee Lewis: A Fifties Piano Legend Hits The Big Screen In Great Balls Of FireAug 8942
Hilton Ruiz: Bebop & Latin Piano on the Streets of N.Y.May 8214
Hot New Options In Digital & Sampled Pianos: Closing In On PerfectionAug 8890
Japanese Essence in Classical Piano: Concert Virtuoso Minoru NojimaAug 8538
Jay McShann: Piano King of Kansas City SwingJun 8124
Katia & Marielle Labeque: French Classical Piano Duo on Tour with John McLaughlinJun 8333
Krystian Zimerman: Intimate Connections with Romantic PianoDec 8750
Lalo Schifrin: Piano Roots of a Master Film ComposerFeb 838
Leo Smit: Taking A Fresh Look at the Piano RecitalFeb 8230
Margaret Leng Tan: Contemporary PianoDec 8945
McCoy Tyner's Tribute To Coltrane: Off The Record: "NAIMA" Piano SoloJun 8944
Michael Nyman: Inside "The Piano"Oct 9462
Milestones or Millstones?: Upright Pianos of the PastAug 8682
Monk Piano StyleJul 8226
Murray Perahia: Classical Piano's Reluctant SuperstarApr 8222
Norma Teagarden: Queen of Stride PianoMay 8428
Off the Record: A Piano Solo by George ShearingAug 8234
Off the Record: A Piano Solo by George Winston "Moon"Aug 8148
Off the Record: A Piano Solo by JoAnne Brackeen "Told You So"Jan 8244
Off the Record: A Piano Solo by Lyle Mays "Ozark"Feb 8210
Off the Record: A Piano Solo by Oscar PetersonMay 8224
Off the Record: An Electric Piano Solo by Clare FischerJul 8132
Off the Record: An Electric Piano Solo by Peter Nero "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)"Apr 8220
Off The Record: Dr. John's Bayou Piano Clinic Rx: New Orleans BluesNov 9065
Off the Reord: A Piano Solo by Bill PayneJun 8226
One More For The Road: War Stories from the Front Lines of L.A.'s Lounge Piano WildernessFeb 9434
Peter Serkin: Classical Piano's "Enfant Terrible" Comes of AgeFeb 8442
Philip Aaberg: Solo Piano Musings from a Veteran Rock SidemanApr 8634
Pianist & Composer Anthony Davis: Redefining the Role of Improvisation in Contemporary MusicAug 8445
Pianist Wayne Horvitz Finds Some New Notes To PlayOct 8890
Piano Tuning Correspondence SchoolsNov 9054
Piano Virtuoso James Tocco Tells How It's DoneDec 8334
Player Piano: Mechanical Evolution of the Automatic KeyboardMay 8116
Private Lesson, Part II: Bruce Hornsby Reflections on Power Chords, Bossa Blowing, & the Ambiguity of Rock PianoNov 9341
Recording Acoustic Pianos: All About MicrophonesDec 8324
Secrets of Salsa Rhythm: Piano With Hot SauceJul 8966
Soundsheet & Transcription: "The Herald" An Improvised Piano Solo by Denny ZeitlinOct 8426
Twentieth Century: Duos & Duets An Annotated List of Music for Piano, Four Hands, and Two PianosMar 8340
Ursula Oppens: Tackling the Challenges of Contemporary Piano Repertoire Exclusive Recording: Nancarrow's Polyrhythmic Tango?Aug 8766
Van Cliburn Competition: Inside Classical Piano's Starmaking MachineryNov 8118

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