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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Mind Over MIDIIssuePage
A Decade of MIDIDec 92179
A MIDI Data Analyzer Program by Carter ScholzAug 86110
A Question of TimeJan 92100
Airdrums, Time Code, and System-Exclusive FormatsSep 86124
April Showers Bring On The CraziesApr 87119
Automation ProcessesFeb 88135
Back To Basics, Part II: Drum Machines & MIDINov 90106
Back To Basics: Modes & MythsMar 87116
Back To The FutureOct 92131
Bent Notes RevisitedNov 92126
Birth Of A Standard For MIDI FilesOct 88120
Bits And PiecesJul 90102
Circuit Checkers, Code Cracking, & Continuous ClocksMay 86100
Clearing the Air Surrounding the MIDI SpecMar 8686
Data Transmission, Mixing, & FilteringDec 85104
Dealing With System-Exclusive ConfusionFeb 89125
Diary of a Mad MIDI SpecialistJun 86136
Do You Need A MIDI Network?Aug 9085
Extended PerformanceJul 92100
General MIDIMay 91113
General MIDI-Growth & MythFeb 92130
Happy TrailsSep 88119
Horse LatitudesApr 90129
Implementation Charts & MIDI LiteracyFeb 90116
Information Sources and System-Exclusive Data FormatsOct 86110
Intelligent Data Routing & the One-Button Studio SetupNov 87133
Is There Life After the NAMM Show?Apr 86100
LANs and MIDIDec 87126
Late Additions To the MIDI SpecSep 89104
Life Beyond Sweet 16Jan 93107
Look What Santa Claus BroughtApr 92129
Look What's Coming Down The MIDI CableJun 92116
MIDI Accessories: Routing & Processing form A to ZJan 8653
MIDI Automation BasicsSep 90119
MIDI Computers: Brain Power of an Intelligent System: The Top Computers for MusicJan 8640
MIDI Delays and System InterruptsNov 86128
MIDI File Nuts & BoltsDec 88119
MIDI Files In ActionNov 88139
MIDI Growing Pains: Inside Report from an Interface ExpertJan 8635
MIDI Interfacing for the Rest of the UniverseDec 86117
MIDI is Ten Years Old: Keyboard Talks to Industry Experts About the Past, Present, and Future of MIDIFeb 9368
MIDI Keyboard Controllers: Don't Make a Sound (But They Sure Feel Good)Jan 8649
MIDI Keyboards: Getting Started & Adding on for Under $1,500Jan 8632
MIDI MailbagJun 89109
MIDI ManufacturersJan 86108
MIDI Myths: Unclear on the Concept? An Expert Debunks 12 Common MisconceptionsNov 9192
MIDI Patch BaysJan 90109
MIDI Pianos: The Inside StoryMay 9280
MIDI Program Change CommandsJan 91106
MIDI Resources: Programming Language For Do-It-Yourself SoftwareNov 8874
MIDI Sample Dump StandardJul 89110
MIDI Sequencer Software: Ten Leading Programmers Tell Why Computer Magic Won't Solve All Your Musical Problems (Yet)May 8634
MIDI Sequencers: Computer Based & Dedicated-HardwareJan 8672
MIDI Sequencing & AutomationMar 88120
MIDI Software: Tape Deck, Conductor, Performer, Score Paper - The Computer Does It AllJan 8666
MIDI Soundpage: Pages from Two Artists' Sequencer Sketchbooks Herbie Hancock & Alan HowarthJan 8662
MIDI Starter Kits For The IBM: Keyboard Rates Seven Sequencer/Interface Packages For Friendliness & ReliabilityAug 9152
MIDI Systems: Planning an Integrated Setup: You Always Need What You WantJan 8684
MIDI The Human Connection: Hosannas & Headaches as Artists Get MIDIfiedJan 8656
MIDI Time Code, Part 2Oct 87119
MIDI Time Code: The Birth & The BasicsAug 87101
MIDI Timing RecordsMar 90120
MIDI with Class: Leading College Educators on their Electronic Music ProgramsSep 8874
MIDI: (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) What it Is, What It Means to YouJul 8319
MIDI: IMA & MMA MIDI Users Plug InJan 8696
Mixing & Merging, Local On/Off, & CompatibilityOct 85101
More MIDI Basics: Continuous Controllers DefinedMay 87106
More On MIDI Continuous ControllersJul 87132
Much Ado About Midi MergingJan 89111
New Products On The Trailing EdgeApr 88122
Note Numbers, Delay, & Apple IIc InterfacesNov 8587
Our Story So FarFeb 87120
Public Day At NAMM & MIDI Data ManagementJun 88126
Pump Up The VolumeMay 92118
Puttin' on the BitsFeb 86100
Something Old, Something New!Nov 91135
Spec Addendum, Software Channelizing, & DX7 ROM UpdatesAug 8568
Struggling With Sys-Ex (Again)Dec 89115
Switching Nightmares & A Rundown of MIDI ModesJul 8576
Sync Or Swim With MTC & SPPMar 89112
Synching DeeperMay 89116
The Future Of The Compact DiscMay 88131
The GraduateApr 93129
The LAN SolutionNov 89109
The MIDI Tuning StandardAug 92130
The MIDI/Computer (R)evolutionAug 89107
The Next Big ThingMar 9299
Translating From MIDI To Acoustic Instruments: What's An Engineer To Do?Jan 87109
Tuning in to Channel & ChainingSep 8575
Using MIDI To Send and Receive SMPTE Time CodeJul 86130

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