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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Guest EditorialIssuePage
Alternate Controller MythJun 9113
Art & Technology: Our Crisis of InteriorApr 9315
Artificial Intelligence & Other BuzzwordsFeb 8812
Attack of the SongsharksDec 9216
Banging vs. ScrapingApr 9112
Best Price Isn't The Best DealSep 8910
Beyond User FriendlinessApr 8610
Blank Tape Tax: Just Compensation? Or Scam?Nov 9115
Blood on the Battlefield of Music EducationJan 9313
Bootleg Synthesizer Programs Hurt EverybodySep 8611
Brad Gatton: Artistic ResponsibilityDec 8912
Brushing The Cobwebs Off Of Music Education: Educators Get With ItMay 8814
Censorship In The ArtsMar 8715
Copy-Protection And TheftAug 8710
Creativity Vs. MechanicsJul 8719
Customer SupportApr 984
Fallacy of Feminism In RockApr 9014
Future of Composer's SoftwareJun 8912
General MIDI In PerspectiveAug 9212
Getting Used To Complicated EquipmentSep 9113
Great Products That DiedSep 9012
I Love Hate Drum Machines: (Check One, Please)Jan 8610
Intonation: When Technology Becomes a Barrier to ExpressionNov 8614
Is It A Synth Yet?Jan 9112
Is Live Music Dying?Sep 8812
It's Time To Get PoliticalFeb 9314
Multimedia Mon Amour, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My Config.sys FileJul 9424
Myth of MIDI Delay and the Realities of Human PerceptionJul 8610
Mythology of TechnologyFeb 8912
Negativland: Lawyers, Copyright Fallacies & The Death Of ArtNov 9217
Neither A Borrower Nor A Sampler ProsecuteMar 8812
Next Step: Eliminate Humans CompletelyJul 9115
No Surveyed PerformancesFeb 8610
No Sweat, No Music-A Player Laments the Spread of Computer DependencyAug 8510
Nobody Here But Us VampiresNov 8912
Now I Am Become Market Saturation, Destroyer Of WorldsAug 8912
Reflections From The Core Of The Big AppleJul 9214
Revenge Of The Techno-NerdsFeb 9014
Robert Wehrman: Disposable Music: Passing Symptom Or Fatal Affliction?Apr 8812
Rock Censorship Rears Its HeadNov 8810
Simple Things Musicians Can Do To Save The EarthNov 9012
Slicing up the Pie: An Editorial ReplyMay 868
Stop Progress Now!Jul 8812
Tax Law Crisis Faces ArtistsAug 8813
Terminal Wimpiness Of Rock KeyboardistsOct 9215
Tom McCaffrey: The Murky Waters Of Patch CopyrightJul 8912
Travis Charbeneau: The Ugly Truth About New Age MusicApr 8912
Universal Patch CompatibilityFeb 9423
User-Friendliness: Boon Or Bane?Sep 8712
Volume, the Tyranny of the Beat, Mating Video with Audio, & Improvisation vs. OriginalityDec 858
Wanted: Media Neutrality Toward Christian MusicSep 858
War Against Home StudiosOct 8912
Wasted ToolsOct 9012
Wendy Carlos: The Psychology Of Copy ProtectionJan 8812
What Is Musical Property?: The Ethics of SamplingOct 8610
What's Wrong with Electronic Music?Jun 868
Where is the Audience?Jun 8712
Where's The Knobs?Dec 8712
Who's Not Supporting Whom?Sep 9213
Why Not Design Synthesizers a Pro Can Tour With?Jul 8510
Your Music Is Disappearing Into the NotchNov 8712

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