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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Drum Machine ProgrammingIssuePage
A Dream Sampling SessionFeb 93125
A Trip Into The Reggae ZoneMay 92122
Ballads, Part 1Dec 92175
Creative Programming IdeasJul 9199
Drum Fills RevisitedJul 92118
Exploration In ArpeggiationAug 92115
Formal Ideas For Beat PatternsApr 92125
The Functions Of FillsJun 92117
Fun With PercussionFeb 92131
Funk, Part One: The SeventiesMar 93104
Good Ol' Rock & Roll Finding Your Individuality, Part 2Jul 93129
Good Ol' Rock & Roll Individuality: Part 1May 93120
Hearing DoubleSep 93124
In Search Of Length, Part 1:Flams and RuffsMay 91115
In Search Of Length, Part 2: RollsJun 91102
Industrial Drumming (Man-Machine-Music)Aug 91115
Less Is MoreMar 92104
Mo' FunkApr 93133
More Timing TricksOct 92129
Phrasing Tips for Less Common MetersAug 93135
Programming Tips For Cymbals, Part 2: Links & LayersOct 91117
Programming With Latin Rhythm Instruments, Part 1Jan 92114
Sampling Your Drum MachineNov 92121
Swing, Part 1: The Basic PatternNov 91129
Swing, Part 2: Fills, Comments And StatementsDec 91174
Vertical, Linear, & Independent DrummingApr 91115

Drum Machine TechniquesIssuePage
Jazz Rhythms from the TopMay 8561
Latin-Rock Rhythms, Part 1Mar 8587
Latin-Rock Rhythms, Part IIApr 8574
Learning to Think Like a DrummerFeb 8577
Two Contemporary Rhythms: Techno-Pop & BreakdanceJun 8574

Drum MachinesIssuePage
Adding Dimension to Stock Drum SoundsDec 86106
Bringing Back The Human ElementApr 87109
Copping a Feel, Part 2Oct 8697
Foundation + Feel = GrooveAug 8691
Less Is More: Getting Back to BasicsJul 8628
Making Your Drum Machine More HumanSep 86111
Variations On A ThemeFeb 87114

Drum ProgrammingIssuePage
Bride of BalladsJan 93114
Programming Tricks For Cymbals, Part 1Sep 9199

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