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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Craig Anderton's Electronic ProjectsIssuePage
7 Useful Devices You Can BuildFeb 8224
Build a Ring Modulator: A New World of Sounds for your Keyboards & Drum MachinesFeb 8438
Build a Trigger Extractor: Sync Your Arpeggiator & Drum Machine to Other InstrumentsSep 8329
Build A VocoderMay 8518
Build Your Own Parametric EqualizerApr 8122
Computer Literacy How to Deal with Microprocessor-based KeyboardsJun 8348
Delay Lines How They Work & How To Use ThemAug 8218
Home Studio Synthesizer Projects Develop Your Creativity & Recording SkillsNov 8132
How To Choose Effects Devices A Buyer's Guide to Judging Quality in HardwareJul 8126
The Secrets of Home RecordingMay 8424
Signal Processing Chains Putting Your Effects in OrderOct 8228
Synchronization, Part II: Build a Master SynchronizerFeb 8318
Synthesis & Synchronization: Interfacing Keyboards, Sequencers, & Drum MachinesJan 8314
Voltage-Controlled Envelope Generator Build Your Own Synthesizer ModuleMay 8220

Electronic ProjectsIssuePage
A Noisy PairDec 8062
CEM3340 Expansion VCOAug 8053
Electronic Music Integrated Circuits, Part 1Oct 8063
Electronic Music Integrated Circuits, Part IINov 8082
Onward & UpwardFeb 8175
Specifying Op AmpsJan 8158

Modifications & MaintenanceIssuePage
Catch the MIDI Bus with this 2-in, 2-out Construction ProjectSep 8579
Cleaning Up Dirty Line VoltageMar 8586
Computers: Love 'em or Leave 'em AloneJul 8580
Got the Down in the Memory Dump Blues?Aug 8570
MIDI Specs & Switching ProjectJan 8557
Plug-In Digital Storage (Or, Who Shall I Take to the EPROM?)May 8560
Radio MIDI, Disk Care & Feeding, & Techno MiscellanyOct 8591
That Old Syncing FeelingFeb 8578
What MIDI Isn't and WhyApr 8572

Service & MaintenanceIssuePage
Be A DiagnosticianDec 8380
Cables & CleanersJun 8371
Cables & Ground LoopsMay 8365
Cats, Humidity, & Other Enemies of the PianoFeb 8474
Diagnostic Routines for the Yamaha DX7Mar 8462
Diagnostic Routines for the Yamaha DX9Apr 8466
Eliminating Service HeadachesOct 8372
Inside the Yamaha Electric GrandJul 8372
Questions & AnswersSep 8365
Replacing Strings on the Yamaha Electric GrandAug 8358
Tuning the Wurlitzer Electric PianoJan 8475

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