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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Computers for KeyboardistsIssuePage
Back it Up or Pack it UpJan 86117
Choosing A Computer For Musical ApplicationsMay 87103
Choosing a Computer For Music, Part IIJul 87131
Choosing a Computer, MIDI Interface Card, & Software Sequencer & LibrarianAug 8574
Choosing A Computer: A Closer Look At The Atari STAug 87102
Computer Peripheral Enhancements (Or, Getting More Bytes from Your Apple)Dec 8598
Computers: How They Do What They Do for Keyboard PlayersFeb 8698
Computerus Interruptus or Why That Software May Not Run on an Enhanced Apple IIeJul 8582
Data Transmission, Data Storage, & Input/Output DevicesOct 8595
Getting MIDI Bytes Out of Your ComputerApr 86104
Getting Your Soft Wares To MarketJun 86141
Glossary of Computer Terms for KeyboardistsNov 8588
Groovular And Non-Groovular Clock ResolutionsApr 87118
Mass Storage MediaFeb 87126
Now You See It, Now You Don't: Optical Data StorageMar 87106
Setting Things Straight with Your Interface CardJul 86124
Some Computer Basics: Bits, Bytes, Buses & Turning Little Numbers into Big OnesSep 8578
What Do You Say to a Naked Interface Card?May 8698
Preview Of The Apple IIGSJan 87112

Computers On-LineIssuePage
The Amiga 3000Aug 9093
An Audio/Visual Workstation From The Ground UpNov 91122
Apple MIDI ManagerMay 9084
Atari Falcon030Jan 93103
Atari StacyFeb 91110
Computer Viruses- Nemesis Of The Public DomainJun 88133
Conventional WisdomApr 91107
Ghosts In The MachineOct 92133
It's A Hard Life Part 1: Survival With FloppiesOct 88131
It's A Hard Life Part 2: The Crash of '88Dec 88125
Just Say ModemNov 92122
Keeping Up With The OS RevolutionJul 92102
Keynote Programming LanguageNov 9098
Mac II & MIDI, IBM Emulation, & DevelopmentsDec 87131
Macintosh PowerbookJun 92133
MacrobaticsAug 92116
MacWorld Expo & Optical MediaJul 9099
Mega Ataris, Apple Meets MIDI, PS/2 Noise, & Vapor TrailsApr 88128
The Misc. FolderMay 91107
Multi-Port MIDI InterfacesMay 93132
Multi-tasking & Other News From the Front LinesNov 87122
Multimedia, MIDI & Microsoft; Or, Why Did The Software Giant Join The MMA?Jul 91102
Multitasking & The Atari STSep 90100
A New Era In SoftwareFeb 88138
The New MacintoshesMar 91106
News From The FrontAug 88120
The Next Computer & MusicJan 89105
OMS and MIDI ManagerDec 92182
Quicktime For The MacintoshSep 91104
Reality or Miffed?Apr 89108
Removable StorageFeb 93122
Safe Sectors: Living with VirusesMar 89104
Tapping Into The UniverseAug 89108
The Yamaha C1 & Apple System BluesNov 88140
To Protect and to ServeApr 93137
Twelve Well-Known Computer Lies ExposedMay 88127
What Price Speed?Sep 92109
Windows 3.0Jan 91104
Young MMCJun 93107

Net SmartsIssuePage
Buying Used Gear OnlineOct 97120
Choosing A Synth OnlineApr 98126
Deja NewsJun 97108
Fan Web SitesSep 97106
Internet 101Jan 98126
Internet HoaxesMay 98124
Music on UsenetFeb 97137
Online Indecency?Jul 97130
Online PrivacyMar 97120
Patch SitesMar 98126
Promoting Yourself OnlineAug 97154
Promotion or PretendJan 97119
Reader SitesJun 98112
Search Engines, Part 1Apr 97132
Search Engines, Part 2May 97122
Selling Yourself OnlineJul 98116
Speed-Searching TipsNov 97114
Virtual VintageFeb 98138
Year in ReviewDec 97126

Software For MusiciansIssuePage
A MIDI Channel-Mapping Program To Build OnFeb 89118
Bit-Mapped Versus Byte-Mapped Data StructuresJan 87102
The Bytes That Almost Got AwayJul 89114
Compiling Stand-Alone Applications For The MacintoshSep 88131
Correcting Code Formats and Addressing Reader QuestionsSep 86120
Designing A Music Spreadsheet From ScratchFeb 88129
Eavesdropping On Your MIDI GearJul 87128
Getting Input From The UserAug 89114
Getting Your Program Structures Under ControlJul 86128
Handy Equations For Converting Time ValuesJan 88117
Installing MIDIBASIC As A Code ResourceOct 88132
Language and Software DesignApr 86106
The Last Will And Testament Of Music MathApr 88127
MIDI Program Example: Turning Our Micro-Tuning Librarian Into An EditorDec 87128
MIDIBasic & Other Programming ShortcutsAug 87104
MidiSave: A Generic MIDI Data Storage ProgramJul 88134
More MIDIBasics for the Mac: Subroutines for Last Month's Micro-Tuning LibrarianNov 87126
More On Getting User InputSep 89106
Operations and StatementsMay 86108
Over The Wires And Thru The GoodsDec 88120
Parsing MIDI BytesApr 89112
Program Your OwnFeb 8692
Programmable MIDI InterfacesOct 86114
Programming Example: Micro-Tuning Editor/LibrarianOct 87117
Real-Time MIDI Data ProgrammingNov 88138
References & Resources For C & Pascal ProgrammersSep 87131
Relational & Logic OperatorsJun 86128
Selection Structures Can Give A Program Freedom of ChoiceAug 86106
Shake Hands With Sys-ExMay 87107
Son Of Designing A Program From ScratchMar 88129
The Sys-Ex Family TreeMar 87110
The Treacherous Trail of the MIDI ProgrammerNov 86127
Wading In The MIDI Data StreamMay 89112
Who Was That Masked Byte?Apr 87120

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