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Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Advanced Applications For Sound DesignerFeb 8868
Atari STApr 9046
Automated Mixing for the Small MIDI StudioNov 8752
Bring Your Sounds to Life Through MIDIPatch Modulation In The E-mu ProteusOct 9096
Dr. T's Keyboard Controlled SequencerJun 8958
Emax To The MaxFeb 8942
Ensoniq VFXJun 9296
Get More Sounds And MIDI Applications From The Ensoniq ESQ-1Jul 8874
Get The Most Out Of Your Roland S-50/550/330Jan 9168
High Octane Performer Mark Of The Unicorn PerformerFeb 9257
Hot Tips: A How-To Guide for Perplexed or Panicky Owners of Brand-New SamplersAug 94103
Hot Tips: Digitech Studio Vocalist Customized Scales, Robot Rhythm Effects, The Toms of Doom, & More!Mar 9671
Hot Tips: Encore Power User Tips Macros, MIDI Transcriptions, Spacing, Slurs, & MoreFeb 9681
Hot Tips: Ensoniq TS-10Apr 9567
Hot Tips: Environment Impact Report How to Get the Most Out of the Environment in Emagic LogicSep 9741
Hot Tips: For the Tascam DA-88Jan 9575
Hot Tips: For The Yamaha QY10 Portable MIDI SketchpadOct 9180
Hot Tips: From the Inside Looking Out - A Programmer's Guide to the Korg 01/WMar 9481
Hot Tips: Korg Prophecy Hot Tips & TutorialsJan 9763
Hot Tips: Kurzweil K2000/K2500May 9848
Hot Tips: MIDI-Controlled Mixing Computer Animated Control of Sends, Panning, and MoreJun 9561
Hot Tips: No More Dull Synthesizers! Add Beef, Spice, & Sparkle with These Wavetable Synth Programming TricksOct 9351
Hot Tips: Nord Lead At Turbo SpeedSep 9675
Hot Tips: Of Hex Code & Check Sums: Probing the Depths of MIDI on the Roland Sound CanvasFeb 94123
Hot Tips: Opening Up Opcode's Open Music SystemApr 9431
Hot Tips: Peavey DPM 4, DPM 488Nov 9488
Hot Tips: Roland JV Master Class The ABCs of Editing Tones & PerformancesMar 9560
Hot Tips: The Roland S-760 DemystifiedJan 9666
Hot Tips: Sample, Not Simple How To Get More Music From Almost Any SoundSep 9481
Hot Tips: Secrets of the Generalmusic MusicProcessorNov 9589
Hot Tips: The ADAT Power-User ProgramSep 9335
Hot Tips: The Insiders Guide to Cakewalk ProfessionalJul 9435
Hot Tips: Troubleshooting 101: When Bad Things Happen to Good EquipmentJan 9440
Hot Tips: Unlocking the E-mu Procussion Six Programming Secrets You Absolutely Have to KnowJun 9479
Hot Tips: VS-880 Hot TipsFeb 9779
How to Program the CZ-101Mar 8640
How to Program the DX7 Understanding and Applying the Concepts of Digital FM SynthesisJun 8566
It's Back: Son Of M1 Clinic More Tips For Korg's Monstrously Popular Music WorkstationApr 9280
Just Say NotatorSep 9255
Korg M1Dec 8852
The Kurzweil K1000 Comes AliveFeb 9054
Kurzweil K2000 The Possibilities are V.A.S.T.Feb 9388
Looping, Mapping, And Secrets Of Mono Mode On The Prophet 2000/2002Oct 8752
Mixing & Matching Structures & Partials- Unleash the Personal Dimensions of the Roland D-50Dec 8734
More MPG From Your DPM 3 Road-Tested Tips for Peavy's Sample-Playback SynthesizerMar 9248
More Power For The IBM-PCOct 8858
Performance Power With Pro 4Sep 9155
Power Layering Memory Savers, Looping Tools & More on the Ensoniq EPSMay 8932
Programming the Ensoniq MirageNov 8688
Programming the Oberheim XpanderMay 8654
Programming the Roland JX-8P & JX-10Oct 8656
Real Stereo Samples From A Monaural SamplerApr 8798
Sample Rates, Looping Shortcuts, Output Assignments, & Power Sounds On The Akai S900Sep 8846
Sampling Your Sound Effects For Film & Video ProductionApr 8852
Seamless Loops, Call/Set Tricks, Envelope Effects, & Optional Software on the Casio FZ-1Jul 8950
Secrets Of Synthesizer Programming Make The Invisible ConnectionsOct 8958
Secrets of the Yamaha SY77May 9164
Secrets Of Vector Synthesis With The Yamaha SY22Nov 9284
System Streamlining & Video Tools For The Commodore AmigaJun 9028
Tricks & Tips For Opcode VisionNov 9033
Tricks, Traps, And Undocumented Features of the DX7 IISep 8742
The World According To WavestationJul 9156

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