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Keyboard - Articles
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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Buyer's GuidesIssuePage
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: Address DirectoryDec 91161
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: Editor/Librarians SoundsDec 91105
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: How To Buy A SynthesizerDec 9156
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: SamplersDec 9183
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: SynthesizersDec 9165
1992 Synth & Sampler Buyer's Guide: Timing Everything Keyboard Tests The MIDI Timing Response of 19 Popular ModelsDec 9194
1993 Buyer's Guide: Drum Machines & Modules: ChartDec 9265
1993 Buyer's Guide: Drum Machines & Modules: ReviewsDec 9248
1993 Buyer's Guide: Drum Machines & Modules: Timing Tests How Tight Is Tight?Dec 9280
1993 Buyer's Guide: Effects Enlightenment Zen & the Art of ReverbDec 92148
1993 Buyer's Guide: Effects Processors: ChartDec 92127
1993 Buyer's Guide: Effects Processors: Reviews FX Under $2,000Dec 9294
1993 Buyer's Guide: Putting Your Effects In MotionDec 92153
Buyer's Guide 1991: Address DirectoryDec 90235
Buyer's Guide 1991: Computer PeripheralsDec 90163
Buyer's Guide 1991: DAT DecksDec 9079
Buyer's Guide 1991: Digital PianosDec 9091
Buyer's Guide 1991: Drum MachinesDec 90179
Buyer's Guide 1991: Editor/Librarians & SoundsDec 90195
Buyer's Guide 1991: Effects DevicesDec 9047
Buyer's Guide 1991: Hardware SequencersDec 90149
Buyer's Guide 1991: MIDI ControllersDec 9085
Buyer's Guide 1991: Miscellaneous ProductsDec 90169
Buyer's Guide 1991: Multitrack Cassette DecksDec 90117
Buyer's Guide 1991: Music SoftwareDec 90159
Buyer's Guide 1991: Open-Reel MultitracksDec 90127
Buyer's Guide 1991: Portable KeyboardsDec 9067
Buyer's Guide 1991: SamplersDec 90101
Buyer's Guide 1991: Software SequencersDec 90131
Buyer's Guide 1991: SynthesizersDec 9029
Buyer's Guide 1991: Tapeless RecordersDec 9075
Buyer's Guide Update: Waldorf SynthesizersJun 96143
Buyer's Guide: 97-104 579Dec 96estry
Buyer's Guide: Digital Audio Processing SoftwareDec 96109
Buyer's Guide: Digital Multitracks Audio Interface CardsDec 9671
Buyer's Guide: Digital Multitracks Stand-Alone Digital Tape & Hark Disk RecordersDec 95109
Buyer's Guide: Digital Organs B-3 PretendersDec 9583
Buyer's Guide: Digital Pianos & Piano Modules Digital Organs & Rotary Speaker SimulatorsDec 9643
Buyer's Guide: Digital Pianos & Piano ModulesDec 9569
Buyer's Guide: Drum Machines Percussion Sound ModulesDec 9649
Buyer's Guide: Effects Processors Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes in the Ef...Ef...Effects WorldDec 95117
Buyer's Guide: Hardware Sequencers MIDI ControllersDec 9659
Buyer's Guide: Keyboard Combo Amps Stands, Cases, Bags, etc.Dec 96147
Buyer's Guide: Manufacturer ContactsDec 96157
Buyer's Guide: Manufacturers Contact ListDec 95162
Buyer's Guide: MIDI Controllers, Processors, Retrofits, & Stands/Cases/BagsDec 95141
Buyer's Guide: Mixers/DATsDec 95135
Buyer's Guide: Multitrack Cassette Recorders DAT RecordersDec 9679
Buyer's Guide: Music Education Software Editor/Librarian SoftwareDec 96119
Buyer's Guide: Plug-In Percussion Kits, Controllers, Modules, & MachinesDec 95103
Buyer's Guide: Portable KeyboardsDec 9593
Buyer's Guide: Reverbs Digital Multi-EffectsDec 9653
Buyer's Guide: Samplers Big DAC AttackDec 9557
Buyer's Guide: SamplersDec 9637
Buyer's Guide: Sequencing SoftwareDec 9691
Buyer's Guide: Sounds CD-ROMs, Sampling CDs, & PatchesDec 95153
Buyer's Guide: SoundsDec 96133
Buyer's Guide: Synthesizers & Tone ModulesDec 9539
Buyer's Guide: Synthesiziers & Tone ModulesDec 9633
Multi-Effects: Buyer's Guide: Compare the Specs on 24 Top ProcessorsDec 8933
Music Software Buyer's Guide: Digital Audio RecordingDec 9499
Music Software Buyer's Guide: Editor/Librarian Phone BookDec 94129
Music Software Buyer's Guide: Educational ListDec 94155
Music Software Buyer's Guide: Manufacturer ListDec 94163
Music Software Buyer's Guide: Miscellaneous Music SoftwareDec 94139
Music Software Buyer's Guide: NotationDec 9469
Music Software Buyer's Guide: SequencersDec 9437
Piano Buyer's Guide: 88-Note Weighted-Action MIDI Master ControllersDec 9326
Piano Buyer's Guide: Digital Pianos 9 Digital Pianos Shoot it OutDec 93114
Piano Buyer's Guide: Digital Pianos At A GlanceDec 93162
Piano Buyer's Guide: Electric Pianos A Parade of Exotic Electric Pianos & Fellow TravellersDec 93141
Piano Buyer's Guide: How Do They Get A Great Big Piano on That Tiny Little Box Sampling Technology's Greatest ChallengeDec 9349
Piano Buyer's Guide: New Piano Design Innovation in Piano Design Survives Among Craftsmen & Small ManufacturersDec 93102
Piano Buyer's Guide: Piano History Landmark Dates in the History of the PianoDec 9337
Piano Buyer's Guide: Sampled Pianos The Never-Ending Quest for the Ultimate Sampled PianoDec 9370
Piano Buyer's Guide: Steinway Keyboard Examines Rumors of a Piano Giant's DeclineDec 9386
Piano Buyer's Guide: Synth Pianos Keyboard Rates the Piano Power, Prudence, and Pulchritude of 11 Popular ModelsDec 9360

Readers PollIssuePage
12th Annual Keyboard Readers PollSep 87114
13th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsSep 8835
14th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsJan 9066
14th Annual Keyboard Readers PollOct 8928
15th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsJan 9133
15th Annual Keyboard Readers PollOct 9052
16th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsMar 9235
16th Annual Keyboard Readers PollDec 9124
17th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsMay 9338
17th Annual Keyboard Readers PollJan 9338
18th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsJun 9430
18th Annual Keyboard Readers PollFeb 9442
1981 Keyboard Readers Poll ResultsDec 8126
1982 Keyboard Readers' Poll AwardsDec 8222
1983 Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsJan 8448
1983 Keyboard Readers' Poll AwardsOct 8355
1986 Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsDec 8630
1987 Poll Awards: Keyboard Readers Acknowledge ExcellenceDec 8730
1988 Poll AwardsDec 8850
19th Annual Keyboard Readers Poll AwardsSep 9596
Contemporary Keyboard's Fifth Annual Readers' PollSep 8012
Fifth Annual Contemporary Keyboard Readers' Poll ResultsDec 8011
Keyboard 11th Annual Reader PollSep 8677
Keyboard 1984 Readers Poll AwardsJan 8516
Keyboard 1985 Readers Poll AwardsDec 8572
Keyboard 19th Annual Readers PollMar 95100
Keyboard's 9th Annual Reader's Poll BallotOct 8410
Keyboard's Seventh Annual Readers' PollSep 8240
Keyboard's Sixth Annual Readers' PollSep 8120

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