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Keyboard - Reviews
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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KawaiK5000WAdditive Synthesis WorkstationFeb 97101
KorgM-1Sample Playing SynthesizerAug 88132
KorgN1Jun 9878
KorgN5Jun 9878
KorgNS5RJul 9797
KorgTrinity PlusDigital Synthesizer WorkstationMay 9677
QuasimidiRavenTechno Synthesizer WorkstationOct 9679
RolandJW-50Synthesizer/Sequencer WorkstationSep 93107
RolandVS-880Digital Studio WorkstationAug 9697
RolandW-30Music WorkstationOct 89126
RolandXP-50Synthesizer WorkstationOct 9596
TechnicsSX-WSA1Workstation SynthesizerMar 96105
YamahaW7Synthesizer/Sequencer WorkstationMar 9588

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