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Keyboard - Reviews
Aug 80 - Jul 98
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CrumarT-1BMar 8162
Hammond SuzukiXB-2Digital OrganNov 9162
Hammond SuzukiXB-2 v2Digital OrganSep 95104
Hammond SuzukiXB-3Digital OrganJul 94120
Hammond SuzukiXB-5Digital Drawbar OrganOct 9398
Hammond SuzukiXM-1Drawbar Organ ModuleApr 9785
KorgCX-3Mar 8162
OberheimOB-3Digital OrganSep 95104
PeaveySpectrum OrganDigital OrganSep 95104
RhodesVK-1000MIDI OrganNov 9162
RolandVK-1Mar 8162
ViscountD9Digital OrganSep 95104
ViscountD9EOrgan ModuleJan 93141
VoceDMI-64 Mark IIDigital Organ ModuleApr 91143
VoceMicro BOrgan ModuleAug 93108
VoceMicro B IIDigital OrganSep 95104
VoceV3Digital OrganSep 95104
Portable Organs and ModulesJan 9882

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