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Scheduler 3.0 : Plugin/Application
Minimum Requirements
Software: TriCaster (Broadcast/Studio/ProFX/Pro/Standard), VT (4/5), -NEW- LiveText
OS: Windows


Scheduler adds macro and date/time based playlist functionality for automated control of supported applications/systems. This opens up exciting possibilities for user operated and unattended live broadcast production and programming.

It consists of two parts:
  • Editor: a standard Windows application for creating/editing playlists on any Windows computer - includes network support for saving playlists remotely.
  • Player: a plugin (TriCaster (SD) / VT) or Windows application (TriCaster (XD) / LiveText) used to trigger playlist playing.

The various modes and extensive module control allow for a vast range of implementations such as: automatic video input cycling, broadcast programming, overlay animation, timed automation, and much more. In addition to standard module control, other functions such as playlist repeat and chaining, and pause functions add even more flexibility.

The Pause event removes the guess-work in situations when you don't know when the next event will begin - such as when doing a live news broadcast. Pre-program the events that come before and after, and insert a Pause event between them. Start things rolling, the pause happens automatically, and when you're ready to go again... one click has you back on the automated schedule. Or you can also manually activate Pause, when the unexpected happens.

The Quick Macro feature allows for quick access to your favorite macros. The Auto Start and Auto Play features give you immediate access on system startup with optional automatic play of the last used playlist.

Schedules can be created in three modes:
  • Date / Time: Specific dates and times, with optional Repeat. Example: Jul 20, 2006 - 1:35:00 PM
  • Time: Specific times, with optional Repeat. Example: 3:45:00 AM
  • HMS: Time offsets from playback start, with optional Repeat and Pause. Example: 0h:12m:10s

The Time-Shift edit function makes it super easy to reschedule a playlist or to change from one Date/Time Mode to another. And automatic Playlist Chaining allows you to access repeatedly used event schedules.

An External Control Link is provided for the TriCaster (SD) and VT plugins, which allows communication with other plugins on the system. The following applications are compatible:
  • Camera Controller provides remote control of pan/tilt robotic video cameras/heads.
  • Instant Replay adds one-click instant replays to event broadcasts. It doesn't get easier than this!

Note that Scheduler does NOT make use of unreliable keyboard shortcut simulation to control modules. It directly controls the modules to ensure reliability.

TriCaster (SD) plugin controls:
  • Audio Mixer: Main (Mute/Volume/Pan), Headphones (Mute/Volume), Channels (EQ/Pan/Volume/Mute)
  • DDR/Picture: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open/New/Add, Skip To Clip, Remove Selected, Playback Mode, Cue In+Out
  • Edit Media: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
  • External: Application, Source
  • Input Setup: Type (Composite/Component/SVideo), LiveMatte (Enable/Color/Edge/Spill/Garbage Matte), LiveSet (Enable/Scene/Shot/Zoom), Proc Amp (Brightness/Contrast/Hue/Saturation/UV Offsets/UV Gains)
  • Monitoring: Preview Mode (Video Preview/Waveform/Vectorscope), Quad Video
  • Record: Record, Stop, Chop, Pause, File
  • Stream: Start/Stop
  • Switcher: Transition Select, Effects/Live/Preview, T-Bar (Repeat/Reverse/Auto/Take/Auto+Speed), Overlay (Enable/Fade/Source/Fade+Speed/Select)
  • * Features vary depending on TriCaster version

VT plugin controls:
  • Audio Mixer: Aux (Send/Pre/Post/Return), Inputs (Mute/Volume/Balance/EQ), Outputs (Mute/PA Mix/ Volume/Balance), Channels (EQ/Balance/Volume/Mute)
  • Capture: Record, Stop, Chop, Pause, File, Source
  • DDR: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open/New/Add, Skip To Clip, Remove Selected, Playback Mode, Cue In+Out
  • Input Setup: LiveMatte (Enable/Color/Edge/Spill/Garbage Matte), LiveSet (Enable/Scene/Shot/ Zoom), Proc Amp (Brightness/Contrast/Hue/Saturation/UV Offsets/UV Gains)
  • Live Stream: Start/Stop
  • SpeedEDIT: Shuttle, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
  • Switcher: Assign Input, Main/Preview/Key/Aux, T-Bar (Position/Speed/Repeat/Reverse/Auto/Take/Auto+Speed), DSK (Take/Fader/Fade/Source/Fade+Speed), Title Templates (Select)
  • VGA: Application, Source
  • Video Scope: Waveform/Vectorscope
  • * Features vary depending on VT version

-NEW- LiveText application controls:
  • File: Open, New, Add, Save
  • Page: Select, Go Live
  • Playback: Play, Pause, Stop
  • Item: Show, Text, Position, Font Size, Rotation, Color
  • Motion: Type, Speed, End Behavior
  • Live Page: Select
  • Live Playback: Play, Pause, Stop

  • Macro and Date/Time based control via playlists
  • Quick Macro mode provides quick access to 10 macros
  • Auto Play automatically plays the last used playlist on startup
  • Next Action display within the Player
  • Optional Repeat provides yearly (Date/Time), daily (Time), and multiple iteration (HMS) playback
  • Playlist chaining
  • Event logging for Player (automatic) and Editor (optional)

TriCaster and VT specific features:
  • Plugin opens as part of the main user interface
  • Auto Start automatically opens the plugin on startup
  • Multiple Player instances allow for simultaneous playlist playing
  • ToasterScript support provides hotkey assignments and other scripting functionality.
  • External Control Link: Camera Controller, Instant Replay

LiveText specific features:
  • Application runs on Windows desktop of the LiveText computer - can be locked to the front