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Instant Replay 2.0 : Plugins
Minimum Requirements
Software: VT (4/5) or TriCaster (Duo/Standard/Pro/ProFX/Studio/Broadcast)
OS: Windows
Instant Replay, the original slow-motion replay for TriCaster/VT, is one click fast and one click professional. One click creates an event and one click triggers replay action, using any of four definable presets. One click -NEW- assigns the event into editable groups (ex: Goals/Fights/Trash/etc), and one click recall allows for easy replay of previous events, or -NEW- automated assembly of highlights. It's one click simple... it's Instant Replay.

"Instant Replay is perfect for sports switching its simple, flexible, and best of all, rock-solid reliable. It gives our productions the benefit of often-asked-for, professional-looking replay without any extra hardware." - Steve Clay, Bullpen Media.

One click (Mark Out only) is the only way to handle instant replays to insure nothing important is missed - and it allows you to focus your attention on more important aspects of the production. The Mark In + Mark Out approach used by other replay systems is anything but instant and typically unreliable. Too often, exciting action is missed by the replay operator having to guess when something is going to happen, before it happens, in the attempt to Mark In an event. It's also difficult to manage the end results of that approach, when you're left with hundreds or even thousands of tiny video clips.

-NEW- Any DDR/VCR can be used for replays and, on the VT, the -NEW- editor (SpeedEDIT) can also be used - allowing for more detailed processing before playback. Users of single DDR/VCR systems will appreciate the -NEW- Restore option which allows shared use of the DDR/VCR - returning it to the state it was before each replay/assemble. As well, -NEW- automatic audio level control mutes or limits the level of audio during the replay, with the restore option returning it to its previous setting.

Keeping track of all the action, is now super simple, with -NEW- definable event Groups. And an -NEW- Assemble function that automatically generates projects makes multiple event replay immediately available for use during live broadcast. The following assemble methods are implemented:
  • Group Highlights: Assembles clips in the selected group, cut to the defined time, at the specified speed, with crossfades between events
  • Full Session: Assembles clips from the entire session to form a full production from start to finish

Replay presets provide quick access to often used settings for speed and time. An -NEW- Auto-Play option is also provided for each preset. Or, for those wanting to preview replays before going live, disabling auto-play provides the opportunity to fine-tune the replay. For this approach, restore can also be used manually to return to the previous DDR/VCR settings.

Automatic pre/post replay switcher activation with DVE transitions and the ability to record from any input ensures that your broadcasts look top-notch, and that replays enhance, rather than take away from your existing broadcast/switching procedures.

For post-production, -NEW- Sessions can be used to quickly recall all the events and group assignments and names. Individual events or groups can be reviewed easily to select the best action for news broadcasts and highlight reels. The built-in editor can also be used on VT (SpeedEDIT) and TriCaster (Edit Media) to generate assemblies for easier editing.

NOTE: This plugin makes use of existing record capabilities to implement replay functionality. It does not provide secondary record capability.

An External Control Link allows for outside applications to access replay functions. The following applications are compatible:
  • Macro Panel adds complex control with single keypresses.
  • Scheduler adds date and/or time based playlist functionality for automated control.

  • -NEW- Editable event groups
  • -NEW- Multiple event project generation: Group Highlights, Full Session
  • -NEW- Shared use of any DDR/VCR/editor with automatic restore to previous state
  • -NEW- Automatic volume/mute control
  • -NEW- Session load/save
  • Four customizable presets: -NEW- Auto-Play, Speed, Time
  • -NEW- Auto Start automatically opens the plugin on startup
  • -NEW- Hidden mode hides the user interface for external or hotkey control
  • Automatic pre/post replay switcher activation with DVE transitions
  • Camera input selection:
    • VT: Main In, Preview In, Program Out
    • TriCaster*: Effects Row, Program Out
  • Simultaneous recording during replays
  • ToasterScript support provides hotkey assignments and other scripting functionality.
  • External Control Link sources: Macro Panel, Scheduler

* See Bonus for additional recording options on TriCaster 1.x