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Yamaha DX7
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Purchased new in 1985.

Was used for quirky sound generation, such as the bell sound in sus salvanius, but more so as a MIDI keyboard controller. Traded for a rackmount Yamaha TX-802, which was replaced by a Yamaha TX-81Z  in 1998.

  • Keyboard: 61 keys (C1-C6), Initial and Aftertouch Response
  • Sound Source: FM Tone Generator: 6 operators, 32 algorithms
  • Simultaneous Output Notes: POLY mode: 16 notes, MONO mode: 1 note
  • Internal Voice Memory: 32
  • External Voice Memory: 64 (ROM) / 32 (RAM)
  • Controls: Volume, Data Entry, Pitch Wheel, Modulation Wheel, EG Copy
  • Selectors: Store, Memory Protect (Internal,Cartridge), Operator Select, Edit/Compare, Play-Memory Select (Internal,Cartridge), Function, Operator On/Off
  • Voice Parameters:
    • Algorithm
    • Feed Back
    • LFO: Wave, Speed, Delay, PMD, AMD, Sync
    • Mod Sensitivity: Pitch, Amplitude
    • Oscillator: Mode/Sync, Frequencey Coarse/Fine, Detune
    • EG: Rate, Level
    • Keyboard Level Scaling: Break Point, Curve, Depth
    • Keyboard Rate Scaling
    • Operator: Output Level, Key Velocity Sensitivity
    • Pitch EG: Rate, Level
    • Key Transpose
    • Voice Name
  • Function Parameters:
    • Master Tune Adj
    • Poly/Mono
    • Pitch Bend: Range, Step
    • Portamento: Mode, Glissando, Time
    • Edit Recall
    • Voice Init
    • Battery Check
    • Cartridge: Save, Load
    • Modulation Wheel: Range, Pitch, Amplitude, EG Bias
    • Breath Control: Range, Pitch, Amplitude, EG Bias
    • After Touch: Range, Pitch, Amplitude, EG Bias
    • Cartridge Format
    • MIDI
  • Display: LED (Voice Number), LCD (16 characters x 2)
  • Connecting Terminals: Output, Phones
  • Control Terminals: Foot Switch (Sustain, Portamento), Foot Control (Modulation, Volume), Breath Control, MIDI (In/Out/Thu)
  • Dimensions: 101.8(W) x 10.2(H) x 32.9(D) cm (40" x 4" x 13")
  • Weight: 14.2 kg (31.2 lb)
  • Accessories: ROM Voice Memory Cartridge (64 voices) x 2, Sheet Music Stand